Forms :: Raise Frm-41352 When Password Expired

Jul 20, 2010

we are working to increase the security of our oracle application by adding profil and expiration to all our database username.

Expiration is actually set to 60 days.So if i understand it correctly, 60 days is counting from when i change my password. So if I change it at 10:30am it will expire at 10:30am in 60 days.

Our forms application is calling all forms using the command open_form with SESSION parameter to open all forms in new session.

My problem is when the user connect in the system let say at 9:00am. At 10h30am the password will expire and when the user will click to open a new form from the application he will get the message ORA-28001:the password has expired.The new module will open even if password is expired and will raise the error FRM-41352: Failed to create session. So the module will stay in the same session than the caller.

Is there a way to catch the ORA-28001 and force a new logon.Probably with some code in the ON-ERROR of the called module but this mean that i will have to change +400 forms.

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Security :: User Password Expired?

Nov 11, 2011

i am using a oracle server. And all my users password has been expired, is there any way to recover those users without failing my data.

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Expired Account Need To Open Without Password Reset?

Aug 14, 2013

Account XYZ has expired and we don't know the password of account xyz and don't want reset the password also. How can open account XYZ without change the password?

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JDeveloper, Java & XML :: Reset Expired Password On Database?

Jan 2, 2013

I'm trying to write short program to reset password on databases. I'm trying to use OCINewPassword property with following

public void ResetPassword(String sOldPass, String sNewPass) {
this.sCurrent = sOldPass;
this.sNewPassword = sNewPass;
Properties props;
Connection conn = null;


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Application Express :: Raise Warning When Password Due To Expire - Oracle Database Users

Aug 23, 2012

Using Apex 4.1 and custom authentication based on Oracle Database users.

I want to be able to show a warning immediately after a user logs in if their password is due to expire in xx days. Oracle raises a warning (ORA-28002) but I don't know how to handle that from the standard Apex login page.

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PL/SQL :: User Session Has Expired And Enable User Without Changing The Password

Aug 13, 2012

User session has expired. I have to enable user without changing the password of the user.

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Forms :: Raise Alert When Browser Closed In 11g

Feb 27, 2012

I am working on Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production). OS is Win 7 (32 bit). Internet Explorer 8. My Requirement is I need to raise an alert when user close the browser window before closing the Form.

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Forms :: Display Line Number Where Exception Raise?

Feb 25, 2011

We have Forms 10g for our application.

When i raise a exception in a procedure / trigger, i want to show the line number where the exception happened. is there any builtin to show that.

For eg

Exception when others
message('Error in this procedure');

I want the above exception to raise with line number also. How do i do it. I need some built in procedure in forms.

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Jun 12, 2012

My requirement, if there is no record in emp table when validate the EMP_NO_CHK text field, i need to set the focus on that field (EMP_NO_CHK) itself. But while execute the following code, I got error.chieve the task.

cursor c is Select * from emp where Emp_no = :header.empno;
c1 emp%rowtype;


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Forms :: WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM Trigger Raise Unhandled Exception ORA-01422

Sep 15, 2011

I have a form (StaffDetail) with three different blcoks. One of them is an Application Assignment block which consists of nothing but Assignment Type, Staff (Name), Last Updated By and Last Updated Date.. The Assignment Type and Staff has LOVs assigned to them individually.. Assignment type lets me pick all different types except for Project Manager. As soon as I select this option, i get the following error :

FRM-40735: WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger raised unhandled exception...

This does not even let me select any other Assignment type, then i have to go close all sessions and come back into the same screen.

Also, this form was first created and tested on the development environment and later moved to QA environment. All selections work in the development environment.. I checked for the roles in QA for individual Users..

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Forms :: Ora-04062 When-validate-item-trigger Raise Unhanded Exception?

Oct 15, 2011

I have Written this code in WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM-TRIGGER on PO_DATE field

:po_header.po_date := trunc(sysdate);
end if;
if trunc(:PO_HEADER.PO_DATE)>trunc(sysdate) then
displayerror.errmsg('PO date cannot be future date!');


when i am navigating through po_DATE field in the form its showing the error that

WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM-TRIGGER raised unhandled exception.

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Forms :: When-Timer-Expired / Creating A Timer On On-Error Trigger Of Block

Jan 25, 2012

I'm having a problem with the When-timer-Expired trigger.I am creating a timer on the On-Error trigger of the block. in the when-timer-expired :

message (11); exit_form(no_validate);

If i run the program program for the first time,message 11 doesn't show thus it doesn't fire the when-timer-expired trigger. But if i logout from application server and enter all over again,the when-timer-expired works !

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How User Xyz Account Expired Within A Month

Aug 22, 2013

Created user xyz on July 20,2013 with defualt profile (oracle version 11.2.0) and PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME is 180 for default profile. Immediate my friend have assigned new profile APSC to user xyz where profile APSC has PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME = UNLIMITED.

we surprised, user account has expired within a month. How user xyz account can expired within a month????

Note: User account status was open when account created and assigned to profile APSC.

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Forms :: Creating A Username And Password In Oracle Forms 6i

Sep 12, 2010

I created a form to create a username and password.i tried creating a user in forms 6i using the following code on the when button pressed trigger:

forms_ddl('create user'||:user_name||'identified by'||:pasword);

i have granted the user to create user but it does not work at all. password and user_name are captured in the form.

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How To Know Password (Exact Password Not Hascode) Of All Users As A Sysdba

May 28, 2008

How to know the password(Exact password not hascode) of all users as a sysdba in Oracle 9i or 10g.How to convert hashcode password to Actual password.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Create Procedure That Will Send In Customer ID / Password And New Password

May 14, 2011

I am trying to create a procedure that will send in the customer id, password and new password. The procedure will say if it has been updated or not. this is the code i have.

--Patty Carson
--Assignment 3 Question 3
--Description: Allows the user to change a password for a customer
CREATE or REPLACE procedure ChgPwd
(custid OUT number, password OUT VARCHAR2, newpassword IN VARCHAR2)

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Security :: Create Password File / Don't Know Password Of Sys User

Jun 5, 2012

I want to know what if any person don't know the password of SYS, can he create password file, becauase i dont know the password of sys users, generally login with '/ as sysdba',

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Backup & Recovery :: Crosscheck - Number Of Expired Backups

Jan 4, 2012

I've done a crosscheck backup in RMAN and the list of expired objects has actually gone down, in number, from the last time I did this ( 2 weeks prior). We do NOT delete anything from our RMAN catalog on a routine basis (ie. no "DELETE EXPIRED BACKUP commands were issued) so normally the list of expired backup objects increases with each RMAN maintenance task we do. Why the number of expired objects might actually go down in this particular instance ?

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Performance Tuning :: ORA-01555 - No Unexpired Or Expired Blocks Were Over Written?

May 10, 2011

I have encountered ORA-01555 and trying to find what caused the issue.

#UNDO parameters
undo_management AUTO
undo_retention 0
undo_tablespace UNDOTBS1
set pagesize 25
set linesize 120
select inst_id,tuned_undoretention,to_char(begin_time,'MM/DD/YYYY HH24:MI') begin_time,


at the end you can see there is one occurance of ORA-555, but no Unexpired or expired blocks were over written .why Oracle didnt try to use them ?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Use Of RAISE Command?

Aug 31, 2011

explain to me what the "RAISE" command does in PL/SQL for the following code.



Tried searching for some explanations but I still do not have a clue as to what the RAISE actually does. Do I even need to put it in the code?

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Forms :: Password Decryption With Oracle 9i

Jul 21, 2010

I am facing password decryption problem with my oracle forms 9i version. (forms 9i , d/b-oracle10g, application server 10g)..My current db is in oracle9i (windows server), it is migrated to oracle 10g in unix server. (dont have more details about server).

In my application "loginscreen.fmb" is fetching the p/w from security_table (here p/w stores in encrypted format) and decrypt at form level. If both are matching, then only it allows the user to proceed further.But when it is decrypting p/w from the forms(internally calling the decryption function from d/b), junk data is displaying (i put debug mesage and found this ).

when forms connected to the d/b if that is in unix server, decryption functionality will not work? I did same decryption using the same key from sql*plus, it is giving correct values. What is the diff between decryption from forms and sql*plus ( both case it is calling the same function that is stored in the d/b).

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Forms :: Hide Username And Password?

Mar 21, 2011

I already did the hide of username and password, now i need to recieve in cgicmd.dat a parameter because i already have the way of reports i want only to recieve the name of them, so i put like this:

sct: userid="user/pass@database" destype=cache desformat=pdf report=c:\%1

So when i run this show me the message:

File 'c: este.rdf=%' not found.

It's showing a '=' sign

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Forms :: Change Password On Welcome Form

Nov 23, 2010

I am calling a form whose name is welcome from the menu module. Now there is a button "change password" on the welcome form and I want that when I call the welcome form automatically the change password button should be pressed and which in turn calls a new window for resetting of password.

I am calling the welcome form by using go_form('welcome');I tried this coding in the menu module.

PROCEDURE show_reset_password IS

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Forms :: Hide User Name And Password?

May 4, 2010

when i want to call report from form how i can hide user name and password from the link in 10g ??

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Server Administration :: ORA-00054 / Resource Busy And Acquire With NOWAIT Specified Or Timed Expired

Jan 31, 2012

i want to drop a table by applying fol

SQL> drop table table1 purge;

and i get ORA-00054 resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified or timed expired

This table is of 600 Gb in size and no more used and not involved in any logical and physical backup and do not referenced by application but still i am getting this error.i search for this error and found which is to "Wait and retry" but i waited and then apply but still no progress.

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Forms :: How To Logon With Externally Identified Password

Mar 11, 2004

I have a externally identified oracle id. In the logon screen I want to enter / and logon externally.

I have tried using ? with LOGON built in package but it doesn't work.

/@<servername> does not work ?

how to logon to oracle forms with a externally identified password?

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Forms :: How To Display Password In Symbol Style

Dec 14, 2011

i want to make a form from creating new user and password but i don't know how to display password in *** style and how to save it with s-key character.

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Forms :: Checking For Password Verification For 3 Counts?

Dec 22, 2011

I have made a simple form in which user will be entering his username and relevant password to get authorised. My issue is , if the user is entering wrong password for 3 times then both fields should get disabled. I did the form until the point where it checks wether the user is authorised or not. But how to give count on failure of passwords.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: SELECT Will Raise NO_DATA_FOUND Exception

Feb 10, 2011

I was going through the link: URL....Here within the box under the title 'Exception Handling -- Quick Facts and Tips', it states, Once you have handled an exception, normal program execution continues. You are no longer in an "exception" situation.

I wanted to verify this and used the below:The DDL and DMLs:

CREATE TABLE emp(empno NUMBER(4), ename VARCHAR2(10));

The program:

x VARCHAR2(10);
SELECT ename INTO x FROM emp WHERE empno=4567;
SELECT ename INTO x FROM emp WHERE empno=7369;

The first SELECT will raise NO_DATA_FOUND exception. Even though I have handled it, the second SELECT is not executing.But the link says, that normal program execution will continue. So, Iam expecting the second SELECT statement to work.

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PL/SQL - See If Given Item In Table Or Not And Then Raise Exception?

May 2, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to simply check and see if a given item is in a table, and if its not, then raise an exception.

for example i have a table employees and each employee has a primary key employID. I need to write a procedure where employID is given as a parameter and if the one given isnt in the table then raise an exception.

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