Server Administration :: ORA-03113 - End-of-file On Communication Channel

Sep 27, 2010

My archivelog database get error because my flash_recovery_area is full.

so I disable archivelog mode. When to restart database server I got this message:

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
processus ID : 27427
session id : 96, Numéro de série : 3

Do you think I can delete manually ( Os commande rm ) files in flash_recovery_area ?

How to restart database server

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Server Administration :: ORA-03113 / End-of-file On Communication Channel

Jan 27, 2011

I start sql*plus and start working. after 2-3 minutes i get error -

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel.

I googled and found to see alert.log.(but i found no such file on my system) but in my system i found some info at C:\app


the content of the file is ;

Oracle Database 11g CRS Release - Production Copyright 1996, 2007 Oracle. All rights reserved.
2011-01-27 12:35:03.512: [ OCROSD][3332]utgdv:1:could not open registry key SOFTWAREOracleocr os error The system could not find the environment option that was entered.
2011-01-27 12:35:03.512: [ OCRRAW][3332]proprinit: Could not open raw device
2011-01-27 12:35:03.512: [ default][3332]a_init:7!: Backend init unsuccessful : [33]
2011-01-27 12:35:04.617: [ CSSCLNT][3332]clsssinit: error(32 PROC-32: Cluster Ready Services on the local node is not running Messaging error [9]) in OCR initialization

I am getting the same error evert time i login.Tried to stop/start oracle services but problem persists...

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Server Administration :: ORA-03113 End-of-file On Communication Channel Error

Jun 21, 2010

We are running Oracle on CentOS Linux at our local network. Two dozen users work from client's network to access this database. There are firewall and switches between the local network and client network. Everything run smoothly for last two years until about 10 days ago, something changed. The client on the client's network can still connect to this database, but they can not run large queries. Their client connection hangs and time out. I can see TNS-12535: TNS:operation timed out and TNS-00505: Operation timed out in the alertlog file. They even had problem to load stored procedures and views onto TOAD from your PC. All the user on the local network can work on this database normally.

We consulted network team and firewall team, none of them said they make any changes recently and have no firewall rule or others to block the traffic.

I have a strong feel that this is a network related problem. But don't know how to provide solid evidence to make network people/firewall people to buy it.

You can connect to the database but can't run query on large table/view?

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ORA-03113 / End-of-file On Communication Channel

Mar 18, 2011

The problem concerns distributed transactions.There are 2 databases that communicate with each other through a database link.We call Xa transactions from our weblogic application. Both databases work in a shared server mode.

Everything works until we run some performance tests on the evironment where the data volume is much bigger then the one on the other environments where the same tests succeeded. We're getting the following error: ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

The error get registered in a local database alert.log when accessing data through the database link while there's no trace corresonding to this error as far as the second database is concerned. We're almost sure there's no network problem. The error occurs in only 1% of a total executions number. We also observe the inactive sessions number increasing on the remote database.

Both databases use ASMM by having set the SGA_TARGET and PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET parameters and proper level of the STATISTICS_LEVEL parameter, so some hot elements like SORT type operations should execute fine.Any Oracle parameter should be tunned or we should take into consideration something else...

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SQL & PL/SQL :: ORA-03113 End-of-file On Communication Channel

Dec 18, 2012

M getting ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel while calling my custom procedure. attaching code of procedure.

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ORA-03113 - End-of-file On Communication Channel?

Oct 31, 2012

I am using a amazon EC2 machine i have oracle 11g on EC2 linux machine.when i m trying to startup the oracle it giving the error.

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
Process ID: 15294
Session ID: 125 Serial number: 5

i did google for this but it said to look in to alert.log which shows the error but i m not able to get the alert.log on ec2 linux machine.

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Enterprise Manager :: ORA-03113 / End-of-file On Communication Channel

Jul 12, 2011

i use oracle11g. i got some error messages.

ora - 03113: end-of-file on communication channel
Process ID : 13782
Session ID: 87 Serial number : 5

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Database Failed To Start Up - ORA-03113 / End-of-file On Communication Channel

Jun 19, 2012

We had power failure, and i had to restore the database from offline backup.after restore i tried to start the database and i received following errors.

SQL> startup
ORA-32004: obsolete or deprecated parameter(s) specified for RDBMS instance
ORACLE instance started.
Total System Global Area 663961600 bytes
Fixed Size 2184056 bytes
Variable Size 394267784 bytes
Database Buffers 260046848 bytes
Redo Buffers 7462912 bytes
Database mounted.
ORA-01589: must use RESETLOGS or NORESETLOGS option for database open


I reviewed the /oracle/PRD/saptrace/diag/rdbms/prd/PRD/incident/incdir_583361/PRD_ora_7179_i583361.trc, it hugh file with alot of Jargon.

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SQL Startup Error - End-of-file On Communication Channel

Dec 28, 2012

Oracle 11g Expression Edition

I made the number of processes to 1 by issuing the below command.

SQL> alter system set processes = 1;
SQL>shutdown immediateI am getting the below error when I issued startup command.

SQL> startup;
ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channelalert log:
Fri Dec 28 14:09:24 2012
PMON started with pid=2, OS id=2984
Fri Dec 28 14:09:24 2012
PSP0 started with pid=3, OS id=5788
Fri Dec 28 14:09:25 2012
ORA-00020: No more process state objects available
ORA-20 errors will not be written to the alert log for the next minute. Please look at trace files to see all the ORA-20 errors.
Process GEN0 submission failed with error = 20
USER (ospid: 4780): terminating the instance due to error 444
Fri Dec 28 14:09:25 2012
VKTM started with pid=4, OS id=1676 at elevated priority

Instance terminated by USER, pid = 4780How to startup my database again?

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Server Administration :: ORA-01111 / Name For Data File 636 Is Unknown - Rename To Correct File

Nov 3, 2012

i have two tablespaces dictionary managed (SYSTEM,APPLSYSX) i tried to change to locally cause it will cause problem in future when trying to run OATM migration.i did it successfully on APPLSYSX,when i did it on system upon oracle procedure.i have to change all tablespaces to read only when i did that with tablespace APPLSYSD(alter tablespace APPLSYSD read only) i received errors

SQL> alter tablespace APPLSYSD READ ONLY;
alter tablespace APPLSYSD READ ONLY
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01230: cannot make read only - file 636 is offline
ORA-01111: name for data file 636 is unknown - rename to correct file
ORA-01110: data file 636: '/vol5u/oracle/prddb/9.2.0/dbs/MISSING00636'
i have not this file on the OS

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Server Administration :: Identify Tnsnames.ora File?

Jun 10, 2011

How to find out the database TNSNAMES.ora file if there are multiple .ora files with different names in Oracle_home/network/admin directory ?

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Server Administration :: UNDO In Parameter File?

Dec 9, 2011

I have a question ragarding undo tablespace. I want to ask that why only undo tablespace information we need to specify in parameter file. We do not specify any other tablespace information. Not even for temporary tablespace. Then why we need to give undo tablespace name while instance is creating.

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Server Administration :: ARC File Size Too Small?

Oct 2, 2012

I noticed my DB is generating a lot of "small" .arc files and I am usure why. As you can see from the v$log query my log file size is set to 50MB. But yet BLOCKS*BLOCK_SIZE never adds up to 50MB.

Is there anything else I can look into to see how to make the .arc files larger?

SQL> select group#, thread#, bytes from v$log;
---------- ---------- ----------
1 1 52428800
2 1 52428800
3 2 52428800
4 2 52428800

select blocks, block_size, blocks*block_size from v$archived_log where sequence# between 63876 and 72851 and thread# = 1

---------- ---------- -----------------
28 512 14336
28 512 14336
28 512 14336
55 512 28160


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Server Administration :: How To Check Alertlog File

Mar 3, 2012

you have some 500 Db how will u check the alertlog file. do u do it manually or is their any tool to check the alertlog files. how to check it.

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Server Administration :: Archive Log File Generating?

Jan 10, 2011

I want to know how many archive log generating in One hour at the peak time. We have 6 nodes RAC multiplex 2.

Is there are any query through which I can achieve the above purpose.

Note: As this is a prod instance client is not happy to implement Log Miner utility.

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Server Administration :: TNS Errors In Listener Log File?

Sep 11, 2012

We are getting the below error messages in LISTENER LOG FILE. That too every 5 Mins.

10-SEP-2012 16:25:43 * (CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=dpm)(CID=(PROGRAM=W:Applicationdpm2010.exe)(HOST=ISSLDMUM01PC169)(USER=bharathi))) * (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= * establish * dpm * 0

10-SEP-2012 16:25:46 * service_update * DPM * 0
10-SEP-2012 16:25:47 * 12546
TNS-12546: TNS:permission denied
TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
TNS-00516: Permission denied

I am not getting the reason for it.

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Server Administration :: Errors While Starting DB Using SP File

Sep 16, 2008

SP file was removed during the testing and I started the database after making some changes in the pfile, and it works fine.
But when I try to start the database using the SPFILE, it gives an error.

SQL> STARTUP PFILE='D:oracleproduct10.2.0adminorclpfileINITORCL.ORA'
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 289406976 bytes
Fixed Size 1248576 bytes
Variable Size 109052608 bytes
Database Buffers 171966464 bytes
Redo Buffers 7139328 bytes
Database mounted.
Database opened.
SQL> create spfile from pfile;

File created.

SQL> shut immediate
Database closed.
Database dismounted.
ORACLE instance shut down.
SQL> startup
ORA-01565: error in identifying file 'D:oracleproduct10.2.0db_7/dbs/SPFILEORCL.ORA'
ORA-27046: file size is not a multiple of logical block size
OSD-04012: file size mismatch (OS 1541)

The contents of the spfile in $ORACLE_HOMEdatabase are

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Server Administration :: Unable To Run Setup EXE File?

Mar 14, 2012

when i try to install Oracle 10g ( 64- bits on windows server 2003 enterprise edition 64 bits service pack1 and i try for windows server 2003 standard edition 64 bits on a pc,i am getting the below error.

the image file E: is valid, but it is for a machine type other than current machine

i need to install it as soon as possible .

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Server Administration :: File Format Of DBF Files

Apr 12, 2010

I want to know the file format of .dbf file.I want to open it in hex editor and want to read contents of that file from there.

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Server Administration :: Create A New Control File?

Jul 12, 2012

I am trying to create a new controlfile. I used "alter database backup controlfile to trace;" and then I copied and pasted the contents of the trace file into the .sql file. My sql script is



Actually, the name of my database was 'STAR' and I changed it to "FIVESTAR" int this .sql script. Now when I run this script with SQL> @ <path of my sql script>, it gives me the following errors:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01504: database name 'FIVESTAR' does not match parameter db_name 'STAR'

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Server Administration :: How To Recreate Control File

Jun 12, 2012

I can not run the control file treace file,why?

[oracle@hxl oradata_bak]$ more run_sql.sql


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Server Administration :: Generation Of Redo Log File

Aug 20, 2010

redo generation. As I found the below statement in another forum."Undo segment generates the redo data also, because undo segment is database changes, so it generates the redo data also."

How a Undo segment can generate Redo and Undo datas.

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Server Administration :: Writing Control File

Nov 25, 2011

I was doing some R&D on my test machine trying to understand how controlfile works. I started up my db and then deleted (renamed)the controlfiles at OS level. I was expecting the db to shutdown. But it dint. Moreover when i queried select name from v$controlfile; it was still reflecting the old controlfile names. To check if it was still functioning, i created a new tablespace with one file and it also got created without any error.

What i dint understand is how could the db still be running when the control file was'nt there and new tablespace and datafile get created? As i understand, whenever a new file is created, an entry is made in the control file. But when control file dint exist where was the data about new tablespace and datafile written?

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Server Administration :: Move File System Datafile To ASM

Oct 23, 2012

I mistakenly added a datafile to a tablespace which is asm, however the datafile was created in a default location and not the asm location:

alter tablespace pdaiidata1 add datafile '<filename>' size 2048M;

What I should have done:

alter tablepsace <tablespace_name> add datafile '+DATA1' size 2048M;

Is there any way to move this filesystem datafile into the asm tablespace? In previous Oracle versions, I've taken a tablespace offline, moved a datafile, renamed it, then brought the tablespace back online. Can I do something similar here in this situation?

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Server Administration :: Unable To Create Control File

Jun 3, 2010

I am not able to create control file from scrip . it showing following error

ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first
ERROR at line 19:
ORA-02236: invalid file name

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Server Administration :: Size Storing JPG File In Database

Feb 13, 2012

I am storing customer's snaps in a table ( column's data type as LONG RAW) using oracle forms Webutil. Now there are 250 snaps in the table. The file type of these snaps is JPG with the average size 30KB.

I made a backup using export utility before storing these snaps and the exported DMP file's size was 36MB. Now after storing these just 250 snaps of 30KB the DMP file's size is gone over 300MB.

i need to change column's datatype? or some where in oracle forms's image item. Because on window's file system the size of these files is just 8MB.

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Server Administration :: What Can Be Maximum Size Of Data File

Nov 24, 2011

I am having I/O issues if i create 20 GB DATAFILES on SMALL TABLE SPACE. guide me with the maximum size limit of data file that I can create in Windows 2003 32 bit server.

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Server Administration :: Split 30GB DBF File Into 6 - 5GB Files?

Dec 27, 2011

We have a tablespace with one 30GB datafile. We would like to add 5 more datafiles then re-size the original to make six 5GB datafiles.

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Server Administration :: Data File / Table Relation

Feb 25, 2011

I have 2 schemas in my database with over 500 tables in each.i am trying to know which tables actually belong to which datafile in which tablespace.

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Server Administration :: What Is Control File Sequence Number

Jul 17, 2012

SQL> select checkpoint_change#,controlfile_change# from v$database;

------------------ -------------------
203454 204955

what's the difference between checkpoint_change# and controlfile_change#.
what's the checkpoint_change# use for ? does it use for recover ?
what's the controlfile_change# use for ?
when the controlfile_change# will be increase ?

SQL> select controlfile_sequence# from v$database;


Qs.) what is controlfile_sequence# ?

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