SQL & PL/SQL :: Ftp File To Remote Server By Reading Data From Table?

May 1, 2012

I need a way to ftp file to remote server by reading data from table. I searched a couple of sites which asked me to use Chris xutl_ftp package..but unfortunately the site is no accessible..

Here is the code

* LICENSE: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
* Copyright (C) 2003-2006 Russ Johnson (john_2885@yahoo.com)


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Forms :: Reading And Writing Data In A Text File

Mar 8, 2011

I need to read data from text file(located on application or db server or on some other server, however path is known to me.) and then append some data in it.

Data will be read and written on daily basis so i want to clear all data on date change.

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Forms :: Reading Data From Excel File And Load Into Form

Oct 25, 2013

I have a Excel File which contains some columns and rows, i need to load that excel into a form and import that form data to Database Table, using DDE Method.

In simple i say; Just to read the excel and load into a form, which can be imported into a table later.

How to achieve this? only dde method.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Storing And Reading Xml Data From XMLType Table

Aug 21, 2010

Since I need to do something along the lines of inserting an xml document into the database for later to use.

Anyway, the problem I get with the below is

Error at line 95
ORA-00984: column not allowed here

Script Terminated on line 95.

It's on the INSERT line


xmlInput clob;
xmlInput :=('<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1256"?>


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Forms :: Reading Excel Data And Inserting Into Table Using 6i?

Feb 16, 2004

how to read the excel data and insert into tables without using SQL loader. i tried using OLE2 package,but i am getting an non-oracle exception. even i tried using CSV format. but i couldn't make it.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Partial Data Inserted When Reading From Global Temporary Table?

Jun 25, 2012

I have a complex sql query that fetches 88k records. This query uses a global temporary table which is the replica of one of our permanent tables. When I do Create table..select... using this query it inserts only fewer records. But when I make the query point to the permanent table it inserts all 88k records.

1. I tried running the select query separately using temp and perm table. Both retrieves 88k records.

2. From debugging I found that this problem occurred when we were trying to perform a left outer join on an inline view.

However this problem got resolved when I used the /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ hint.

From my limited oracle knowledge I assume that it is the problem with the query and how it is processed in the memory.

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JDeveloper, Java & XML :: Reading Data From Database Table That Contains Control Characters

May 1, 2011

I have the following bit of code that reads data from the an Oracle table (Note: This is running on Jdk 1.4.2)

ResultSet message = messageStatement.executeQuery(getMsgSql);
String messageData = message.getString("MESSAGE_DATA");

The data in the MESSAGE_DATA column contains text but also control characters that separate data elements in the message (i.e (char)31, (char)29) and (char)28) . What i am finding is that for some reason message.getString() is sometimes truncating the message. I can read the majority of messages but some of them are truncated. Am i supposed to be reading the data using a different method? If so how?

I have tried to use sqlplus to look at the data in the database and it is all there it is just truncated by the message.getString() method. I saw this when i tried to output the result i.e. System.out.println(message.getString()).

I ran an sql query using the length() function in Oracle and length("MESSAGE_DATA") returns 2032 whereas in java message.getString(1).length() returns 2000.

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Performance Tuning :: Command To Transfer File From Local To Remote Server

Apr 21, 2011

I ran a scp command to transfer a file from local server to a remote server. when I am trying to kill the process, its giving an error.

ksh: kill: 19258: No such process

If I do a ps -ef | grep scp its showing the process running, but if i try to kill it, its showing me error.

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Windows :: Copy A File To DB Server From A Remote Machine Using Plsql / Java

Oct 2, 2013

We want to copy a file from a remote machine to the DB server. copy \<IP_ADRESS>SHARED_FOLDERsome_file.sql d:copied_file.sql

I've used Java and a wrapped it into a PL/SQL procedure so I can do :

exec run_os_command(p_command => 'copy \<IP_ADRESS>SHARED_FOLDERsome_file.sql d:copied_file.sql');

The file was not copied.

I have mapped \<IP_ADRESS>SHARED_FOLDER to x: for example and issued : exec run_os_command(p_command => 'copy x:some_file.sql d:copied_file.sql');

The file was not copied.

But when I issued from the OS prompt copy x:some_file.sql d:copied_file.sql then the file is copied.

What can I add to the PL/SQL procedure so it wil work ?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Loading Data From One To Another Remote Server Database?

Oct 4, 2013

i am trying to load data into a table in a remote database schema, and my files are residing on another remote Server, Server having the files does not have a DB installed, i just need to know that if its possible or not..

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PL/SQL :: Spooling Data From Remote Server To Local Machine

Feb 6, 2013

I need to spool data from a remote server using putty(sqlplus) to a local machine. There are credentials i need to give before accessing the remote databases and i am able to do it..i tired with the below query but the spool file(csv or txt) is not able to create on local machine.

set colsep ,
set pagesize 120
set trimspool on
set headsep off
set linesize 1000
set numw

spool D: estmyfile.csv
select table_name, tablespace_name from all_tables;
spool off

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Server Utilities :: Export Data Using Expdp To Remote Host

Jun 5, 2012

I have to servers 'A' and 'B', On Server there is a schema with the name "test" having a table "t1". I want to import this t1 table to server B.

Is it possible to export dump using expdp to remote host.

I found that there is an option for this like "network_link". for testing this, I created a dblink from Server "B" to "A" named "vxmldb".

When I am using the below command on Server B there I am getting the following error.

C:>expdp directory=data_pump_dir logfile=test.log network_link=vxmldb schemas=test dumpfile=test.dmp

Export: Release - 64bit Production on Tuesday, 05 June, 2012 14:22:07
Copyright (c) 2003, 2007, Oracle. All rights reserved.
Username: system/vxmldb@vxmldb
Connected to: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
ORA-39001: invalid argument value
ORA-39170: Schema expression 'TEST' does not correspond to any schemas.

In above command

directory ---> Server "B" location
network_link ----- > dblink name which is created on Server "B" to access Server "A"
schemas ------ > schema name which is to be exported . Exists on Server "A" DB
username/password ---- >> higher level username/password for Server "A".
@connectString ----- >> connecting to Server "A"

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Server Utilities :: Data Migration - Remote Operations Not Permitted

May 10, 2011

I am trying to insert data in one of the tables called as tstcntr_mstr in ibpslive instance by ibpslive user.

My source tables are on ncfiiidv instance.

Query is as follows:

insert into tstcntr_mstr
(select * from tstcntr_mstr@dlink_ncfmdv)

Error that I get is remote operations not permitted on object tables or user-defined type columns.

Table tstcntr_mstr@dlink_ncfmdv contains types.

the migration of the data.

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Server Administration :: Data File / Table Relation

Feb 25, 2011

I have 2 schemas in my database with over 500 tables in each.i am trying to know which tables actually belong to which datafile in which tablespace.

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PL/SQL :: Transferring Data From Oracle Table To A File On A Windows Server

Nov 12, 2013

I have an oracle DB version 11.2 running on oracle enterprise linux 5.9. How to transfer data from the oracle DB to a flat file on a windows server. What i have done so far is to use utl_file to create a csv file on the oracle server and am now attempting to transfer this file.

I was going to use scp or rcp but am unable to get this to work(was looking at filezilla). Another option i can use is ftp as i have a UNIX script which i can run to do this. All this is done through an oracle package which is run hourly through dbms_scheduler. I have been using sp_host_command to run unix commands directly from pl/sql so can use this to run a unix script for last resort if i cant find an easier way to automate this. 

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Server Administration :: Location Of Table In Tablespace / Data File

Jul 6, 2010

I was wondering if there is any way to know in which Tablespace and Datafile my Table is located. I have exported a table and about to delete it as i am partitioning it.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading From A Excel File

Dec 1, 2011

I am looking for a code/script to read values from excel file and perform PLSQL script.

Now i have the PLSQL script to generate report which takes two value which i have to change all the time to generate new report .All i wanna do create a script to read from a excel file and perform the other script.

I have been searching from a long time and only found UTL_file Package which use CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION and create some virtual table.

The problem is i don't have create authorization in database so i m not able to use UTL_File command . Is there any simple way to read value from excel file?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading File With UL_FILE?

Jul 8, 2013

I'm trying to utilize the utl file to read a txt file and import the data into a table in Oracle. I've read in various forums and have researched a lot on oracle documentation site and on the internet but can not find the answer to the problem.

The source follows:

Set serveroutput on
arquivo_ler UTL_File.File_Type;
Linha Varchar2 (1000);
arquivo_ler: UTL_FILE.FOPEN = ('INTRANET_LOAD', 'carga_intranet.txt', 'R', 32767);
UTL_File.Get_Line (arquivo_ler, Linha);
dbms_output.put_line (Linha);
End Loop;
UTL_File.Fclose (arquivo_ler);
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE ('File processed with sucesso.');

The errors:

ORA-29283: invalid file operation

ORA-06512: at "SYS.UTL_FILE", line 633

ORA-29283: invalid file operation

ORA-06512: at line 5

What has been done:

Created DIRECTORY (INTRANET_LOAD) and given the GRANT read, write to the user

On Linux where Oracle is installed, was given full access to the Oracle user folder: / u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/adp

When writing the query;



WHERE table_name = 'INTRANET_LOAD';

The data are returned.



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Server Utilities :: Truncate Table And Load It With Data Present In File

Jul 17, 2010

My requirement is to to truncate the table and load it with the data present in file. In the control file, I used the "TRUNCATE" command as well.In case, if the file has some invalid data and sqlldr fails, my existing data will be lost. Is there any option in which the sqlldr does not TRUNCATE the table in case of a failure.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading Doc File Stored In Database

Jun 8, 2011

A doc file stored in a database having data type blob. To read this file I have written Following procedure

create or replace procedure XX_read_blobfile1 as
b blob;
c clob;
n number;
SELECT file_data INTO b FROM fnd_lobs WHERE file_id = 322420;
if (b is null) then

With the data displaying some boxes before and after data

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading Flat File With Header?

Jul 3, 2012

working on loading the data from flat file into table and below given is the validation condition given.I checked the UTL_FILE build in package but not able to figure out, how to identify the column header in flat file.

1. Skip the header, if any. The header is the first record, and starts with '000'
2. Skip the trailer, if any. The Trailer is the last record, and starts with '999'
3. Log an error, but continue if a line exceeds 512 characters
4. Log an error, but continue if a line is blank

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Server Utilities :: How To Write Control File To Load Data Into Revenue Table

Aug 16, 2011

I have a table revenue

create table revenue
person varchar2(23),
month varchar2(3),
rev_amt number

and i have data in a file like below

Person Jan Feb Mar Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dez

i want to load it into the table in the following way.

Person Month Revenue
Schnyder Jan 345
Schnyder Feb 223
Schnyder Mar 122
Schnyder Apr 345
Schnyder Mai 324
Schnyder Jun 244
Schnyder Jul 123
Schnyder Aug 123
Schnyder Sep 345
Schnyder Oct 121
Schnyder Nov 345
Schnyder Dez 197
........ ... ...
How to write control file to load this data into the above revenue table.

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Reading Specific Line In Util File

Jul 1, 2013

I would like to read specific line in the file in the util file.

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Forms :: Import CSV Directly Into D2kwutil / Reading From File?

Jan 29, 2008

I know that this topic in not new, but maybe my case is a bit different than common.My form has multi-record block (4 columns) in which i want to upload CSV file.

The form will have "Browse..." button to piont CSV file (on local users disc, not where Forms server resides) after pointing the CSV file, user will press UPLOAD button which will import CSV data into block. After that data is visible in block. But whole form must not be refreshed.

I'm studying about UTL_FILE package, but it seems it allows manipulating files on server not local user's machines. Do Forms have such "Browse... -> UPLOAD" possibility or I need to learn Java and create Java funcionality inside Forms?

Or it is impossible to load data directly into form? (I have to use SQLoader and load data into temp table then into block on form????)

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Forms :: Slow Performance Using OLE2 Reading Xls File

Oct 10, 2011

I just trying to import some informations from excel to Oracle using OLE2 over Oracle Forms 6i, but It´s very slow when I have import under then 10k lines. anything to optimize that ? Follow the code used...

application OLE2.Obj_Type;
workbooks OLE2.Obj_Type;
workbook OLE2.Obj_Type;


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Backup & Recovery :: ORA-01115 - IO Error Reading Block From File 11?

May 17, 2013

During the scheduled backup we observed that, backup got failed. Error is "ORA-01115: IO error reading block from file 11 (block # 118736)
unable to rectify it. Below are the part of log file -

ORA-39126: Worker unexpected fatal error in KUPW$WORKER.MAIN [TABLE_DATA:"DW_REP"."DW_MOTOR_CLAIM_INFO_DTLS"]
ORA-24795: Illegal ROLLBACK attempt made
ORA-06512: at "SYS.KUPW$WORKER", line 8976
ORA-24795: Illegal ROLLBACK attempt made


This is development server. Dont have RMAN configured.But when we connected to RMAN and issued block recovery, it started process and shows media recovery done. Since no RMAN backup was taken before, what it does here?

Recovery Manager: Release - Production on Fri May 17 10:48:40 2013
Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
RMAN> CONECT target /
connected to target database: MAGMADEV (DBID=2469200049)


how to resolve this problem?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Converting XLS With Korean Data To CSV And Reading It

Mar 3, 2011

oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
PL/SQL Release - Production
"CORE Production"

I have a .xls file, which has few columns with Korean data. I have problem converting it into .csv. I converted it to UNICODE TEXT, which was TAB separated. I replaced tabs with commas. but still saved it as .txt file. Now I am using utl_file package to open and read.

utl_file.fopen_nchar(l_dir, l_filename , 'R',8000);

I outputted the first header line, and instead of Korean fieldnames, it displayed some different characters.. cannot even copy-paste..

I am uploading the converted .txt as I cannot upload original .xls file here...

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading Data From Clob Field

Apr 15, 2010

I have one table with clob field. The data in this field will contain string having transaction record data. Now I want to read data from this clob filed and insert different record in other oracle table.

example ->
Data in clob field will be->

I have one master table and one detail table. I want to insert record -> H|12|1233|fff|sss in master table
and records->
in detail table.

End of excercise will redult-> 1 record in header and 5 records in detail table.

I need to implement it in my project.

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Server Administration :: ORA-01111 / Name For Data File 636 Is Unknown - Rename To Correct File

Nov 3, 2012

i have two tablespaces dictionary managed (SYSTEM,APPLSYSX) i tried to change to locally cause it will cause problem in future when trying to run OATM migration.i did it successfully on APPLSYSX,when i did it on system upon oracle procedure.i have to change all tablespaces to read only when i did that with tablespace APPLSYSD(alter tablespace APPLSYSD read only) i received errors

SQL> alter tablespace APPLSYSD READ ONLY;
alter tablespace APPLSYSD READ ONLY
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01230: cannot make read only - file 636 is offline
ORA-01111: name for data file 636 is unknown - rename to correct file
ORA-01110: data file 636: '/vol5u/oracle/prddb/9.2.0/dbs/MISSING00636'
i have not this file on the OS

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Reading Streaming Continuous Binary Data From A Website?

Jan 26, 2011

Is it possible to read streaming continuous binary data from a web site using PL/SQL?

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