Server Administration :: Unable To Use Existing OraInventory Location During Installation?

Jan 5, 2010

i am installing oracle 11g rel2 ( o/s : hp ux 11.31 ). already we have 11g rel1 installed in the machine where oracle inventory location is /oracle/oraInventory where /oracle is ORACLE_BASE directory..

cd /oracle
ls -ltr
drwxrwxr-x 4 ora11gr1 dba 8192 Aug 30 00:19 oraInventory

now when i install oracle 11g rel2 on the same machine, it should use the existing oraInventory..but it is prompting us to enter the new location for oraInventory during installation....but as per the naming convention, we need to keep inventory directory under /oracle/oraInventory only..

when i select oraInventory location as /oracle/oraInventory from wizard, iam getting below error:

[INS-32055] The Central Inventory is located in the Oracle base.

[INS-32035] Unable to create a new central inventory at the specified location.

should i uninstall the exisitng oracle 11g rel1 and then should i install rel2 (i.e what iam trying to install now ) ?if so, after instlaling rel2, then should i install rel1 ?

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Installation :: OS Backup Will Be Taken From Existing Server

Sep 28, 2012

Oracle Database version: / sparc / 64bit.
Os Version: Solaris 10 with update 6(or more).

OS backup (without Oracle binary/software and database) will be taken from existing server. The server will be "zoned"(container or may call virtual machine). The backup will be restored on the vm; all database related mount point will be there. Installation of same Oracle software and creation of test database.

Before starting oracle installation i am on an OS in which the oracle software was previously installed. But the software files/binaries are not present. I am just putting the software again through installation. Now all the prerequisites are met and oracle project/user/group is already there as os is backed up from previous working setup.

What should i take care for this installation?Is it will be a simple installation just running the runinstaller?

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Security :: Move Wallet From Existing Location?

Oct 22, 2012

I have TDE enable in system. Now i want to remove wallet from the server and keep another secure place so that it can't be put in wrong hand. Is there any way that i can remove the wallet folder from the server while encryption and decryption on?

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Server Administration :: Location Of A DB Block?

Feb 7, 2011

) How to find out, whether my Query return the output from the block of BUFFER CACHE or from DATAFILES?

2) How to calculate the no of data blocks were used to return a single output.

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Server Administration :: Location Of Table In Tablespace / Data File

Jul 6, 2010

I was wondering if there is any way to know in which Tablespace and Datafile my Table is located. I have exported a table and about to delete it as i am partitioning it.

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Server Administration :: Oracle 10gR2 RAC - Moving Archivelog Location

May 25, 2010

We have oracle 10gR2 RAC with ASM running on HP-UX. The archivelogs are located in a NFS filesystem and we want to move this into ASM.

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Server Administration :: Create Subpartition For Existing List Partition

Dec 14, 2012

We have a table which is already partitioned by list and now we would like to add a subpartition.

Create table Item_mst
ccn varchar2(10),
Flag varchar2(1),
Item varchar2(10),
status varchar2(1)


Now I could like to alter the above table for adding a new subpartition on each partition on status.


Above alter gives ORA-14253: table is not partitioned by composite range method.

However dropping and recreating the table with subpartitions is working fine.

But Dropping and recreating the table in production is very cumbersome as it has huge data and many indices.

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Server Administration :: Split Existing Schema Into 3 Logical Divisions

Mar 2, 2011

Presently have one instance, one Schema on my DB Server. Want to split the existing schema into 3 logical divisions. Have created the 3 Schemas. Through Oracle Export from the old Schema am able to Export (using wild cards) the tables and indices for each grouping and am able to Import into the new specific schema. The problem i'm having is that i cannot seem to Export the specific sequences due for each of the new schemas. Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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Server Administration :: Server Installation Gets Abruptly Ended For Client Get TNS Errors

Jan 11, 2011

after a long time,(i never remember when was the last time i installed 9i)i was asked to install 9i.So, whether i install server or cilent i get this error <attachment>

after i ignore it and finished the installation,The server installation gets abruptly ended for the client i get TNS errors.

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Server Administration :: Oracle 11g R2 Installation On Windows 2008 64 Bit Server

Apr 19, 2011

I want to install Oracle 11g R2 in windows 2008 64 bit server. How can I know whether my server is ready to install Oracle ie is all components are available in server or any patch is to be applied etc.

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Server Administration :: OLAP Installation On 10g

Apr 9, 2012

I am using the oracle version on windows XP platform.I need to install OLAP.

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Server Administration :: Unable To Find Server Process In Oracle Database For Specific Application / Client

Feb 13, 2013

I am trying to find the unix process for one of my application in the database but I am unable to view the same. To simulate, I did the following.

1. My database runs on different server.
2. I invoked "sqlplus" from another unix box to login to the database.
3. I found that the process id (ps -ef |grep sqlplus).
4. When I execute the below mentioned query it does not display the process id that I am looking for. But the osuser, username, program and machine details are correct. How can I know the process details from the database?

and SYS.GV_$SESSION.MACHINE like '%hostname%'

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Server Administration :: Fresh Installation With Old ORA Data

Jan 6, 2013

we had a db working fine..we just take a proper shutdown of db and then try restart os...os never comes up.we have db installed in separate drive tahn C:(where os reside)

now the os is instaaled is gone? i have left with app folder and all the database file in other drive

i do the fresh oracle installation/ what things from the old app folder should i replace in new app folder created to get all the data back??

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Server Administration :: Oracle 11g Installation Error

Apr 22, 2010

I am trying to install oracle 11g on windows 2003 ent with sp2 , where I am getting an error, The java runtime environment was not found at bin/javaw.exe. hence the oracle universal installer cannot be run.

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Server Administration :: Silent Installation Of Oracle 10g R2

Nov 4, 2010

I want to install Oracle software 10g R2 at linux platform. I want to install it at Silent mode, but not able to find the .rsp(response) file. I have created the .rsp(response file) from oui , hut not able to configure the same.

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Server Administration :: Oracle Partitioning Installation

Jun 20, 2010

I want to install the partitioning option in my oracle database. I have the license. When i run the installer and select the partitioning option, the installation begins from beginning overwriting my old setup files. How can i avoid this and only install partitioning.

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Server Administration :: Oracle 11g Patch Installation

Jan 31, 2011

I am using Oracle 11g ( and I want to apply January patch on I have applied 3 patches. I have single Instance with ASM and Grid.

Grid home: /opt/grid/11.2.0/grid
Oracle Home: /opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db

1. O patch (6880880)
2. Grid patch (9655006)
3. Oracle Patch (10248516)

I have followed the following steps.

1. Applied Opatch on grid.
unzip -d /opt/grid/11.2.0/grid

2. Validated the Oracle Inventory.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/OPatch/opatch lsinventory -detail -oh /opt/grid/11.2.0/grid

3. Shut down the databases.
4. Run the prepatch script
5. Shutdown the ASM.
6. Ran the below command to stop CSS etc.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/crs/install/ -unlock

7. Applied grid patch.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/OPatch/opatch napply -oh /opt/grid/11.2.0/grid -id 9655006

8. Applied Opatch on Oracle home
9. Applied Oracle patch
/opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db/OPatch/opatch napply -oh /opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db -id 10248516

8. Run the postpatch script

9. Run the following script to enable CSS etc.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/crs/install/ -patch
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl check has
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl check css

10. If CSS is not online ran the below command.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl modify resource "ora.cssd" -attr "AUTO_START=1"
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl modify resource "ora.diskmon" -attr "AUTO_START=1"
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl stop has
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/bin/crsctl start has

11. Up the ASM and Databases. Ran the postinstall in GRID and Oracle.
@catbundle.sql psu apply

12. Ran the below command on grid and Oracle.
/opt/grid/11.2.0/grid/OPatch/opatch lsinventory
/opt/oracle/product/11.2.0/db/OPatch/opatch lsinventory

1. Let me know steps which are followed are right because I didnot see the version change after connecting to database? (for example after applying I can see but not changed the version). How should I know the patch is applied properly?

2. Is the above steps are applicable to HA setup.

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Server Administration :: Installation Of 11g On Windows 7 32bit

Feb 10, 2012

I have installed 11g R2 on windows 7 32bit then I uninstall it through deinstall but now again i am installing it it says

Cause - The chosen installation conflicted with software already installed in the given Oracle home.

Action - Install into a different Oracle home.

How can I remove that Oracle Home.

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Server Administration :: How To Change Existing Materialized View To Normal View

Jan 17, 2013

can we change the existing materialized view to normal view? if yes how?

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Server Administration :: Oracle 11g Patch Installation Steps

Jan 16, 2011

I have installed grid and oracle 11g on linux environment. I want to installation January patch related to grid and oracle 11g. This is the first time i m going to install the oracle 11g.

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Server Administration :: Error In Domain Name - Oracle Installation

Apr 22, 2011

When Oracle was installed, there was an error in the server's domain name (missing a "."). Is there an easy way to fix this domain name in the Oracle installation after the fact? I know about tnsnames.ora, pfile, system parameters, and I'm pretty sure I can do emagent -config. My concern is that the "Installed Products" would not like the fact that the domain name is now "" when installation was done on "". The /etc/hosts file had "", and we want to fix it to "".

I need to reinstall Oracle -- is there a better way?

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Server Administration :: Installed Database Oracle With Installation

Nov 17, 2011

Yesterday i installed oracle 11g r2 by default i installed database Oracle with the installation .but today i tried to create the database with the name green tat also completed successfully..the problem is in startup

export oracle_sid=green
sqlplus '/ as sysdba'
database mounted

select instance_name from v$instance; But it SHowing the instance name as Oracle...i tried with the other method also

export oracle_sid=green
sqlplus /nolog
conn sys/b123 as sysdba

database mounted

select instance_name from V$parameter;

and it shows instance name as green..i tried to see the datafile location for green database

select file_name from dba_data_files; it shows the orcl datafile locations.

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Server Administration :: How To Move 10g Database And Make New Installation

Oct 31, 2010

Are there any good information about on how to move a 10g database to a new server? We will keep the same disks on the SAN, but make a new installation on the new server.

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Server Administration :: Installation Of Oracle 11 G - Host OS Vista

Jan 4, 2011

Im trying to install oracle 11g release 2( on oracle solaris 10(x86-64) on vmware on my laptop and my host OS is vista home basic ...

i successfully installed solaris on vmware but while im trying install 11g on it,its show .oui:syntax error at line 1: '|' unexpected.

i follow oracle documentation as well as OFA...

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Server Administration :: WMSYS User That Comes With Default Installation

Apr 20, 2010

A question about the WMSYS user that comes with the default installation :

I've locked it because it has the DBA role. The question is :Will this impact the database?

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Server Administration :: Unable To Connect To 11g EM?

Nov 22, 2012

1-How much memory is needed to use the Oracle 11g Enterprise Manager? (Probabely other parts need less memory than EM)

2-When i try to connect to Oracle 11g , get the following error?

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Server Administration :: Installation Steps For Oracle 10g 10.2 On Linux 6 Using Vmware

Mar 16, 2012

A link which describe step by step with screen shots how can i install oracle 10 r2 on oracle linux server release 6.1 using vmware workshop actual os is windows server 64 bit in this in install vmware 8 and i install oracle linux server release 6.1 32 bit now i want to install oracle 10g r2 or oracle 11g r2 on this .

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Server Administration :: Copying Files Error While Oracle 11g R2 Installation

May 11, 2010

I am trying to install Oracle 11g Release 2 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.2 (vmware image) but after 50% installation it through errors while copying files on the server. I also tried on Windows 2003 Server R2 (physical m/c as well as vmware image) and faced same problems. I did installation of Oracle 11g Release 1 and didn't find any problems.

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Server Administration :: Unable To Connect To The Server?

Sep 16, 2010

I am getting this error ( ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available handler with matching protocol stack ) When I am trying to connect to the server through my application in which I am using SOAP

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Server Administration :: Unable To Increase Size Of Sga

Feb 2, 2012

I am trying to increase the size of sga or you can say that i want to make my sga in automatic memory management...Following is the steps i am trying

SQL> show parameter sga_max_size;

------------------------------------ ----------- ------------------------------
sga_max_size big integer 96M

after that i am trying to increase the size

SQL> alter system set sga_max_size = 200m;
alter system set sga_max_size = 200m
ERROR at line 1: ORA-02095: specified initialization parameter cannot be modified

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