Impdp Speed Differ From Location To Location

Oct 4, 2013

We have taken export expdp backup from prod database (primary database- Data Guard).

1.) Import impdp is very slow 10GB/Hrs on staging database (Data Guard MAXIMUM AVAILBILITY)Since Server configuration, database version and configuration, operating system everything are same as production. No blocking, locking or waiting sessions

2.)import impdp is fast 90GB/Hrs on Test standalone database and this test database is running in NOARCHIVE LOG mode with oracle standard version after that no more difference.

CPU,Memory,network and disk I/O are look normal while importing on both databases.why that much difference on import.

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Difference Between (ocrconfig -export Location) And (ocrconfig -manualbackup Location)?

Aug 13, 2013

what is difference between "ocrconfig -export location" and "ocrconfig -manualbackup location"

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Bash_profile Location In IBM AIX?

Sep 30, 2010

Where will i find the bash_profile location in IBM AIX server.

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How To Add New Column At Specified Location In A Table

Dec 29, 2010

How can I add new column at the specified location in a oracle table? I am having a flat file from which data is inserted to the table..But initially I don't need that column so I m not having this column in the table but if further i need that column at the particular location then how can I do this..?

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Dec 14, 2011

I am trying to query a Oracle database table that contains sample records like the one below...

09/12/2011 L1 6 2
09/12/2011 L2 3 7
10/12/2011 L1 4 1
10/12/2011 L2 3 3
11/12/2011 L1 2 2
11/12/2011 L2 2 0
12/12/2011 L1 4 1
12/12/2011 L2 5 0

I am trying to use the Oracle Sum() to get a grouping by DATE, LOCATION, SUM(PROD1+PROD2) for DATE periods 10/12/2011 and 11/12/2011. Below is the desired end result.

10/12/2011 5 6
11/12/2011 4 2

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Datafile In Wrong Location

Jun 18, 2013

My production DB has a couple of datafiles that were created in the wrong place, plus they are tiny - 100mb each.  What is best way to get rid of them?

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RAC For Separate Node's Physical Location

Mar 21, 2012

I would like to implement Oracle RAC with 2 nodes for SE Licence. I did a lot when both this nodes with 3 NICs each were plugged at the same switch. Now I have a need to construct a RAC when two nodes will be in separate locations, abot 4 miles from each one. What should I explain to our network administrator he needs to do to implement this solution? I've been told that they can do a FO channel to each location. But don't have exact clear explicaton.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Read CSV File From Shared Location?

Aug 30, 2013

I want to upload csv file from share location(another host) & store data in table

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Forms :: Location And Save Button

Apr 25, 2012

I have a master-detail form on which i have 2 buttons. save button and another location button in detail.on location button i am calling a form and updating location of the material entered in detail(tabular).

The thing is my form should not get save without updating location for each record entered in detail(tabular).if user try to save form without updating or pressing location button it should give message PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LOCATION.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Passing Location To External File

Sep 16, 2013

I have a simple external table


I need to make the location parametrized so we don't have to hard code the file name file1. Can I do this in Oracle or do I need to do this in a shell script on the UNIX server?

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Server Administration :: Location Of A DB Block?

Feb 7, 2011

) How to find out, whether my Query return the output from the block of BUFFER CACHE or from DATAFILES?

2) How to calculate the no of data blocks were used to return a single output.

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Forms :: Copy Files From One Location To Another In 6i

Sep 9, 2008

I want to copy files from one location to another in forms6i on when button pressed.i m using the following code.

cpf_source VARCHAR2(500) := 'c: est.txt';
cpf_target VARCHAR2(500) := 'c:data';

But i press the button it generates FRM-40734,

internal Error : PL/SQL error occurred.

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Backup & Recovery :: Copy Database To New Location

May 21, 2011

i have one database name tom on my one pc its name is rose1 now i have to place this my tom database to on my another pc its name is rose2.
i do not want to use rman.

How can i place this tom database from rose1 pc to rose2 pc and my this tom database is in archive mode and my this tom database is in rose1 pc and my rose1 os is windows xp 32bit and i want to transfer this database to on my rose2 pc and the os of rose2 pc is windows 7 64 bit.

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Forms :: Get Block Name From Cursor Focus Location?

Jul 27, 2010

I have a delete button at the bottom of the form and have two blocks on top of it. I need to know which block i have the focus on or selected the record on pressing the delete button so that I go to that block and do a delete_record from that block. I came across :system.trigger_block which says it gives the name of the block where the cursor was located when the current trigger initially fired. But whenever i use it only returns the name of the block the delete button is located in. Instead i wanted to know where the focus of the cursor was or which record was selected in the above 2 blocks to go to that block and delete the record.

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Security :: Move Wallet From Existing Location?

Oct 22, 2012

I have TDE enable in system. Now i want to remove wallet from the server and keep another secure place so that it can't be put in wrong hand. Is there any way that i can remove the wallet folder from the server while encryption and decryption on?

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RMAN :: CLONING By Offline Backup Location?

Jan 9, 2013

I am doing a cloning of DB 11.1.0 from PROD to TEST but
os RHEL 5.5     
Click to add to Favorites          RMAN 11GR2 : DUPLICATE WITHOUT CONNECTING TO TARGET DATABASE [ID 874352.1]



is not working for same SID on the target is asking for a target name.

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RMAN :: Looking At Different Location To Restore On Physical Standby (10g)

Feb 12, 2013

I have 2 databases. Primary ( DB1 ) and Standby ( STBY1 ). My standby database went kaput, and i have as a result deleted the standby database in order to re-create it from a full primary backup.

Oracle 10g R2 on Server 2003.

I have followed several guides, and at this time i have done the following:

- Configured standby re-do logs on primary
- backed up current controlfile for standby
- backed up database plus archivelog
- configured the tnsnames

The problem is here. I connect to RMAN from standby

rman nocatalog
connect target sys/password@ DB1
connect auxiliary /
set until scn xxx;
duplicate target database for standby dorecover;

I receive an error message saying that it cannot find the file location of the backups that its trying to find. I see in the error that it tries to look locally for

E:FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA DB1 BACKUPSET2013_02_12), however the actual location is (E:FLASH_RECOVERY_AREA STBY1 BACKUPSET2013_02_12)

I have read that the locations need to be the same, however the instance names are different, and i thought i changed the pfile to accommodate that. My assumption is that i have made an error in the pfile. However i cannot see any issues there. Some things that i have changed in the pfile for standby:


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RMAN :: Restore Spfile From Non-default Location In ASM

Oct 24, 2013

Database: 11gEBS: 12.1.3O/S: Solaris Sparc 64 bits 

Problem Description: Cloning from Source instance A to target instance B and both are in ASM instances.RMAN backup in source instance A is completed, which has spfile configured in non-default location in ASM for example,see belowASMCMD

[+ASMDG003/TEST1 > ls -ltType           Redund  Striped  Time             Sys  Name   Y    TEMPFILE/  Y    ONLINELOG/  Y    DATAFILE/   Y    CONTROLFILE/     N    spfiletest1.ora => +ASMDG003/TEST1/PARAMETERFILE/SPFILE.747.856347 

Also, there is no SPFILE in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs for the TEST1 source instance. INITTEST1.ora file has the following entry: 

cat INITTEST1. oraspfile='+ ASMD G003 /TEST1/spfileTEST1.ora' 

Question: In the target instance to be cloned from RMAN backup fro source instance TEST1, on performing ' restore spfile from autobackup 'location';Will the spfile be restored in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs in the target instance TEST2?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Report Is Hangup From Other Location

Jul 26, 2010

My report is hangup when it run from another location(work fine at main location), Report Background Engine is also not start on that location but when i copy application folder on local machine of that location it run easily what is the reason?

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RAC & Failsafe :: Oracle 11g - Voting Disk Location

Nov 4, 2011

Tell me that in Oracle 11g, information regarding voting disk location is stored in which file ?

I know that we can use "crsctl query css votedisk" to see the location of voting disk, but from which file or place this command pick the information ?

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Moving Trace Files To Archive Location?

Aug 20, 2012

I am using Oracle RAC 11gR2.I am planing to move my old trace files to an archive location.

I have the below questions concerning the users and groups used by Oracle RAC when moving the trace files.It is related to the permissions but it is about oracle behavior.

The trace files of database (oracle user) are created as below:

284 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin     283571 Aug 20 18:08 PPRD1_mmon_13893716.trc
   4 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin        125 Aug 20 18:10 PPRD1_gcr0_11730998.trm
   4 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin       2833 Aug 20 18:10 PPRD1_gcr0_11730998.trc
580 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin     588489 Aug 20 18:12 PPRD1_lmhb_15859792.trm


when moving the files using the oracle user it will be created as oracle:oinstall and not oracle:asmadmin since asmadmin is not a group of the oracle user.

1. How oracle created my trace and log files with permission oracle:asmadmin?

2. How should I move these files? I moved it using the Oracle user and it was created as oracle:oinstall with Operating system error "unable to duplicate owner and mode after move"

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How To Find Previous Path Location Of Archive Log

Apr 15, 2013

Practicing in VM. My question is, I deleted the physical files of the database on Sunday but I'm having physical files backup on Friday. firstly i done restore, Performing incomplete recovery , I'm getting error like "Cannot open Archive log"

On Saturday, I changed path of archive log but I'm not aware of archive previous path location. How can we find previous path location of archive log?

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Archivelog Location In Separate Date Format

Nov 10, 2013

archive logs to be stored in its own "date formatted" separate folders.I have already configured flashrecovery area and I dont want to change it as backups are stored there.How can I achieve this without changing the flash recovery area location ? db_recovery_file_dest is set to G:log archive dest is set to F

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Change The Location Of Datafiles / Controlfiles And Redologs In

Jun 1, 2013

I am using database and I have all my datafiles,control files,redo logs in /home/oracle/oradata and i would like to completely move all the files to /data/oradata folder.

What is the best method? (without losing old backup's , without reset log , no new incarnation,no new DBID) can it be done online /offline?

Is it recreating control file with new location and open database without resetlog the best method?

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Write PL/Sql Stored Procedure To Move Files From One Location To Another?

May 17, 2007

I need to write a PL/Sql stored procedure to move files from one location to another. I need to move files that are older than 30 days. Is there any Oracle package I can use to move the files on the basis of its creation date.

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Forms :: Data Copy Into Other Location On Daily Basis

May 22, 2010

I need any good suggestion basically I have two different location

1- Factory
2- Head office

I have developed PRODUCTION module in factory and it is working fine and now I want to send data on daily basis to head office therefore I develop a form which will create backup in export format (.dmp) then user will send via email to head office.

Backup file should be save in pre-defined location then user will use a form which I developed for loading data into head office there are two different buttons in this form;

First is used to load data, actually first I load data in a temporary user which creates whenever user will press this button. Second is used to copy data in application user but first it checks if data exists then update otherwise insert.

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Backup & Recovery :: RMAN Restoration To New Location In Same Server

Nov 29, 2012

We need to test mean time to restore from rman backup. So can we restore the data file to new location on the same server without effecting the Database.?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Location Of BMP (image File) In Report?

Jul 14, 2011

I just started working for a company and am modifying existing reports. This report has a logo in the layout in the form of an image. Is there a way to find out where this image is located? It cannot find the image when I open the layout or run the report so I assume I am not mapped to the drive/directory where the images are located? Is this information noted anywhere in the actual report?

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Backup & Recovery :: Data Files Backed Up To FRA Instead Of Specified Location?

Jun 24, 2013

I am trying to backup my entire database's files :

[oracle@testing-oracle-1 ~]$ rman target /
Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Mon Jun 24 16:09:54 2013
Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
connected to target database: ORCL (DBID=1341263457)
RMAN> list backup;

using target database control file instead of recovery catalog specification does not match any backup in the repository

new RMAN configuration parameters:
new RMAN configuration parameters are successfully stored
FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO '/u01/app/oracle/backupsets/control_files/cf_%F.BCKP';2>


I see that a backup set was created to "/u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/ORCL/backupset/2013_06_24/" , in spite of my specification.

So I asked RMAN to list all the backups I have:

RMAN> list backup;

List of Backup Sets
BS Key Size Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
------- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
1 41.14M DISK 00:00:00 24-JUN-13
BP Key: 1 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag: TAG20130624T161025
Piece Name: /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/818957425_1_%r.BCKP


Here I see that 4 backup sets have been created.The backup sets 1 & 3 containing the archived redo logs (818957425_1_%r.BCKP and 818957451_3_%r.BCKP) are placed as I wanted in /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/ dir.

The file containing the Control File and Spfile (cf_c-1341263457-20130624-00.BCKP) is placed as I wanted in /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/control_files/ dir.However, The backup set file containing the data files(o1_mf_nnnd0_TAG20130624T161026_8wjkb2tg_.bkp) is placed under the directory /u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/ORCL/backupset/2013_06_24/ ,and I don't understand why.

When I backup my database without the archived redo logs - it is saved correctly:

RMAN> delete backup;
using channel ORA_DISK_1
List of Backup Pieces
BP Key BS Key Pc# Cp# Status Device Type Piece Name


1. Why aren't my data files backed up to the location I specified when I backup using PLUS ARCHIVELOG syntax?

2. Why are my redo logs saved to two different backup sets and not just one?

3. Is there a way to combine backup of all files (data files, control file, spfile, redo logs & arch redo's) in one backup set, one file?

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Data Guard :: Archivelogs With FAL Request Created At Different Location?

Mar 29, 2011

I tried a Data Guard setup on Oracle Databases (version, on RHEL)

Primary Database is db5
Standby Database is db6

By the time I created standby database, 3 archivelogs (sequence 11,12,13) were generated on primary which I copied over to standby database server

Now while querying v$archive_gap on the primary database these archivelogs aren't listed
However at the same time querying v$archived_log on either Primary or Standby Database also does not list them

In such case do I need to register these archivelogs on standby database?
Or else do I catalog these archivelogs on standby database?

Also as soon as standby database is started in recovery mode as a part of setup, 1 archivelog (sequence 14) was shown on standby

Now this archivelog has different path than the archivelogs generated later (sequence 15, 16)and v$archived_log shows it is generated as a part of FAL request (FAL=YES)

Question are

1) why it was FALed while redo apply services were active?

2) why this particular archivelog only which is part of FAL request is generated at different location

Does it generate at standby_archive_dest rather than FRA when FAL=YES?

3) why subsequent archivelogs are not part of FAL request or FAL request wasn't needed for subsequent archivelogs?

Primary database init parameters


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