Forms :: Webutil 1.0.6 In 10g Opens Blank Page

Jul 8, 2009

I have developed a form which has webutil objects in it, and it is working fine on my local machine. When I deploy my form to my application server it opens up a blank page. I have configured the webutils in the app server as per the document and made entries into formsweb.cfg regarding frmwebutil.jar,jacob.jar. Does the dev suite need to be installed in the server for the webutils to run properly?

Also I watched my java console as I opened my form and I am pasting the contents below:
Loading frmwebutil.jar from JAR cache
Loading jacob.jar from JAR cache
connectMode=HTTP, native.
Forms Applet version is :

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Enterprise Manager :: OEM Login Page Spins And Never Opens?

Mar 30, 2011

I have a RAC cluster with several databases on it. One of my DB's, when starting the OEM in Internet Explorer, will never open the HOME page. I get the login page, and enter sys/password > SYSDBA. The progress bar on the bottom of browser will slowly move for a period of time, then I get the infamous 404 screen. dbconsole IS started...even stopped and restarted....

Thinking I need to drop and recreate the OEM repository using emca....have the commands to use oin a standalone world, but need some pointers for RAC world.

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Application Express :: JQuery Mobile - Popup Only Opens After F5 / But Not On First Page-load

Feb 12, 2013

how to combine APEX 4.2 with jquery mobile componentsOn one page with a hole bunch of components there is also a popup-div<div id="myPopup" data-role="popup">

 <!-- close button, safe button, input field and short list... -->
</div>It gets opened with js:  $( "#myPopup" ).popup( "open" );

This all works fine, besides the face that it only works after refreshing the page! The page gets loaded via js:    $.mobile.changePage('f?p='+ $v('pFlowId') +':20:' + $v('pInstance') { transition:"slide", reloadPage:true });...

which also works fine so far. That same problem I had before when I was using a dialog instead of the popup. - only showing after refreshing the page.

This certainly must have something to do with how JQM loads and renders the page (besides the APEX-job) - a rather basic issue. I have also tried different ways of calling the page, with no difference to that problem.

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Application Express :: Upgrading To 4.2 On XE 11.2  / Blank Login-Page

Oct 24, 2012

I installed APEX 4.2 over XE 11.2

The Installation process succeeded.I Used the Installation Guide -> and followed the steps from chapter 3...My problem after the Apex-Upgrade ->

The page URL.... is blank, or say it better, ... there is nothing visible on that page (no Login-Form)The original GetStarted page from XE Database -> URL.... shows an Error Error Error processing request.ORA-01403: no data found

I can post the sourcecode from the "blank" HTML-Page...

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Application Express Listener :: Page Is Blank And Freezed

Jan 15, 2013

Problem is that page is blank and freezed. After another enter in URL page is shown normally.What I find out is that "freeze" happened only in Apex design time ... never in runtime of any of mine app.

Mine conf:
Apex 4.2.1 on
Apex Listener standalone
Oracle 11.2.03 x64
Windows 2008 SE R2 x64

C:UsersDamirV>java -version
java version "1.6.0_34"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_34-b04)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.9-b04, mixed mode)error log:
D:UsersdamirvDesktopApexApex-Misc>set ORACLE_HOME=c:oracleproduct11.2.0dbhome_1

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Application Express Listener :: When Click On Add File It Display A Blank Page?

Nov 10, 2012

My configuration is
APEX 4.2 on Windows XP with APEX Listnere on Glassfish 3.1.2 Open Source Server Edition.
The database is 11G XE

Let me explain the scenario which is not working.A Modal region which is having a file browse item based on WWV_FLOW_FILES and a button called add file.

When I click on add file it display a blank page and in the URL I could see [URL]...But actually it inserted file in the table.

I have put wwv_flow* in Listener Configuration for allowed procedures.I have another page where I have a page item which is based on BLOB column specified in item source attribute. And that is inserting file and displaying the pages correctly.

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Forms :: Configure Webutil For Use With 11g?

Jun 14, 2010

have a link to install/configure webutil for use with Forms 11g?

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Forms :: Configure Webutil In 10g?

Aug 3, 2012

how configure webutil in forms 10g. send me all the doc related to this.

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Forms :: Message From Webutil?

Apr 3, 2012

I'm migrating some forms from 6i to 9i and one of them has to use the webutil library, but when I execute the form in the IE, a message appear and I don't know from where because I haven't made it. The message say: "Confirme el mensaje" This is a print of the message,

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Forms :: Progress Bar In Webutil

Mar 13, 2010

I have challenge to do progress bar

i have simple form has one database block tabular used to upload files by webutil procedures

my question is there build_in progress bar that special for uploading could be used by webutil ?

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Forms :: Delay When Loading With Webutil?

Jun 22, 2012

we have a problem with forms containing webutil - they start very slow, after like a timeout, while forms without start ok. since i think it has something to do with name resolution i'll first describe our environment.

we have an external net with users, ip range 10.48.x.x, connected to a cisco router which is resolved in that network with the name 'cro'. so the users from that external net access us via 'http: //cro/.....'.

behind that router we have our production net, ip range 192.168.x.x, with forms-, reports- and http-servers. external users accessing our forms server will have to klick a link "http: //cro:8888/forms......'. that way they acces the cisco router which, depending on the port (here 8888) will NAT them to the correct forms server, say http: //forms1:7778/forms....' - up to here everything works well and fast with 'normal' forms (eg. without webutil).

forms *with* webutil on the other hand take like 30-60 seconds to load from that external net (via the router) while they load fast when called from a test-client in the internal 192.168.x.x net. after searching i found [URL] with a hint to alter the clients hosts file.

what i've found out so far is that the clients from the external 10.18.x.x net try to name resolve the *forms servers* in the internal net 192.168.x.x - i can cheat them by providing a fake hosts file which resolves the server named forms1 to the ip of the cisco router cro, but thats a temporarily and bad solution since i cant do that to real clients because i have no access to them.

so... how can i tell a webutil loaded form not to try to connect to the server they are started from (forms1) but to use the host they have been given to start from (cro)? or is there any other solution (which ofc cant include fiddling with the external net or external clients)?

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Forms :: How To Use AS_TO_CLIENT Webutil Function

Nov 3, 2009

how to use the AS_TO_CLIENT webutil function? The WebUtil User's Guide doesn't give examples. It just gives a description of what the function does:

Quote:AS_To_Client Transfers a file from the application server to the client. The webutil.cfg parameter transfer.appsrv.enabled must be set to true to use this function, and if the transfer.appsrv.accessControl parameter is also set to true, the upload target directory must be listed in the list. It is sensible to call the WebUtil_File_Transfer_IsASReadable function with the target filename before starting the download to ensure that you will be able to read from this location on the application server.

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Forms :: Webutil Not Working In Solaris

May 9, 2011

i have insert image using webutil (oracle forms 10g) to database in windows o.s. it was successful. but when i have tried it in solaris o.s. . It is not working in linux how to do it in solaris o.s. when i am clicking on the browse button it is showing pl/sql error how to solve it.

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Forms :: WebUtil And Jacob Settings In AIX Server

Sep 21, 2010

I am using forms 10G. I have done the setting for webUtil and Jacob in my pc for browse button to be work and it is working fine .I am sending you the attachment ,which i followed for the configuration in my PC.

But can any one please tell me the steps for implement these things in AIX server so that everyone can use my form .I mean how to configure this to utility Webutil and Jacob in AIX server .

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Forms :: Configured Webutil For OAS On Oracle EBS R12 Linux 64?

May 1, 2010

I have configured and tested the webutil in Windows Operating System and worked perfect, Now i am trying to deploy customized form to EBS R12 that using webutil, and after making same configuration which has done before, i got compilation error.

Form is very simple(Just button with following pl/sql code)
show_webutil_information (TRUE);
Erro is: "FRM-40039: Cannot attach library WEBUTIL while opening form XXR12_DEMO.fmb"

webutil configuration steps on R12 or the error solution,

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Forms :: Read A Range Of Excel By Webutil?

May 7, 2012

I want to read a range of excel by webutil in oracle form. I use command:

ole2_client.get_obj_property(worksheet, 'Range', args);

I want to know a list property of an OLE2 Automation Object?

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Forms :: Uploading An Excel File Using Webutil In AIX

Apr 18, 2013

When i am uploading data in an excel file to my Forms(Windows) the screen works fine but when i am uploading the same excel file to my forms in AIX(Where the application is running) the data is uploaded with decimal points.

The field is a char type and no format mask is set.

E.g. :
Actual data: In Form(Windows) In Form (AIX)
4080026 4080026 4080026.0

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Forms :: WUT-113 - Too Many Rows Error Using Webutil To Upload Doc Or PDF

Jun 1, 2010

I'm new to using Webutil to upload and view files and am receiving the error msg 'WUT-113 Too many rows matched the supplied where clause' The process works fine for uploading photos but not when I try and upload documents and pdf files.

The code example (for documents) is outlined below but think that the issue must be to do with some sort of incorrect Webutil configuration on my machine.

vfilename varchar2(3000);
vboolean boolean;


The :blob_id column is populated on the form with the when-create-record trigger. Why is the program at time of upload to the db saying that more than 1 row is being written to the db table?

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Forms :: WebUtil Host Bean Not Found

Jul 22, 2010

I have configues Webutil in Application Server and i am using Client_host to open imageviewer .. but when running the form it gives me error "Orace. bean not found Webuti_host.execute will not work" i have done the following configuration for webutil

File frmwebutil.jar
From folder: webutil_106webutil_106java To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

File: jacob.jar
From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

File: d2kwut60.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll
From folder: webutil_106webutil_106webutil To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

File: jacob.dll
From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

Configuring Database:

1. Connect as Scott or your User

2. Run the script $ORACLE_HOME/forms/create_webutil_db.sql using SQLPLUS or any tool.

Setting up Form Builder:

1. Open Form builder Connect with SCOTT and in PL/SQL libraries open Webutil.pll file
2. File > Save as and Rename the file to different name e.g WebUtil_lib
(Trust me it works to avoid Webutil not found error)
3. Compile the new PLL file and generate it
4. Attached the new named Webutil_lib.pll to your form with Remove Path option YES.
5. Open WebUtil.olb file Object group in builder and copy or subclass it into your form.
6. Now compile your form and run it.

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Jul 19, 2010

I have configured webutil correctly according to its pdf instructions, i run the form-utility which checks wether I configured webutil correctly or not(i found it in metalink) and everything seems to be ok. Webutil runs great in Internet Explorer but I keep receiving the following error in MOZILLA and CHROME:

oracle.forms.webutil.fileTranfer.FileTransfer bean not found. WEBUTIL_FILE_TRANSFER.getMaxTransfer will not work.

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Forms :: WebUtil.cfg DLLs Fail To Download

Jul 14, 2011

I have set up a number of other developers on the team, using the same configuration setup which performs without error. We have the ORCALE Forms on our local PC, and have been testing them successfully.

We are using Forms Version, Oracle Database 10g Release, OS is Windows XP Pro SP3

We are currently using JInitiator, but will be using the Java plug in in a later release of our code. I have been making code modifications and testing for a number of months on the PC. To log into our application the dlls must first be downloaded onto the client PC from the web server. Tuesday morning a problem occured. I had modified the to get the DLLs to download again in assisting another developer in researching a problem he was having. Now the three files jacob.dll, d2kwut60.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll fail to download at all, causing an error almost from the start in the application. The download dialog box does not display for these nor are they found then in the or JInitiator directory.

The user DLL's dds_lFileUtil.dll, dds_lcac.dll, DDS_lExtProc.dll download successfully, but the fails to update for the third dll, causing the missing dll to continue to download upon each time the application starts. This is evident from the download dialog box being visible, and the dll being found in the JInitiator directory.

I have read that you should be able to copy the DLL to the correct directory (JInitiator directory) and manually update the and then the functionality should work. However this is not true for us, the functionality still fails to log in successfully.

I included the WebUtil file below with commented lines removed for ease of reading. The formsweb.cfg is pointing to the env which points to the WebUtil.cfg correctly.

We are administrators on our PC's.

The questions:
1) Why are jacob.dll, d2kwut60.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll failing to download?
2) Why is the third file not being written to the

# ----------------------------------------------------------
# webutil.cfg - WebUtil configuration file
# ----------------------------------------------------------

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

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Forms :: Icons Not Appearing In 10g After Webutil Configuration On OAS

Mar 5, 2012

I want to open word document on client machine and to do this I have configured webutil and Its working fine. before configure the webutil icons are appearing on forms and after webutil icons are disappeared I have found that when I comment


icons appears but word document not open and the following error shows

oracle.forms.webutil.ole. Ole functions beans not found
CLIENT_OLE2.Create_Obj will not work.

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Forms :: Using Webutil To Get IP Address On Form Load

Feb 12, 2008

My requirement is to show the ip address of the client after he has logged in.

I tried putting the code in when-new-form-instance .. but it returns null. I think the webutil objects are not yet loaded in when the when-new-form-instance is fired. If I put the same code in a push button , I am able to get the IP address. Actually for test purpose I am displaying the IP in a message.

Message ('Client IP add '|| webutil_clientinfo.get_ip_address);

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Forms :: Uploading Excel File Using Webutil In AIX

May 28, 2013

When i am uploading data in an excel file to my Forms(Windows) the screen works fine . But when i am uploading the same excel file to my forms in AIX(Where the application is running) the data is wrongly uploaded . The field is a number type and no format mask is set.

E.g. :
Actual data:---------- In Form(Windows)------In Form (AIX)
3101513480750030000 3101513480750030000 3101513480750029800

I am using below code to copy the value

cell_value :=Client_OLE2.get_num_property(cell, 'Value');

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Forms :: Configured Formsweb - Webutil Error?

Nov 24, 2011

We have configured formsweb with webutil. When we run the application and try to use webutil file operations the file open dialogue box is coming, but when we press ok, it is showing error. and we have found that error is

WUC-15 [FileFunctions.fopen()] Unexpected error, Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException

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Forms :: How To Get Domain Name Using Webutil From 10g And Oracle Application Server Name

Apr 29, 2010

How can i get my domain name using webutil. from forms 10g.

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Forms :: Webutil File Transfer Directory Listing

May 25, 2010

Is there anyway to get a listing of the files in a specified directory on an ftp server using webutil?

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Forms :: Get Client IP Address And Machine Name In Oracle 10g Without Webutil

Sep 26, 2013

How can we get client ip address and machine name in oralce forms 10g without webutil.

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Forms :: Webutil - File Functions Bean Not Found

Dec 21, 2011

I got this message but i dont no what i can do. I finish setup webutil success but when i try to use it i got this message

oracle.forms.webutil.file.File Functions bean not found. WEBUTIL_FILE.FILE_SELECTION_DIALOG_INT will not work.

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Forms :: Blank Line Getting Generated On Save Button

May 31, 2013

I am working on Oracle forms 6i. I am getting a problem when I am trying to save the value in the form.

Well the scenario is like this:

I have got a multi record block. In that block there are two items jobno and inoivce no. Both the items have an LOV attached to them giving jobnos and invoice nos respectively.

This is on the '*ORIGINAL_BLOCK*'.

The problem perists with the jobno field. In the LOV for jobno, the 'column mapping properties' property, the return item section has original_block.jobno as the value. The code to fetch the details about the jobno (like vendor no,vendor site,invoice no etc) has been written on the When-Validate-Item trigger. I am also updating the WHO colums(like created by,created date,last upated by, last update date) on the Pre-Insert trigger at the block level. This whole thing of fetching the records is working fine. But when I simply press the save button an extra blank line gets generated on the form as well as at back end with jobno like this:

Sr.noJOBNO vendor_no vendor_name invoice_noinvoice_date
1 123 37456 abc 4564565 26-APR-2013 --- correct entry
2 123 8574 xyz 645656 26-JAN-2013 --- correct entry
3 123 --- --- --- --- unrequired blank entry

A same jobno can have multiple number of invoices. So the lines getting generated are - number of lines + 1(unrequired entry).As in the above scenario there are only 2 invoices for the same job and a third unrequired entry getting generated. If there are 3 invoices I get 4 lines (3 required + 1 unrequired blank entry).

So to solve this issue I added a button 'Add JOB'. I took another '*NEW_BLOCK*',designed another canvas and and added an item on it containing a dummy jobno field and attached an LOV to that item. Then the same When-Validate-Trigger to that item fetching the details. so when I press the button 'Add JOB' using show_canvas and go_item(dummy_job_item) I navigate to that new canvas, select the jobno there from LOV, fetch the details. Now I wrote execute_query on KEY-EXIT of the NEW_BLOCK so that whatever are the fetched details, they would go on the ORIGINAL_BLOCK.jobno and respective details in resp fields. But this did not work.So I wrote execute_query on the When-New-Block-Instance of the ORIGINAL_BLOCK and it worked.

But now what is happening is when I open the form once again after closing the form, all the back end data is appearing on the form i.e. when I open a new form session every time. But I want the form to be clear with no entries displayed whenever I open the form. I understand the question is lengthy and tricky.

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