Forms :: Copy Files From One Location To Another In 6i

Sep 9, 2008

I want to copy files from one location to another in forms6i on when button pressed.i m using the following code.

cpf_source VARCHAR2(500) := 'c: est.txt';
cpf_target VARCHAR2(500) := 'c:data';

But i press the button it generates FRM-40734,

internal Error : PL/SQL error occurred.

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Forms :: Data Copy Into Other Location On Daily Basis

May 22, 2010

I need any good suggestion basically I have two different location

1- Factory
2- Head office

I have developed PRODUCTION module in factory and it is working fine and now I want to send data on daily basis to head office therefore I develop a form which will create backup in export format (.dmp) then user will send via email to head office.

Backup file should be save in pre-defined location then user will use a form which I developed for loading data into head office there are two different buttons in this form;

First is used to load data, actually first I load data in a temporary user which creates whenever user will press this button. Second is used to copy data in application user but first it checks if data exists then update otherwise insert.

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Backup & Recovery :: Copy Database To New Location

May 21, 2011

i have one database name tom on my one pc its name is rose1 now i have to place this my tom database to on my another pc its name is rose2.
i do not want to use rman.

How can i place this tom database from rose1 pc to rose2 pc and my this tom database is in archive mode and my this tom database is in rose1 pc and my rose1 os is windows xp 32bit and i want to transfer this database to on my rose2 pc and the os of rose2 pc is windows 7 64 bit.

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Moving Trace Files To Archive Location?

Aug 20, 2012

I am using Oracle RAC 11gR2.I am planing to move my old trace files to an archive location.

I have the below questions concerning the users and groups used by Oracle RAC when moving the trace files.It is related to the permissions but it is about oracle behavior.

The trace files of database (oracle user) are created as below:

284 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin     283571 Aug 20 18:08 PPRD1_mmon_13893716.trc
   4 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin        125 Aug 20 18:10 PPRD1_gcr0_11730998.trm
   4 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin       2833 Aug 20 18:10 PPRD1_gcr0_11730998.trc
580 -rw-r-----    1 oracle   asmadmin     588489 Aug 20 18:12 PPRD1_lmhb_15859792.trm


when moving the files using the oracle user it will be created as oracle:oinstall and not oracle:asmadmin since asmadmin is not a group of the oracle user.

1. How oracle created my trace and log files with permission oracle:asmadmin?

2. How should I move these files? I moved it using the Oracle user and it was created as oracle:oinstall with Operating system error "unable to duplicate owner and mode after move"

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Write PL/Sql Stored Procedure To Move Files From One Location To Another?

May 17, 2007

I need to write a PL/Sql stored procedure to move files from one location to another. I need to move files that are older than 30 days. Is there any Oracle package I can use to move the files on the basis of its creation date.

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Backup & Recovery :: Data Files Backed Up To FRA Instead Of Specified Location?

Jun 24, 2013

I am trying to backup my entire database's files :

[oracle@testing-oracle-1 ~]$ rman target /
Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Mon Jun 24 16:09:54 2013
Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
connected to target database: ORCL (DBID=1341263457)
RMAN> list backup;

using target database control file instead of recovery catalog specification does not match any backup in the repository

new RMAN configuration parameters:
new RMAN configuration parameters are successfully stored
FOR DEVICE TYPE DISK TO '/u01/app/oracle/backupsets/control_files/cf_%F.BCKP';2>


I see that a backup set was created to "/u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/ORCL/backupset/2013_06_24/" , in spite of my specification.

So I asked RMAN to list all the backups I have:

RMAN> list backup;

List of Backup Sets
BS Key Size Device Type Elapsed Time Completion Time
------- ---------- ----------- ------------ ---------------
1 41.14M DISK 00:00:00 24-JUN-13
BP Key: 1 Status: AVAILABLE Compressed: NO Tag: TAG20130624T161025
Piece Name: /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/818957425_1_%r.BCKP


Here I see that 4 backup sets have been created.The backup sets 1 & 3 containing the archived redo logs (818957425_1_%r.BCKP and 818957451_3_%r.BCKP) are placed as I wanted in /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/ dir.

The file containing the Control File and Spfile (cf_c-1341263457-20130624-00.BCKP) is placed as I wanted in /u01/app/oracle/backupsets/control_files/ dir.However, The backup set file containing the data files(o1_mf_nnnd0_TAG20130624T161026_8wjkb2tg_.bkp) is placed under the directory /u01/app/oracle/flash_recovery_area/ORCL/backupset/2013_06_24/ ,and I don't understand why.

When I backup my database without the archived redo logs - it is saved correctly:

RMAN> delete backup;
using channel ORA_DISK_1
List of Backup Pieces
BP Key BS Key Pc# Cp# Status Device Type Piece Name


1. Why aren't my data files backed up to the location I specified when I backup using PLUS ARCHIVELOG syntax?

2. Why are my redo logs saved to two different backup sets and not just one?

3. Is there a way to combine backup of all files (data files, control file, spfile, redo logs & arch redo's) in one backup set, one file?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Copy Some Archivelog Files Between 2 Database Server

Sep 27, 2011

I wanted to copy some archive log files between 2 DB Server.Steps:

1) Edited the Local and Remote DB's TNSNAMES file and modifyied like below.

bookstore =

2) Created a Source Directory --> DR1
3) Created a Target Directory --> DR2
4) Created a DB Link
CREATE DATABASE LINK LINK1 CONNECT TO <username of the Remote DB> IDENTIFIED BY <Password> USING '<Remote DB Name taken in the TNSFILE>.
5) In the Local Server I had written the below command.

create or replace procedure proc1 is
cursor c1 is select recid,substr(name,37) "ARCH_FILE" from v$archived_log;
var1 c1%rowtype;
open c1;
fetch c1 into var1;

It is working, but not coping the Files from Local To the Remote.

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Server Administration :: Copy Many Files From ASM To FileSystem

May 1, 2013

I have got backup pieces in ASM, I guess about more than 100 files. Now, I need to copy all of them from ASM to FileSystem, there are 2 methods still now:

1- Copy from ASM to FileSystem using cp command.
2- Copy from ASM to FileSystem using DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER.


In the first method, when I copy one file, I took more than 1 minute, so the following script would take me more than 1 days (I guess so).

# This script copies files from FRA on ASM to local disk
ASMLS=/vasgatedb/app/vsgbkp/asm_ls.txt ##{ASM files list}


The second method, DBMS_FILE_TRANSFER took me less than 1 second to copy one file completely.

sys@VSGDB> set timing on
sys@VSGDB> exec dbms_file_transfer.COPY_FILE('asm_dir','level_0_vsgdb_9998_813844797.bkp','fs_dir','level_0_vsgdb_9998_813844797.bkp');

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Elapsed: 00:00:00.38

Of course, I wish I used the second method as soon as possible, however, said I below, I've got about ~200 files, and I could not copy one by one file.

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JDeveloper, Java & XML :: Copy Files Into System Directory?

Mar 15, 2011

I am on a font manager project. One of the features is to install the new font file. My understanding by "install" is to copy the file to the system directory Windows/fonts (correct me if I am wrong in this part). When I tried to use the java copy file api to do so, not surprisingly I got the access denied exception.

1. How can I do a "force-copy" of file into the system directory?

2. If that's not proper way, how can I create a "shortcut" like a softlink of the file into the system directory?

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RAC/ASM Clusterware Installation :: How To Copy ASM Files On Host Filesystem

Oct 15, 2013

There is a question come up in my mind that can we perform the copy/delete/move of ASM files to the host filesystem while the ASM instance is down. For instance... To copy the file ASM file through AMCMD utility when the ASM instance is running.

ASMCMD> cp spfilenode.ora /u01copying +DATA/NODE/spfilenode.ora -> /u01/spfilenode.ora 

Now my question is, Can I copy/delete/move that file on OS filesystems when the ASM instance is down.

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Backup & Recovery :: Changing Location Of Data And Temp Files From Auto-backup Of Control-file?

Jan 26, 2012

I have an oracle autoback of controlfile and spfile. I am trying to restore the production database using this backup, into a new server with a different directory structure.

I have completed the following steps in the restore process.

1. Creating a pfile from spfile

2. Changing the the location of cdump, udump, bdump and the control files ( there are three )

3. Then creating a spfile from this pfile

I am stuck on the next step where to rename all the datafiles and tempfile and restore the database. Following is what I did.

After mounting the database in RMAN, tried to run the following.

RMAN> run
2> {
3> allocate channel c1 device type disk
4> ;
5> @/home/oracle/rman_scripts/newloc.rman
6> SET NEWNAME FOR DATAFILE 1 TO '/u02/oradata/dorian/system01.dbf';
7> SET NEWNAME FOR DATAFILE 2 TO '/u02/oradata/dorian/undotbs01.dbf';
8> SET NEWNAME FOR DATAFILE 3 TO '/u02/oradata/dorian/sysaux01.dbf';
9> SET NEWNAME FOR DATAFILE 4 TO '/u02/oradata/dorian/users01.dbf';


I am getting the following error message.

Starting restore at 25-JAN-2012 21:26:48
released channel: c1
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 01/25/2012 21:26:49
RMAN-06026: some targets not found - aborting restore
RMAN-06100: no channel to restore a backup or copy of datafile 30
RMAN-06100: no channel to restore a backup or copy of datafile 29
RMAN-06100: no channel to restore a backup or copy of datafile 28


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Impdp Speed Differ From Location To Location

Oct 4, 2013

We have taken export expdp backup from prod database (primary database- Data Guard).

1.) Import impdp is very slow 10GB/Hrs on staging database (Data Guard MAXIMUM AVAILBILITY)Since Server configuration, database version and configuration, operating system everything are same as production. No blocking, locking or waiting sessions

2.)import impdp is fast 90GB/Hrs on Test standalone database and this test database is running in NOARCHIVE LOG mode with oracle standard version after that no more difference.

CPU,Memory,network and disk I/O are look normal while importing on both databases.why that much difference on import.

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Forms :: Location And Save Button

Apr 25, 2012

I have a master-detail form on which i have 2 buttons. save button and another location button in detail.on location button i am calling a form and updating location of the material entered in detail(tabular).

The thing is my form should not get save without updating location for each record entered in detail(tabular).if user try to save form without updating or pressing location button it should give message PLEASE UPDATE YOUR LOCATION.

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Forms :: Get Block Name From Cursor Focus Location?

Jul 27, 2010

I have a delete button at the bottom of the form and have two blocks on top of it. I need to know which block i have the focus on or selected the record on pressing the delete button so that I go to that block and do a delete_record from that block. I came across :system.trigger_block which says it gives the name of the block where the cursor was located when the current trigger initially fired. But whenever i use it only returns the name of the block the delete button is located in. Instead i wanted to know where the focus of the cursor was or which record was selected in the above 2 blocks to go to that block and delete the record.

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Difference Between (ocrconfig -export Location) And (ocrconfig -manualbackup Location)?

Aug 13, 2013

what is difference between "ocrconfig -export location" and "ocrconfig -manualbackup location"

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Forms :: Oracle 6i For Windows 7 64 Bit / Can't Find Exact Location From Google

Sep 20, 2012

i want to download form 6i and report 6i for window 7 64bit. from where i can download it. i can't find exact location from google.

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Forms :: Concatenate Or Copy Value On Enter Or WVI

May 27, 2013

I have three database fields on my form , field_1 , field_2 and field_3 , user will enter the data in field_1 , and sometime he may not enter in field_2 ,

I want to bring the value of field_1 as it is into field_3 if he does not enter anything in field_2, if he enters the data in field_2 , then field_1 will get concatenated with field_2 and gets copied into field_3.Is there a way to do this automatically at form level using a trigger when-validate-item.In short this should be done after user presses the enter key on field_2.

create table ot_Sale_code_head ( sale_code varchar2(12),code1 varchar2(6),code2 varchar(6),code3 varchar2(12));
insert into ot_Sale_code_head ('A','01.01',NULL,NULL);
--inserted record in form will be 'A','01.01',NULL,'01.01'
insert into ot_Sale_code_head ('B','01.01','PS-P',NULL);
--inserted record in form will be 'B','01.01','PS-P','01.01.PS-P'

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Forms :: To Copy Data From One Datablock To Another

Jun 18, 2012

I am developing an application for making the travel entries for my organization employees.

For that purpose I have 3 datablocks named:
1) Travel header
2) Employee Detail
3) Travel Detail
which are interlinked through constraints.

I want to give 2 options ie. either single booking entry or Group booking entry.

The form is working properly for single booking entry. But when I want to make a group booking wherein many employees have to travel between common locations I have to fill all the travel details again for all employees. I want to avoid that since it wont give a feasibility for this application. I can copy the travel details I have entered for the 1st employee. I am uploading the form layout.

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Forms :: Storing A Value In Copy BUFFER

Aug 25, 2013

is there any method to store a value in "copy buffer" ?

I mean, for example, if i have defined a global varaiable as := 'orafaq';

Then what i need is a command something like:

windows_copy_buffer := ;

So that later on when i press control+v, then it paste the word "orafaq".

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Forms :: Copy Val Of Previews Item Into Next?

May 27, 2013

i have block display no of item of the field is i want when i create new record the previews time should be auto copy into new item....

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Forms :: Data Block- Copy Value From Item

Aug 27, 2013

I have control block. In which user enters two values. Next is data block in which two items have property 'copy value from item' set to 'control block.item1' and 'control block.item2' resp. If thees items are made database items then in execute query will they be sent as parameters in addition to default where clause? if I check last query then query does not hv these parameters but the records returned are already filtered by control block items.

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Forms :: How To Copy Image From One Folder To Another Using Oracle 6i

Oct 12, 2013

I want to copy image/pdf/doc file from one folder to another folder. For that I use following code but its not working.

v_path VARCHAR2 := 'C:ESMIMAGE';
HOST ('COPY '||v_path||'admin.jpg '||v_path||'BE2013', NO_SCREEN);

I want to copy admin image from 'C:ESMIMAGE' to 'C:ESMIMAGEBE2013'.

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Forms :: How To Copy Multi-record Block Into Another

May 18, 2010

I have two block namely block-A, Block -B

Block A data queried from a view (it have 10 columns).

Block b (it have 5 columns all columns are same in block A column)

When i query of block - A i have to receive the same copy in Block B too.

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Forms :: Copy Selected Records To Another Block?

Mar 6, 2012

I have 2 blocks, namely addsubject3rd and chosensubjects. I'm copying the selected records(this comes with checkboxes) from the 1st block to the second block. But what happened is that it copied all the records that are on the addsubject3rd. How can I copy only selected records(checkboxes) from addsubject3rd block to chosensubjects blocks?

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Forms :: One Drop Down List Box From Which Want To Do Add Or Copy Values

Oct 28, 2013

I have one drop down list box from which i want to do add or copy the values chosen from the list to another text box and then using this copied values ,i will pass them as parameters to run report.This list is getting populated using recordgroup and then what ever user chooses , it will be added to the another text box with space or delimiter.

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Forms Host Command Cannot Copy To Network Drive

Oct 3, 2013

I am using the HOST command within Oracle Forms 10g on Windows server to copy a pdf file from the application server to a network folder on another Windows server.

The command works fine if I logon to Windows app server and type it. But it doesn't work when it is launched within Oracle forms using HOST. The command looks as follow

net use \\FileServer\e-file /user:usergroup\username password & copy D:\RepTmp\myReport.pdf \\FileServer\e-file\test\myReport.pdf

Oracle forms doesn't give any error message at all but the pdf file never gets there. Even when I map the network folder as "R:" drive on the Windows app server, a simple copy command like this does not work with HOST:

copy D:\RepTmp\myReport.pdf r:\test\myReport.pdf

Oracle Forms server is running as "SYSTEM" on the Windows server. If HOST won't work, is there any other way to copy the file other than using fpt?

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Forms :: Copy Rows From Excel And Paste In 6i Program?

Sep 28, 2007

I want to copy some rows in one column from Excel and Paste it in a Oracle Forms Progam. Normaly with the clipboard. But my Oracle Forms 6i Program copy alle the rows in one Field, separated with a | character. But I need it in several rows.

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Forms :: Copy Values Of Two Columns Of First Data Block To Other?

Mar 7, 2012

I am working on a form having three data blocks
Travel_Inconvineance (Master)
TI_Card_Info (Detail)
TI_Limit_Indemnity (Detail)

On working TI_Card_Info i have 2 columns Plastic_Card_Id and Plastic_Card_Type which i want to be paste on TI_limit_Indemnity data block as i enter in TI_Card_Info.

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Forms :: Customizing A Standard Form To Allow User To Copy Values

Dec 18, 2012

I am customizing a standard form to allow user to copy values. It works fine when I open the form, query a record and hit copy. But if I copy something to the clipboard from the records before I hit copy button, the form behaves differently and throw errors. Can I do something before the copy procedure work to eliminate this error?

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Forms :: How To Copy Values From One Table To Another Using When-Button-Pressed Trigger

Feb 14, 2013

I have two tables one is

1)create table abc(c_name varchar2(10),c_number number(6),c_loc varchar2(8)); --having values
2)create table temp(sname varchar2(10),sid number(4),address varchar2(10));---no having

and my question is how to insert a values into temp using when-button-pressed trigger based on abc table in oracle form.

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