Application Express :: Calendar Highlight - Previous Day Picked Instead Of Today

Sep 25, 2012

Apex 4.1.

I am using calendar to display some data but there seems to be some problem with the focus for current date. For instance : 25 Sep 2012 is today's date but the calendar focus somehow remains on 24th Sep 2012 and I am failing to understand where do I set this right. Few users see focus on correct date while few see it on previous date.

Also in another tab of the application I am using a Interactive report which displays data based on whatever calendar entries were made earlier. Here I have two regions Today and Tomorrow which pick the values from report and display them in respective region but here too Today(picks yesterday date) and Tomorrow(picks today) .

I am confused as to where to set this right because like I said few users (based in AU) are seeing this incorrect values while users located in another region see it correct.

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Application Express :: Highlight Words - Only First Occurrence?

Feb 14, 2013

'm using the "Highlight Words" column formating for a report. There, I'm using the item syntax: &P1_RENVOI. Problem is, when the report appear, only the first occurence of the value of item "P1_RENVOI" is in red for every field in that column.

Is this a normal feature or should all occurences be put in red?

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Application Express :: How To Highlight Entire Classic Report Column To Red

Sep 20, 2012

We have a requirement, to highlight an entire column of a classic report based on a query to red. So if the search of the report returns column1, column2 as the output. Column 2 (text) should be highlighted in red across all results rows.

In some forum responses, I see using some id format, one can try to highlight a single column in a row. Not sure how can this be done across the whole column of multiple rows.

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Application Express :: How To Put More Than Date Per Row On Calendar

Jun 11, 2013


I need to put the ITEM_NAME+'DEV', ITEM_NAME+'PROD', ITEM_NAME+'TESTING' on one calendar,

the calendar provided by APEX is supposed to ask one date per item, so how I can put more than a date per item?  So for example


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Application Express :: Removing Calendar Icon

Jan 7, 2013

is there any way I can remove calendar icon from date picker?

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Application Express :: How To Populate Date Picker Value In Calendar Region

Jul 2, 2012

I have a calendar region based on a simple query from a table which has date and name columns. The calendar type is monthly with 3 buttons - previous, today & next. It works perfectly.

I have added a date picker in a calendar region now. If i choose any date, the calendar month should be refreshed accordingly. Ie... by default it would show July 2012 month. When i choose the month as March 2012 in the date picker, it should show March month data.

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Application Express :: Where To Make Changes To Calendar Height / Width And Misc

Nov 13, 2013

Apex 4.2I have a page with a calendar on it. I have several issues with formatting the data within each cell. Currently, I use a substitution string to place the id in the calendar cell.

Clicking the id will link to another page. What I notice is that for each id on a calendar cell (or date), it lists them one under the other. Is there any way to list them side by side? Also, I need to make changes to the calendar cells. I would like to expand the width and the height, but am not sure where to do this.

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Application Express :: Default Time In Data Picker Calendar

Aug 3, 2012

I'm using one of the new Date/Time picker items in Apex 4.0.2. When the user clicks the Calendar image the Calendar is displayed with the current date and time. However I would like it to display by default the current date and a time of 1000hrs.

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Application Express :: Skill Builders Calendar Plugin When Using Session State Protection?

Jun 13, 2013

I have a calendar region using SkillBuilders plug-in. When click on an event, a modal page opens showing the event details and allowing the user to modify it. Recently, I enabled Session State Protection in my pages, so I changed my query in the calendar region to use the APEX_UTIL.PREPARE_URL function when generating the URL to edit the event. Now, when I click on an event, the URL looks like: [URL]....

p=34925:3:102130990572822::::P3_ID:41&cs=3DE8BFFE2FCA925B7716361D6ECFC546B If you notice the URL has & before the check-sum (cs), instead of just & and it is causing an error on my page. The reason is that the plug-in is escaping special characters. If I change the source of the plug-in to use this: 
l_url := l_column_value_list(6)(x); Instead of: 


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Application Express :: Refresh Previous Page With JQuery Or DOM?

Jul 30, 2013

1.) So I have a page, call it Page1. I do some 'not very important' things on this page, and then I use a dynamic action to open a new page, call it Page2.

2.) I do some other things on Page2, and then close it.

3.) It just so happens that when some things are changed on Page2, some things are changed on Page1.

4.) When I close Page2 I do not see those changes, because it needs to be refreshed or reloaded. So, I would like to be able to--from any page--reference this page and refresh it. I come from an object oriented language background.

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Application Express :: Force Report To Return To Top Of Page / Screen When Previous / Next Clicked?

Jan 10, 2013

We have several interactive reports setup and some of them can display more than one screen of data at a time, depending on the results returned.

All of the reports have prev/next pagination links at the top and bottom of the reports. For the longer reports, if you click prev/next at the bottom of the reprot, the prev/next page will display. But, you will still be at the bottom of the page/screen. Is there a way to force the report to return to the top of the page/screen when prev/next is clicked?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To See Today's Transactions

Sep 24, 2010

how to see for todays transactions in a database's Schema for example, in scott/tiger user.

To See All DML Operations carried out for current day with a single query, Insert,Update, Delete for the tables affected today.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Query To Show Only Transactions For Today

Sep 12, 2010

I need to create a report that will show all activity for the day that the report is run. The report will be run or auto-refreshed throughout the day. So, at 10am, 11am, 2pm, 4pm etc. I just need to display quantities received, shipped etc. for that same day. Since the report will not be run at a fixed time, I can't use sysdate - .5 for example.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Query To Get Last 7 Days Of Record From Today Date

Mar 13, 2013

I am trying to get the last 7 days of record from today date, this query runs every night and I always want the last 7 days. Example - today is 3/13/2013 so I want record from 3/7/2013 to 3/13/2013 and tomorrow it would be 3/8/2013 to 3/14/2013

Here is my query, dont mind the ****,$$$ or ####


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Forms :: Highlight A Particular Record

Sep 14, 2011

In a form which displays 10 record at one time. I want to highlight the highest salary. How do I determine and highlight the salary?
which trigger should I use ?

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Forms :: How To Highlight Record In A Block

Jun 9, 2011

As from the title can i high light some records in a data block? I am fetching almost 10 - 12 records in a datablock and it is working perfectly fine. but there are some records coming in the block which i want to make permanently red or dimmed just showing as they are black listed. is this possible?? or i have to try some other way??

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Forms :: Highlight Field Value With Blue Color

Jun 25, 2011

My requirement is, when ever cursor entered into a field, the value of the field will highlight with Blue color and text color will be white, if field is not empty. It the feature of oracle application.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Week On Particular Day According To Arabic Calendar

May 26, 2013

As my requirement is that to find week for particular date according to Arabic calender.As per Arabic calender first day for year starts from saturday.

so when i execute query :

select to_char(to_date('05/26/2013','MM/DD/RRRR'),'WW')
from dual;

Then it gives 21,but as per arabic calender it should show 22nd week.

getting result according to Arabic calender as it should return 22,because weak starts from saturday according to Arabic calender.

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Forms :: Calendar LOV Position (x / Y) On 6i

Aug 1, 2011

I have included a calender control in my form and its working fine.Now, my problem is how can I automatically place the calender next to the text-item (for example, "block.invdate")if the push button is pressed to call a calender.

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Forms :: How To Make A Calendar

Mar 4, 2003

I have read the messages below about making a calendar but am still unsure of how to go about doing this. I have the STNDRD20.OLB file, but I don't know where to put it or what to do with it! What comes next?

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Forms :: Make Calendar In Oracle 10g

Sep 15, 2011

I want to make calendar in oracle form 10g, but i don't know make it. How to do make calendar?

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Forms :: How To Create Calendar In Oracle

Aug 29, 2012

I desire to create pick my date of birth from the calendar. So I have done this. I am using oracle 6i Form developer. I have not find files 'standard' and 'calendar.pll' files anywhere.

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Forms :: Create Calendar In Oracle?

Jan 8, 2012

How can we create a calender in oracle forms.

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Application Express :: Pass Header Variable From OAM To Apex And Read It In Application?

Mar 4, 2013

We have integrated Oracle Access Manager 11gR1 with Oracle Apex 4.1. The OAM-Apex integration is working fine. Now we want an additional header variable to be passed from OAM to the Apex application. This new header variable will be user's sAMAccountName in Active Directory. OAM is integrated with AD and the AD users are successfully able to access the Apex applications.

The three header variables which are configure in OAM right now are:
Header variable name Value
1. OAM_REMOTE_USER $user.userid
2. OAM_REMOTE_USER_EMAIL $user.attr.mail
3. OAM_REMOTE_USER_GROUPS $user.groups

We need an additional header variable as mentioned below:
Header variable name: OAM_SAMACCOUNTNAME
Value: $user.attr.samaccountname

The new header variable was added in the OHS server's dads.conf file like shown below:
=========== dads.conf =============

But we are not able to read the value of this attribute in the Apex application.On the Apex application, we have a text box which shows the value of this header variable. This textbox is attached with the following stored procedure call to fetch the header variable:
:P1_HEADER_VALUE := owa_util.get_cgi_env( 'HTTP_OAM_SAMACCOUNTNAME' );

The textbox shows the correct value if HTTP_OAM_REMOTE_USER is passed to the get_cgi_env method but does not shows anything when HTTP_OAM_SAMACCOUNTNAME is passed to the same method. if I am missing some configuration to pass the HTTP_OAM_SAMACCOUNTNAME haeder variable from OAM to Apex.

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Application Express :: Multiple Application Setup Using Session Sharing Within Workspace

Jan 24, 2013

I have multiple application set-up using session sharing within the workspace.Technically all works fine, however it does not play nice with user behaviour.

Users logs into APP_ID:100. Since he isn't authenticated yet, he provides user/pass and the APP_SESSION is authenticated.
Now if the user switches using to another application (using a link provided in application 100) he gets redirect to APP_ID:101:APP_SESSION all is fine.

The session is already authenticated, the application shares the session and the user gains access to app 101 without having to authenticate again. All's fine!

However users don't behave they way. Instead of using an easy link in the application. They will use their own bookmark or type in the url for app 101 manually. That way the next application is either called with f?p=101:1:[SOME OLD SESSIONID FROM BOOMARK] or f?p=101 (with no further page or session info) In both cases instead of using the already authenticated session apex spawns a new session, which of course isn't authenticated yet thus forcing the user to authenticate and come complaining they have to login again.

Similar behaviour problems exists when the user opens a browser and tries to open both applications in each in a tab next to each other.Both tabs fetch there own initial session id and start writing it to the same cookie each in turn invalidating the other tab's session.These can lead to some fanatic ping pong actions. Thus it's impossible to open 2 applications sharing session in the same browser.

Is there any remedy for these situations?Can apex be as smart as for instance first trying to resume the session stored in the cookie and only if that session is invalid, start a new session?

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Application Express :: Get Checked Options Values Via Application Global Arrays?

Apr 26, 2013

how to use checkbox item, and trying to get checked options values via application global arrays. So, this may be quite simple question, but I'm completely stuck here...

When I was looking through various threads and guides, I've encountered checkbox corresponding array names like "g_f01" - "g_f50". And so far i saw that these names are derived from item name in generated HTML code, for example:

<input type="checkbox" name="*f10*" value="3" />

And this one stands for array name "g_*f10*".However, when I tried to do the same thing - i receive item name which looks like "*p_v04*", and therefore, I can't figure out, which array name should I choose to adress it properly.

My generated HTML snippet:

<input type="checkbox" id="P6_ANSWER_0" name="*p_v04*" value="3"/>

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Application Express :: Display List Of All Users On Page / Accessing Or Using Application

Mar 23, 2013

i want to display a list of all users on a page those currently accessing or using the application. How do i accomplish this requirement?

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Application Express :: Login Error 7621 - Determine Workspace For Application?

Jul 5, 2013

APEX 4.0 Sometimes, I am getting the below error when I tried to logging into APEX workspace (after giving workspace name, User name and password), Expecting p_company or wwv_flow_company cookie to contain security group id of application owner.

ErrorERR-7621 Could not determine workspace for application (:) on application accept. I found some threads related to this but in different way not exactly when I am getting this error. 

After 2 or 3 times, this error will not come and I can able to logging into workspace What is the cause for this issue?? 

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Application Express :: ORA-02291 / Constraint Wwv_flows_fk Violated While Application Import

Nov 4, 2013

Each time when I import an application into my workspace in local 10g XE using the APEX 4.2 Application Builder, I get the "ORA-02291, constraint wwv_flows_fk violated..". The application I whant to import  was originally exported from [URL]. I found out, that it has to to with wwv_flow_application_install.get_workspace_id in the installation script, which obviously returns NULL and not my current workspace id as I suppose it should. I replaced wwv_flow_application_install.get_workspace_id by '<my worskspace id>' and then the import does work. 

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Application Express :: Application Locking - Force Logout All Current Users And Prevent Login

Jun 12, 2012

I have an application that I'd like to prevent activity in after a certain time of day, say 3pm. Is there any way I can force logout of all current users and then prevent re-login until 9am the next day (short of deleting all of their login credentials and then recreating them the next morning)?

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