RMAN :: Looking At Different Location To Restore On Physical Standby (10g)

Feb 12, 2013

I have 2 databases. Primary ( DB1 ) and Standby ( STBY1 ). My standby database went kaput, and i have as a result deleted the standby database in order to re-create it from a full primary backup.

Oracle 10g R2 on Server 2003.

I have followed several guides, and at this time i have done the following:

- Configured standby re-do logs on primary
- backed up current controlfile for standby
- backed up database plus archivelog
- configured the tnsnames

The problem is here. I connect to RMAN from standby

rman nocatalog
connect target sys/password@ DB1
connect auxiliary /
set until scn xxx;
duplicate target database for standby dorecover;

I receive an error message saying that it cannot find the file location of the backups that its trying to find. I see in the error that it tries to look locally for

E:FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA DB1 BACKUPSET2013_02_12), however the actual location is (E:FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA STBY1 BACKUPSET2013_02_12)

I have read that the locations need to be the same, however the instance names are different, and i thought i changed the pfile to accommodate that. My assumption is that i have made an error in the pfile. However i cannot see any issues there. Some things that i have changed in the pfile for standby:


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RMAN - Physical Standby Restore

Nov 5, 2010

I am trying to duplicate an Database and create an Physical Standby through following command

I took the backup through rman using the following command on Monday

RMAN> run
2> {
7> backup database format 'E:DB_FULL\DB1_FULL_%U';
8> backup archivelog all format 'E:DB_FULL\DB1_FULL_%U';
9> backup current controlfile for standby format 'E:DB_FULL\DB1_FULL_%U';
10> }

Today i am trying to clone the DB1 Database as physical standby ...

using the following command


Then I exceuted the following command

> duplicate target database for standby dorecover;

but i am getting error RMAN-06024: no backup or copy of the control file found to restore

contents of Memory Script:
set until scn 11182084819076;
restore standby controlfile;
sql clone 'alter database mount standby database';
executing Memory Script

executing command: SET until clause

Starting restore at 05-NOV-10
using channel ORA_AUX_DISK_1

RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of Duplicate Db command at 11/05/2010 15:45:30
RMAN-03015: error occurred in stored script Memory Script
RMAN-06026: some targets not found - aborting restore
RMAN-06024: no backup or copy of the control file found to restore

i even tried to switch the log file of the primary database DB1 but no avail,

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RMAN :: Restore Spfile From Non-default Location In ASM

Oct 24, 2013

Database: 11gEBS: 12.1.3O/S: Solaris Sparc 64 bits 

Problem Description: Cloning from Source instance A to target instance B and both are in ASM instances.RMAN backup in source instance A is completed, which has spfile configured in non-default location in ASM for example,see belowASMCMD

[+ASMDG003/TEST1 > ls -ltType           Redund  Striped  Time             Sys  Name   Y    TEMPFILE/  Y    ONLINELOG/  Y    DATAFILE/   Y    CONTROLFILE/     N    spfiletest1.ora => +ASMDG003/TEST1/PARAMETERFILE/SPFILE.747.856347 

Also, there is no SPFILE in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs for the TEST1 source instance. INITTEST1.ora file has the following entry: 

cat INITTEST1. oraspfile='+ ASMD G003 /TEST1/spfileTEST1.ora' 

Question: In the target instance to be cloned from RMAN backup fro source instance TEST1, on performing ' restore spfile from autobackup 'location';Will the spfile be restored in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs in the target instance TEST2?

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RMAN :: Complete Procedure To Restore Database On New Location

Aug 29, 2012

I have taken full backup of database plus archivelog. Then copied them to new server..I want the complete procedure to restore the database on new location.

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Recovery Manager (RMAN) :: Physical And Logical Standby?

Aug 29, 2013

,I have a test environment with Primary DB Server, Physical Standby and Logical Standby.The Logical Standby DB (cur_log_stdb) is backed up every evening by RMAN and I have a question:If I recover my Logical Standby DB from backup and switch replication to new Logical Standby DB (new_log_stdb) it will work or not?My steps e.g.:1. Make a new server for my new_log_stdb and repair structure of catalogs;2. Repair listener.ora and tnsnames.ora files from cur_log_stdb to new_log_stdb;3.

Restore DB with RMAN from backup to new_log_stdb;4. On cur_log_stdb execute "alter database stop logical standby apply";5. Change a DNS name from cur_log_stdb to new_log_stdb;6. On new_log_stdb execute "alter database start logical standby apply immediate";I'm not sure that archivelogs will apply to the new_log_stdb for period since rman backup was created.  Configuration:Oracle Linux 6.4Oracle Database and Physical with Data Guard

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Data Guard :: Setup Physical Standby Without RMAN?

Jul 1, 2012

Can i setup physical standby without RMAN? I want to create a fresh single physical standby without RMAN .. If i copy all files in another system and take the controlfile from primary as alter database create controlfile for standby ... and fill all the gaps with archives.. Should it work ? i am on 10G Rhel 4 linux.. and both machines would have same config

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Data Guard :: Unable To Create Physical Standby Database Using RMAN?

Nov 4, 2010

why RMAN is unable to create physical standby database ?

RMAN> connect auxiliary sys/system@DGREPL

connected to auxiliary database: DGREPL (not mounted)

RMAN> connect target sys/system@REPL

connected to target database: REPL (DBID=2730563515)

RMAN> run{
allocate channel prmy1 type disk;
allocate channel prmy2 type disk;
allocate channel prmy3 type disk;
allocate channel prmy4 type disk;


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Recovery Manager (RMAN) :: Duplicate On Active Dataguard Physical Standby

Feb 8, 2013

In DR site. i have to clone the database from pshysical standby database and clone db will be normal db not standby. Is it possible to do rman duplicate from active dataguard? will it support the duplicate database from active database or i have to take the rman backup of standby database and duplicate from backup piece.

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Data Guard :: Apply Standby Redo Log To Physical Standby Database

May 26, 2013

I have dataguard configuration operating in maximum availability mode with a local standby db (A - lgwr sync not using real time apply) and a remote standby db (B - lgwr async). I then simualted a crash of my primary database with batch jobs running. Since the stby db A is in lgwr sync option ,all the commited data in the current online redo log has been transmitted to stby A and is present in its stby redo log (Group 2).How do I apply this stby redo log to the remote stby db.

Tried the following methods.

1.ftp the stby redo log to the remote db and tried to regiter it, got an error that it is not completely archived.

2.issued the recover standby database command and supplied the stby redo log when it asked for the sequence in the stby redo, got an error saying there is corruption in a block(tried this option multiple times ended up with the same result.)

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Data Guard :: Possible To Convert Logical Standby To Physical Standby

Aug 30, 2013

My steps for testing as below:

1.create a primary database
2.duplicate a physical standby database;
3.turn on flashback on both databases.
4.record SCN xxx on physical standby database.
5.convert physical standby to logical standby (using keep identity statement)
6.flashback to logical standby to xxx
7.convert logical standby to physical standby
8.using real time apply I got errors: Fast Parallel Media Recovery enabledManaged Standby Recovery starting Real Time ApplyMRP0:

Background Media Recovery waiting for new incarnation during transient logical upgrade procedure

Errors in file /home ora/ app/ oracle/ diag/ rdbms/ ora11gr1dg/ora11gr1dg/trace/ora11gr1dg_mrp0_10120.trc:ORA-19906: recovery target incarnation changed during recoveryManaged Standby Recovery not using Real Time ApplyErrors in file /home/ ora/app/ oracle/diag/ rdbms/ ora11gr1dg/ ora11gr1dg/ trace/ora11gr 1dg_mrp0_ 10120.trc:ORA-19906: recovery target incarnation changed during recovery  

Errors appears every 10 seconds. Seems MPR0 is waiting for new incarnation for a long time. So am I.Standby database incarnation:

List of Database IncarnationsDB Key Inc Key DB Name DB ID STATUS Reset SCN Reset Time-------1 1 ORA11GR1 3853851354 CURRENT 1 08/09/2013 01:02:182 2 ORA11GR1 3853851354 ORPHAN 2127877 08/28/2013 19:22:01     BGV

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RAC For Separate Node's Physical Location

Mar 21, 2012

I would like to implement Oracle RAC with 2 nodes for SE Licence. I did a lot when both this nodes with 3 NICs each were plugged at the same switch. Now I have a need to construct a RAC when two nodes will be in separate locations, abot 4 miles from each one. What should I explain to our network administrator he needs to do to implement this solution? I've been told that they can do a FO channel to each location. But don't have exact clear explicaton.

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Physical Standby Database To Logical Standby

Jul 17, 2013

can i create physical standby database to logical standby database.

my structure

primary database--->physical standby-->logical standby

for fail over case ==>physical standby convert to primary and logical standby connected to current primary database.

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RMAN :: Restore Point Backup And Restore To New Host

Mar 14, 2013

We want to keep the Guaranteed restore point for week but unfortunately we don't have enough flash space in the server. Is it possible to backup the flashback log(restore point logs) through rman and send bkp file to tape? how to restore the database in new server until Guaranteed restore point.

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Archive Not Applying On Physical Standby

Sep 3, 2010

ENVIRONMENT: physical standby database
MODE: maximum performance mode.

SQL> select * from v$archive_gap;

no rows selected

SQL> select sequence#, applied from v$archived_log where applied='NO';

---------- ---------
10929 NO
10930 NO
10931 NO
10932 NO
10933 NO
10934 NO
10935 NO
10936 NO
10937 NO
11073 NO
11074 NO

---------- ---------
11075 NO
11076 NO
11077 NO
11078 NO
11079 NO
11080 NO
11081 NO
11082 NO
11083 NO
11084 NO
11085 NO

---------- ---------
11086 NO
11087 NO
11088 NO
11089 NO
11091 NO
11092 NO

What would be the cause

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Rename Database With Physical Standby?

Jul 23, 2010

I need to rename an Oracle9i database on windows which has a physical standby database running on a different machine.

I have the steps to rename the primary database but am unsure of it's impact on the physical standby database. It seems like I will have to re-create the physical standby database, since renaming the primary database involves opening the db with "resetlogs". It's a production environment hence can't play with it without knowing the results.

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Physical Standby TEMP Tablespaces

Aug 7, 2013

I have a Physical Standby database on server#2 which has its UNDO and TEMP tablespaces in a mount point that is a bit small. I discovered yesterday that this mount point was completely filled. This is not an immediate problem, because even though the TEMP and UNDO tablespaces are large, there is almost no usage of them.

I logged into my Primary, and created a new temp tablespace (TEMP2), made it the database default, dropped the TEMP tablespace, and then re-created the TEMP tablespace in a different mount point (with a much higher capacity!). I then made the new TEMP as the database default temp tablespace again. I expected that these changes would be propagated over to the Physical Standby via log application, but they didn't come over.

I have standby_file_management set to AUTO, and there are no unapplied logs. Everything OTHER than the temp tablespaces seems to be in synch.

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Data Guard :: Physical Standby With Same SID

Sep 22, 2010

I have to implement Physical standby using same SID. parameters required to set on Primary and standby. Also what entries are required to do in TNS file. Recently we have faced hardware failure.

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Moving Files On Physical Standby Database?

Oct 19, 2011

We're currently in a situation where the primary database server fs size does not match the standby database server fs size.

Standby database filesystem is almost 100% utilized, and we suggested to move some of the datafiles first to avoid threshold alerts and archive gaps.

Now, if we're gonna move datafiles on the physical standby, I believe the process would be stop managed redo apply -> shutdown standby -> OS move -> startup mount -> alter rename -> start managed redo apply. Is this correct? If not, how?

Also, would it have an effect if the controlfiles of primary and standby do not match because of the movement?

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Configure CASCADED Physical Standby Server

Oct 29, 2010

I want to configure CASCADED Physcial Standby Server...Can i give the DB_FILE_NAME_CONVERT parameter in the primary DB Server as


Or in the Standby1


I searched in google but could not able to find anything in this regard.

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Can Logical Database Be Applied From Physical Standby

Jul 24, 2013

I have a setup where i have one physical and logical standby from a primary database. In case of switch over between primary and physical database my logical apply gets stopped. Can a logical database be applied from a physical standby ?

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Data Guard :: Recreating Physical Standby

Jun 4, 2010

I have an issue whereby our standby instance was down for a couple of days and when it came back online we found an archivelog file was missing, so recovery only happened up to a point. It appears that the archivelog was deleted therefore we are unable to continue with this standby. We are now planning to rebuild the standby database. As far as i know all of the steps originally performed need not be performed to complete this task.

1. Shutdown standby
2. Delete all datafiles & redo logs
3. Copy over datafiles to respective directories
4. Copy online logs and archivelogs to standby.
5. Create a control file for standby database
6. Startup mount standby database
7. start redo apply

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Cannot Open Physical Standby Database Read Only?

Dec 7, 2010

Suddenly I can't open any of my physical standby databases read only. Alert log snippet and trace files follow post. I'm running on all hosts, which are running AIX 5.2. I've successfully opened all physical standby databases read only numerous times in the past. Is it possible that these standby databases cannot be switched over to primary should the need arise?

Here's how I typically open a physical standby database read only:

alter database recover managed standby database cancel;
alter database open read only;

Errors in file /ora/product/
ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
ORA-16000: database open for read-only access
Error 604 happened during db open, shutting down database
USER: terminating instance due to error 604


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Data Guard :: Physical Standby Configuration

Mar 10, 2011

I did the all necessary steps required for the physical standby configuration. My standby db is mounted but not able to open.

Below are the steps.

SQL> startup mount

ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1845493760 bytes

Fixed Size 2021568 bytes
Variable Size 452986688 bytes
Database Buffers 1375731712 bytes
Redo Buffers 14753792 bytes
Database mounted.


System altered.


System altered.


Database altered.

SQL> recover managed standby database cancel;
Media recovery complete.
SQL> alter database open read only;
alter database open read only
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-16004: backup database requires recovery
ORA-01152: file 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup
ORA-01110: data file 1: '/u002/app/OraDB10g/stdemo/oradata/system01.dbf'

ERROR at line 1:

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcrfrsetnab_found], [1], [136], [],
[], [], [], []
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kcrfrgv_scn7], [], [], [], [], [],
[], []


ERROR at line 1:
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kccocx_01], [], [], [], [], [], [],

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Data Guard :: Managing Physical Standby

Sep 17, 2013

Today, I am learning dataguard The docs said:A. Monitoring Standby DB Application of redo logs may be monitored by issuing the SQL command:

SQL> select client_dbid, process, sequence#, status from v$managed_standby;

In the primary database, the sequence# with the status “WRITING” would refer to the current redo log sequence#In the standby database, if the status of the process MRPO is “APPLYING LOG” and the status of the process LGWR is “IDLE”, then application of redo logs is up to dateI see that that MRPO at standby is "WAIT_FOR_GAP". How do I resolve this gap.

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Data Guard :: 10g Physical Standby Database

Sep 17, 2012

DB1 <Primary> - Production
DB2 <Physial Standby> - DR

I will need to startup my DB2 in DR segment for testing.If i perform the below, will it affect my Production DB? I need it to be up and running as well.

recover managed standby database cancel;
shutdown immediate;
startup nomount;
alter database mount standby database;
recover standby database until cancel;
alter database activate standby database;

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ORA-01109 - Setup 11g Dataguard - Physical Standby

Jul 12, 2011

I have setup 11g Dataguard - physical standby. Everything seems to be fine. I have also tested switchover and failover using DG broker which seems to work fine.All, I would like to know is abt ORA-01109 during switchover..

My config - RACprim- RACstby
Primary - TEST_prim (instances - TEST1, TEST2)
Standby - TEST_stby (instances - TEST1, TEST2)

Performing switchover NOW, please wait...
New primary database "TEST_stby" is opening...
Operation requires shutdown of instance "TEST1" on database "TEST_prim"
Shutting down instance "TEST1"...
ORA-01109: database not open

This ORA error occurs when it tries to shut down primary. When primary is in open state, why its saying that database not open. Operation requires shutdown of instance "TEST1" on database "TEST_prim"..Shutting down instance "TEST1"..

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Server Utilities :: Exporting From Physical Standby

Aug 3, 2012

I would like to export few tables from the physical standby which is in read only mode.

I have tried both the exp and expdp methods and could successfully export and import the tables from physical standby using exp unfortunately the expdp does not allow this process from a read only database.

Does this mean that we still have to use the exp feature instead of expdp ?

Note : I would expect a proper response from experts and no unwanted comments like "Contact Oracle support" or "Paste the entire command here" or "Read the Manuals" or "Why i am exporting from Standby and not from Primary" etc.

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How To Avoid Table Data To Physical Standby Database

Jun 28, 2013

Our client requirement is to avoid table data to physical standby database.

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DataGuard - Archive Log Apply Gap In Physical Standby Database

Nov 23, 2010

1) The Primary Database is UP. The Physical Stand By Database is DOWN. The Current Archive Log Sequence is 99 in Primary.

We have to apply Archive Log from 51 to 99 to the Standby Database. But Unfortunately, there is no backup of those Archivelogs and the ArchiveLogs from 51 to 98 have got deleted at Primary end.

Now how will you apply these Archive Logs from Primary Database to Physical Standby Database?

Note : The Physical StandBy Database is DOWN.

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Data Guard :: Backups On Physical Standby Database (RAC)?

Nov 23, 2011

I have set up a single instance standbys for rac databases. Now, I need to offload the backups from the primary on to the standbys.

1. cancel managed recovery

2. connect to target(standby) and catalog and backup the standby

3. put standby in managed recovery mode.

I think following these steps, I can restore primary(?). Now, My question is, how can I use these standby backups to clone/refresh databases? I tried it by connecting to target(primary), catalog and auxiliary but rman is using the primary backups instead of standby's to refresh the auxiliary database.

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