Windows :: How To Set Host Credential

Jun 3, 2011

I am using windows 7 as my platform...I am not able to set host credential in my system. I want to know how to set host credential in windows 7.

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Installation :: Oracle 11g On Windows XP - Credential Retrieval Failed Error

Aug 9, 2012

I am getting error while installing Oracle 11g on windows xp. Ora --12638: Credential Retrieval failed error. I understand that some people have got that error after the installation( Changing SQL.Net file).

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Windows :: Tool To Monitor Oracle Host And Services?

Jun 29, 2010

What tool can be used to monitor Oracle host on Windows environment if the database goes down? I know about "Nagios" but like to know is there any other tool available?

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Application Express :: Login User With Database Credential - Seen As APEX_PUBLIC_USER

Mar 29, 2013

I'm using Application Express

In the application, the authentication method used is the DB one, so the user (schema) must exist on the DB. This works fine.

For instance, I'm login as SCOTT

Creating the following query select upper(user) from dualshows that the real logged user is APEX_PUBLIC_USER and npot SCOTT.

How to create a connection with another "real" username ?

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Two SIDs On One Host With Same Name

Oct 29, 2010

We are going to test migration of g10 to g11. To reduce maintenance of configuration we want to install new Oracle on the same server and start on the same port with the same SID. To achieve that we are going to configure new Oracle on different IP and hostname (managed by DNS, whatever). So listener will be configured like for different servers with identical SIDs.

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Duplicate Database To Another Host

Mar 10, 2013

I will be duplicating my production database back to a few weeks ago on my test server, to retrieve certain data. I am running 11g standard edition, not using a recovery catalog.

Below are the basic steps I plan to take in a nutshell.

1. Copy the backup files to the test system

2. In the rman run block (on the test server)
A. Set newname for each of the datafiles and tempfiles (don't have many files)
B. Duplicate command to point in time, specifying backup location and no filename check.

3. Export the data

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SQL & PL/SQL :: QUERY - Host Name And Max Logon Day?

Oct 27, 2010

I want to host name and max logon day from the below query But host name not belongs to start with 'IRS%' and 'EMEAUKIMIV00023828'.

My question is How to handle the backslash in oracle 8i and also check the below query is ok or not,

select host, max(logon_day) from (
select host,logon_day from system.stats$user_log
where host not like 'IRS%'
AND not in ('EMEAUKIMIV00023828'))
group by host;

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Bind And Host Variables

Dec 22, 2011

i have some confusion with bind and host variable.

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Performance Tuning :: How To Know Host Name Using Sql ID Or SID

Jul 11, 2012

Here i have three tier application. I want to know it host name from sid or sqlid . I want to know which query run on which host. Because i have one user from application to database. So i want to know which query consume more time on which host ?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Retrieve Host Name For Small App

May 12, 2010

I have a cluster setup, and i want to retrieve host name for my small app.Is there any query which gives me the HOSTNAME where oracle is running??

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Forms :: Host Procedure On 6i?

Dec 28, 2009

I've got a problem when I use the HOST procedure to work with DOS Prompt. When I access the DOS Prompt via Oracle Forms HOST Procedure, the name of files and folders got limited by 8 chars plus extension. Lets suppose I want to copy a file and the file name is my_image.jpg. What I have to do is:


I guess it sucks cause the function GET_FILE_NAME give me the filename as my_image.jpg. Do I have to convert the filename every time?

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Connect To Run +ASM Instance From A Different Host?

Aug 13, 2012

Is it possible, Oracle let me connect to an running +ASM instance from a different host? I.E, +ASM running on X host and i want to connect from Y host. (yes Y host has the asm entry in the tnsnames.ora).

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Move Database To New Host With More RAM / CPU

Apr 10, 2013

We plan to move the database to a new host with much more RAM, CPU. The new database server will have exactly the same OS version, Kernel version and the same version of database / grid standalone (ASM). I will have to install OS, Database software, Grid Standalone on the new server.

The current version of the database is Enterprise Edition and the OS version is Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.3. However, we plan to use the same disks (ASM disks). I believe I don't need to use RMAN to do the migration, Is it correct?

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Moving Databases To New Host Server?

Oct 7, 2012

I have a requirement to move the databases to a new server.

Existing set up:

Oracle version -

New Server (setup):

Oracle version -

My query is what is the best way to move the database to new server(UNIX AIX 6.1)?

a) can i upgrade the database to before moving to new server or its better to move the database in and then upgrade there?

b)is export and import of database can work for moving this?

c) RMAN backup and restoration can be done for moving databases?

d)simply moving all the related files to new server and start upgrading it from there?

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Backup & Recovery :: How To Restore In A New Host

Jun 27, 2012

I have backup my database,and i want to create a new database in a new host using the backupset?

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Forms :: Host Common On Linux

Oct 27, 2010

My database as well as application on linux. I want to execute this command on linux. I need equivalent code.

host('cmd /c E:data empITC1'.bat');

code of ITC1.bat is
echo off
sqlldr userid=user_name/pass@database control=E:data empITC1.ctl log=E:data emplogITC1.log

echo ........

control file as well as bat file exist in respective folders.

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Enterprise Manager :: Host Credentials For 11g

May 14, 2013

I am trying to use Database Replay in 11g Release 1 using Enterprise Manager. In the last step it asks for 'Host Credentials' to start the capture. But when i give the username and password for the host, it throws error as 'Invalid username/password' all the time.

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Database Cannot Startup After Host Crash

Feb 14, 2013

the db cannot startup after host crash.

the strange thing is "lkinstrdmetdev" is the wrong name(sid is rdmetdev), and the file does not exist in the FS too. the correct file name should be "lkrdmetdev" and i've deleted this file from the directory. I did not do any changes. and no any oralce processes running while i started up the oracle instance.

Thu Feb 14 09:25:20 EST 2013
sculkget: failed to lock /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2/dbs/lkinstrdmetdev exclusive
Thu Feb 14 09:25:20 EST 2013
sculkget: lock held by PID: 272600512
Thu Feb 14 09:25:20 EST 2013
Oracle Instance Startup operation failed. Another process may be attempting to startup or shutdown this Instance.
Thu Feb 14 09:25:20 EST 2013
Failed to acquire instance startup/shutdown serialization primitive

Oracle Instance Startup operation failed. Another process may be attempting to startup or shutdown this Instance. Failed to acquire instance startup/ shutdown serialization primitive

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Any Built-in Function (HOST) In Oracle

May 30, 2012

saw in one procedure using host function in below manner.

v_status:= host(v_cmd);

But i searched for the host function it is not available.

My question is --Is there any pre defined built-in function "host" in oracle 10g.

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Error While Backup And Restore Database To New Host?

Jul 22, 2011

I have 2 server install oracle : server 1 and server 2

server 1 run database DB01

i use rman backup DB01 ( this command : BACKUP FULL DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG DELETE INPUT; ) and move ( The database backup pieces , Controlfile backup piece, The parameter file i.e init.ora file) to server 2 .

At server 2 :

After start database with init.ora file and restore controlfile error :

RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 07/22/2011 02:56:04
RMAN-06172: no AUTOBACKUP found or specified handle is not a valid copy or piece

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Enterprise Manager :: How To Set Preferred Credentials For Host In OEM 11g

Oct 24, 2011

I am having a problem in setting Preferred Credentials in OEM.

My env:
O/S: Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.3
OEM: 11g Grid Control.

My OEM is running as expected. I have a few target database instances on different hosts. I can login and monitor all these database instances. Now I am trying to set Preferred Credentials to hosts but none is working. I am doing this as:

1. OEM Console->Preferences->Preferred Credentials.

2. For my host I enter normalusername, normal password, privileged username, privileged password.

3. Then I click on test

I get the following error "ERROR:Connection to TD3OEDB01A as user oracle failed."

I can connect to TD3OEDB01A as oracle user and root user. I am entering correct passwords.

Even when I try to set Preferred Credentials to the same server where my OEM and Repository DB is running (same machine) - it does not work.

There emoms.trc file contents looks like this:

2011-10-24 11:14:42,047 [EMUI_11_14_42_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] ERROR creds.SetPrefCreds testCreds.1690 - SetPrefCreds.testCreds(): CredsException: All values must be specified for each set of credentials.

2011-10-24 11:23:59,350 [EMUI_11_23_59_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] ERROR creds.SetPrefCreds saveCreds.1490 - SetPrefCreds.saveCreds(): CredsException: Some credential changes were successfully applied. However, one or more credential sets were not saved for the following targets, due to either missing credential values or not clearing all credential values when attempting to delete credentials: TD3OEDB01A

2011-10-24 11:24:52,929 [EMUI_11_24_52_/console/pref/setCredentials$targetType=host] ERROR creds.SetPrefCreds testCreds.1690 - SetPrefCreds.testCreds(): CredsException: Connection to TD3OEDB01A as user oracle failed.

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Forms :: WebUtil Host Bean Not Found

Jul 22, 2010

I have configues Webutil in Application Server and i am using Client_host to open imageviewer .. but when running the form it gives me error "Orace. bean not found Webuti_host.execute will not work" i have done the following configuration for webutil

File frmwebutil.jar
From folder: webutil_106webutil_106java To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

File: jacob.jar
From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java

File: d2kwut60.dll, JNIsharedstubs.dll
From folder: webutil_106webutil_106webutil To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

File: jacob.dll
From folder: jacob_18 To: $ORACLE_HOME/forms/webutil

Configuring Database:

1. Connect as Scott or your User

2. Run the script $ORACLE_HOME/forms/create_webutil_db.sql using SQLPLUS or any tool.

Setting up Form Builder:

1. Open Form builder Connect with SCOTT and in PL/SQL libraries open Webutil.pll file
2. File > Save as and Rename the file to different name e.g WebUtil_lib
(Trust me it works to avoid Webutil not found error)
3. Compile the new PLL file and generate it
4. Attached the new named Webutil_lib.pll to your form with Remove Path option YES.
5. Open WebUtil.olb file Object group in builder and copy or subclass it into your form.
6. Now compile your form and run it.

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Enterprise Manager :: Change Host Name In New Instance Of R12

Mar 30, 2011

I have created a new instance with address


Now ideally I would like to change this so I can access this from another a machine. Is this possible? Or do I have start from scratch?

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Enterprise Manager :: Not Working After Host Name Change

Oct 21, 2010

I'm not a DBA, but I've inherited an Oracle 11g database on a Linux Red Hat 5 box that I am now responsible for. I've had to relocate it, and my host name has changed. I've muddled through a few changes (network & listener changes), and the database seems to be working a- ok.

My problem is that the OEM doesn't seem to be working now. I don't think the dbconsole is running. When I try to launch it, I'm using the command line:

su - oracle - c "export Oracle_SID=databasename;/u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db1/bin/emctl start dbconsole"

I'm getting the error: EM Configuration issue /u01/app/oracle/product/11.1.0/db1/hostname_databasename not found (obviously replace the hostname and database name with the appropriate names)

The hostname however, contains the OLD hostname.I tried a quick method of copying the folder, and changing the name to include the new hostname, but that didn't work.

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Enterprise Manager Host Credentials On Linux

May 10, 2011

Am using Oracle 10g on redhat linux machine.

My Agent Connection to Instance is down . I am trying to start it up using EM when i enter my user name and password on host credentials connection fails (am using a suer that installed my oracle software).

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Forms :: Using Host Command To Run Commands From Linux?

Jul 6, 2010

i was trying to use the host command to run the commands from linux. however, it doesnt work.

PROCEDURE compile_procedure IS
c_success boolean;
c_bare_filename varchar2(50);
command_string varchar2(1000) ;
c_bare_filename := substr(:B_DEV.B_DEV_ITEM_FILENAME,instr(:B_DEV.B_DEV_ITEM_FILENAME,'',-1)+1);


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RAC & Failsafe :: Using One EC2 Machine To Host Several Linux VMs Using Virtual Box

Dec 22, 2010

How to get a RAC running in an EC2 environment?

It isn't possible to use one EC2 machine for each RAC node because EC2 can't handle the virtual IPs, but I had thought that I could use one EC2 machine to host several Linux VMs using Virtual Box (the same way that I use Virtual Box on a Windows host). But I can't get Virtual Box working on EC2. The only relevant advice I can find on this is comments to the effect that running any virtualization product with a Xen machine as host is not a good idea.

I do realize that this isn't a 100% Oracle question, but if set up a RAC on an Amazon Cloud machine,

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Does Oracle 11g Support Host Naming Method

Jun 30, 2013

DB: & OS: RHEL5 Easy Connect Naming method enhances the host naming method by allowing for a port and service specification. My question is does Oracle 11g support Host naming method?

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Data Guard :: Getting Standby Host And DB Name From Primary

Oct 25, 2012

I'd like to know the Standby hostname and database name (db_unique_name) from primary using SQL. Simply put, which table in primary datbase gives us the standby host and the database name. I am aware that TNSNAMES.ORA contains details, but we cannot use SQL for that. I am also aware of V$ARCHIVED_LOG's DEST_ID column. But, the DEST_ID will not show the host and the db names, neither does V$PARAMETER's LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n if SERVICE parameter is set to Connect Identifier.

If I further paraphrase my problem, how I'd relate a dest_id to a standby host and database using SQL.

SELECT <columns> FROM <v$some_view> WHERE dest_id IN (2, 3);

2            host2           standby_1
3            host3           standby_2DB version : 10g
OS : Solaris 10

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OLE DB :: How To Fetch Host Database In System To Run Web Application

Nov 4, 2012

i am having database in server and i have to run my web application in client machine. how to set the connection of server database in web.config file.

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