SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Know Index Is Created On Table Or Not

Jun 30, 2011

how to know weather procedure is working or not in a database ..

how to know index is created on table or not.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Date Search - No Index Created On Table

Feb 25, 2010

DT1 is a column of date datatype and there is no index created on the table

I want to add the below lines in the sql

TO_CHAR(DT1,'YYYY') BETWEEN '2005' AND '2009'

Which one should I use in where condition to query and why?

1. TO_CHAR(DT1,'YYYY') BETWEEN '2005' AND '2009'
2. DT1 BETWEEN '01/01/2005' AND '31/12/2009' (as NLS date format will not change)
3. DT1 BETWEEN to_date('01/01/2005','dd/mm/yyyy') AND ('31/12/2009' ,'dd/mm/yyyy')

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All Index To Be Created In Different Tablespace Like Medium_index

Dec 27, 2011

I have created queue table using below script

COMPATIBLE => '10.0.0',

------------------------------ --------------------------
SYS_IL0001100359C00037$$ MEDIUM_DATA
SYS_IL0001100359C00040$$ MEDIUM_DATA
SYS_IL0001100359C00041$$ MEDIUM_DATA

I want all the index to be created in different tablespace like 'medium_index. can we specify tablespace for index when we are creating queue table.

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Can Index Be Created On Virtual Column?

May 17, 2011

what my issue is with this virtual column

col1 VARCHAR2(30 BYTE),


Lastly, can an index be created on a virtual column? I am thinking no since it calculated?

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Performance Tuning :: Index Has Been Created On Both Depart_id For Two Tables

Jul 30, 2010

SELECT department_id
FROM (SELECT department_id
FROM employees
SELECT department_id
FROM employees_old )
WHERE department_id=100;

The index has been created on both depart_id for the two tables. The only difference between the two I observed was the 1 recursive call for the 1st sql.and also, one additional view in the plan.There is a little difference in bytes sent over the network.

0 recursive calls
0 db block gets
6 consistent gets
0 physical reads
0 redo size

Is there any performance impact you find in those above two sqls if you compare?

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PL/SQL :: Index Range Scan And Table Access By Index Rowid Versus Table Access Full

Oct 5, 2013

Let's consider such table that all rows fit into single block:

SQL> create table test as select rownum id, '$'||rownum name from dual connect by level <= 530;
Table created.
SQL> create index i_test on test(id);
Index created.
SQL> begin


why does approach with full scan take longer even if table occupies only one data block? PS. 11gR2

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Performance Tuning :: Local Index Versus Global Index On Partitioned Table

Jun 28, 2011

I have a huge table (about 60 gb) partition over range. The index on this table is global index created on 4 columns together. I have a query which is running very slowly. The explain plan is showing the use of this global index.Explain plan is not showing pstart and pend because the index is global.

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Performance Tuning :: Force Index If Table Not Using Index?

Aug 9, 2013

How to force an index if the table not using the index?

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Server Administration :: Find When Database Role Created And Who Has Created?

Feb 14, 2013

Is there a way to find when was a database role created and who has created?

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REFRESH GROUP Is Automatically Created When A Materialized View Is Created?

Aug 17, 2012

tell me if a REFRESH GROUP is automatically created when a materialized view is created?

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PL/SQL :: How Many Foreign Key Can Be Created On Table

May 3, 2013

in a table how many foreign keys can we create.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Created Table With Date In Database

Feb 22, 2011

Me working on Oracle application Express,there are lots of tables created in it, how will i get to know who created which table and on which date.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Make Partition Of Table Which Is Already Created

Sep 21, 2011

I want to make partition of table which is already created and has huge amount of Data I have done indexing already

my structure are as follows

Indexing on Employee,Month,Salary_Code

How can I do partitioning on this table.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Find Who Created The Table In Oracle

Feb 8, 2011

somebody has created the table , who had created the table Note: not required the schema name,

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Forms :: Use Created Table In Data Block?

May 1, 2013

I have data that the user is modifying on the form and a data block that is supposed to reflect those change (summaries) So I created

TYPE VehicleInfo IS RECORD (Vehicle_Desc ctl_fleet_vehicles.Vehicle_Desc%Type,
Miles timecapture.miles%Type,
Hours TimeCapture.Equipment_hours%Type);

TYPE VehicleTab IS TABLE OF VehicleInfo

VehicleObj VehicleTab;

I fill this up with the correct data, but I would like to be able to use this as a table in the data block (called Vehicle_Summary) In the past I have piped tables into data blocks from the server, but I'm unsure how to use a table I created in forms in the Query Data Source Name of the data block.

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PL/SQL :: Created A Table With CLOB As Datatype For One Of Columns

Aug 5, 2013

<ORACLE VERSION :> i have created a table with CLOB as datatype for one of the columns, I am trying to store a string ( I am not sure about the length of the string) , when i am querying on my table for the CLOB column,instead of the actual string "(HUGECLOB)" is coming. How to get the actual string in case the problem is with the SIZE.

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PL/SQL :: Created Partition And Parallel Degree 4 On Table A

Oct 10, 2012

I have table A with size 120 Million and two more tables are of size 2 Million on Table B and less than 1 Million size on table C.I had created Partition and Parallel degree 4 on the table A. Created table B with Parallel degree 2 and Created table C with NOPARALLEL.

My query is using above tables with joins and inserting into table D using HINT /*+ APPEND NOLOGGING*/I had executed the explain on the above criteria the cost is showing 20767.

Later created Tables A,B and C with NOPARALLEL. Applied HINT on Table D /*+ APPEND NOLOGGING*/ and als applied HINT /*+ PARALLEL(A, 4) PARALLEL(B C, 2) on select query which uses to insert into Table D.

My question which is best practice on PARALLEL degree creation at table level or query level:

a) Creating table with Paralle (degree 4)
b) Applying HINT /*+ PARALLEL (TABLE A , 4) */ at query level

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Employee Table In Scott Schema Created By Default

Oct 3, 2011

I am using Oracle 11g Release

OS: Windows

I am using the Employee table in Scott schema which created by default.

10,20,30,40,50 are the department ids.

I would like to have the output like below. I am having lots of values in dep id and lots of employees in each dept ids

Emp name Dep ID
John 20
Mike 40
Ram 10
Guru 50
Kumar 30

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Forms :: Created Block For Table On Tabular Style - Validating Item?

Oct 10, 2011

I created a block for EMP table on tabular style. if in first line empno entered is 1then i don't want to allow the end user to enter 1 in second line. but when-validate-item is not working because first_record and next_record is not allowed. I need to validate before saving the data into emp table and immediately after empno is entered into empno item.

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Server Administration :: Event Alert Created Successfully On Custom Table But Not Firing?

Mar 8, 2013

I have created custom table in inventory and after register table & columns, i create event alert on it. event alert is not firing.

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Server Administration :: Reorganize A Table And Index After The Deletion Of Records From Table?

Feb 7, 2012

We deleted millions of records from a table.

1.Is it necessary to reorganize a table and index after the deletion of records from table ? Because i see some change in table size after table and index reorganization.

2.Will re org table and index improve the database performance ?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Full Table Scan On Index Table

Feb 3, 2012

when i am Executing the following statement


I have attached DDL for table EXPOSURE_DETAIL(PARTITION),LEDGERCARD,LEDGERCARDDETAILS, DDL for INDEX on those tables and DDL for Views..

Issue: we have created the Indexes but when we check the explain plain .. full table scan is going on..I have attached the explain plan ..

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PL/SQL :: Load Data From Index By Table To Table

Jun 27, 2013

We need to load data from index by table to table.Below code is working fine. 

query varchar2(200);
Type l_emp is TABLE OF emp%rowtype INDEX BY Binary_Integer;
rec_1 l_emp;


But data from source table and target table is dynamic.Ex:In above code, emp(source) and target table is emp_b are static. But for our scenario is depends on the source table , target would change as below.If source is emp then target is emp_bIf source is emp1 then target is emp_b1 ............ 

create or replace procedure p(source in varchar2, target in varchar2)
query varchar2(200);
source varchar2(200);
Type l_emp is TABLE OF emp%rowtype INDEX BY Binary_Integer;
rec_1 l_emp;


Its throwing. How to implement this scenario .

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Exception In Procedure / Created One Procedure Based On One Table Item Master

Mar 6, 2010

I have created one procedure based on one table item master which has a field called item stock or non stock based on this i will fetch data from one of two tables .If its a stock item data will be retrieved from wip_main_acnt table and if its non stock it will pick from ns_main_acnt.my procedure is working fine but all i need is i just want to put an exception that if data is not found in one of the table based on the item selected.I am confused which one to be used whether no_data_found or notfound%.

l_item_code IN VARCHAR2,
l_main_acnt_code OUT VARCHAR2

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Use Of Table Index?

Feb 10, 2012

Am pasting the sample code here, which i got from some site..

country_population population_type;
continent_population population_type;
howmany NUMBER;


Here we are fetching indexes (like Antartica/Australia) from these two statements continent_population.FIRST or continent_population.LAST. If there are three or more indexes in the same table, how to fetch all of them?

I have tried using this, but doesnt work because loop variables are by default integers:

for i in continent_population.FIRST .. continent_population.LAST loop
end loop;

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How To Partition And Index The Table

Oct 24, 2011

how to partition and index my table for a special problem.

The table:

U_VALUE NUMBER NOT NULL, -- Ranges from 0 - 30.000.000
O_VALUE NUMBER NOT NULL, -- Ranges from U_VALUE - 30.000.000
ITEM_TYPE NUMBER NOT NULL --<< Only 4 different values >>

As you can see, U_VALUE is ALWAYS lower than O_VALUE.I need to have the CREATE_TS in either main- or subpartition do drop the partitions after some time so i don,t have to use DELETE statements. The table has 360 millions rows.

The application has only 8 query which will always use a WHERE clause like this:


1. Is there any good technique how to create a good index for the queries (application will execute 120 queries per second)?

2. how to partition this table?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: NULL Index Table Key Value

Sep 26, 2010

We are getting the below error on a piece of code that chas been functioning fine for over 4 years..

ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: NULL index table key value
ORA-06512: at "pd.pf33", line 148

The line it's pointing at is merely a FOR loop that opens a cursor (select query) and loops through the items.

FOR rec IN csr_cash

This piece of code has been functioning fine for years.. and never got this kind of error on a for loop. Could it be something internal to Oracle/underlying memory issues?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Two Index Exist On Same Table

Apr 19, 2011

Can there be an impact on performance if below two index exists on the same table:

t_idx(col1,col2, nvl(col7,col6));

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PL/SQL :: Index On A Staging Table

Jul 10, 2012

I have 2 similar tables. Same columns. Data inserted to second table from first for a condition and first table is truncated. Then data moved from second to first and second table truncated. Second table is to store data for a small period of time. First table has indexes. Do I need any index on second table?

The query on second table is always insert into second select * from first. Similarly insert into first select * from second.

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Text :: Index For Domain Index With Composite Domain Index (CDI) Very Slow

Jun 27, 2012

I am on Enterprise Edition. We are using the new feature "Composite Domain Index" for a Domain index on a very large table (>250.000.000 rows). It really works with mixed queries. We added two number columns using FILTER BY.We have lots of DML on this table. Therefore, we are executing synchronize and optimize once the week. The synch behaves pretty normal. But "optimize_index" takes a very very long time to complete. I have switsched on 'logging' for the optimize process. The $I table takes some time but is finished normally. But the optimization of the $S table (that is the table created for the CDI feature) is running over 12 hours now - and far from being finished. From the logfile, I can see that it optimizes 1000 rows every 20 minutes. Here is the output of the logfile:

Oracle Text,
14:33:05 06/26/12 begin logging
14:33:05 06/26/12 event
14:33:05 06/26/12 process $N for optimize: SEQDEV.GEN_GES_DESCRIPTION_CTX_I
14:33:16 06/26/12
14:33:16 06/26/12

I haven't found a recommendation from Oracle not to use "optimize_index" for Domain Indexes with CDI. But in my case, it would be much faster just to drop and recreate the Domain Index in question.

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