SQL & PL/SQL :: Store Image In Oracle 9i Table

Jan 3, 2012

I want to store Image file in Oracle table without storing it physically in the system. how can i store the image file into the oracle table and also retrieve it without storing it physically in the system at any path.

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Convert Same Image To Blob - Store In A Dummy Table?

Jun 4, 2013

I have a table where user can store images in clob format.Need to convert the same image to blob and store in a dummy table.

I tried using this
--function creation
BUFFER RAW(32767);


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Store Image And PDF Files In 10g?

Jan 5, 2011

i want to store image and pdf files in oracle 10g.

i success with blob variable.

what are the other methods.

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Oracle Store Procedure - Table Or View Does Not Exist

Nov 21, 2011

I have created this store procedure:

PrimaryKey IN NUMBER

And I get this error: Error(15,13): PL/SQL: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

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Forms :: How To Save Image In Oracle 9i And Display The Image On 6i

Dec 18, 2008

i m getting some problam to display image in forms 6i.

i hv two tables
1st is empmst
emp_code number(5) not null (PK)
emp_name varchar2() not null
2nd is emppic
emp_code number(5) not null (FK of empmst)
emppic blob not null

i create a master detial form and save the data in tables

whn u execute query i m unable to get the pic..

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Forms :: Image Path Save In Database And Image Name As Design Number?

Jun 3, 2009

I create a simple table for image

CREATE TABLE image_table (
Design_no varchar2(10),
filename VARCHAR2(255) PRIMARY KEY,
image LONG RAW);

Then i create simple block of image_table

its show me in this website [URL] My question is i don't want to give my form path always.i want to save my picture path in my database and the name of my picture always same as my design_no column.

For example i want to save a picture in my database i will copy my picture in d:shahzaib1234.jpg now i want the path d:shahzaib save in database and when i copy my picture which path= d:shahzaib and file name = Design no its will automatically save in database.

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Forms :: Create Dialog Box / Upload Image On Image Item

Sep 26, 2010

i want to create a simple form in this form i want to upload the image on the image item with browse button that open a diaglog box that go to the image i select the image and this image is display on image item on the form.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Store Images In Table Column

Dec 21, 2011

How to store images in table column. I have table called emp with datatype empno,name,photo_id(long raw)
i want to store image in table for each record.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Store Spanish Content In A Table

Jul 29, 2011

The requirement is to store "Spanish" content in a table. The input will be passed from the web page. What settings do i need to make in the database to store the Spanish content. Will a varchar2 accept Spanish text ? I need to retrieve back the content and send to web page based on request.

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PL/SQL :: Store Substring Output To A Table

Oct 23, 2012

declare Input VARCHAR(10) :='011000141'
declare rt StringOutput%rowtype;
SELECT SUBSTR(Input , SumOfLength - ColLength + 1, ColLength) FinalOutput INTO rt FROM mytable ;

I need to store the result to a temp table rt.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Trigger To Store Session Detail In Table?

Aug 30, 2012

Is it possible to write a trigger to store the session detail in a table, only if any session deletes more than 10 records on particular tables?

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PL/SQL :: How To Compress Multiple Files And Store In Table

Apr 9, 2013

I am having many different files and i want to use pure plsql to get these files stored as blob from a table then compress them into 1 files and store that into another table. I did some search and its like possible but didnt get conclusive solution

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Cursors To Update Data And Store It Back To Same Table

Sep 4, 2010

I'm using few cursors to update my data and store it back to the same table. But for some reason the cursor seems to be picking obsolete data.

cursor c1
select distinct roles
from table1
where flag = '1';

cursor c2
select distinct roles
from table1
where flag = '1';
for i in c1

here im updating the roles im picking to to a suffix and role.

update table1
set role = suffix_role
where 'some condition';
end loop;
commit; -- committing so changes are visible for my next cursor.

for j in c2

here im deleting all the roles that are not part of my comparing table.

delete from table1
where role = 'something';

But in my debugging table i see that its deleting roles present as input for first cursor, whereas it should actually pick data with suffix_roles.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Query To Store Results - Update Values In Another Table?

Feb 22, 2010

I have a query like this -


When I execute the query, it returns the data (approx - 40,000 rows) in 1 min.But when I try to insert this data into another table (or create a table of this data) it takes me about 2 hours.

Tried using Materialized view, its again the same the refresh takes 2 hours.Basically here, what I am trying to do is the data from the above query is used to update the values in another table.What ever the procedure I am trying it takes 2 hours.

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XML DB :: Find Size Of Table With XML Type Column Store As Binary XML

Dec 21, 2012

I have a table with structure as:


- So HOW do I find the total size occupied by this table. Does BINARY storage work as LOB storage. i.e. I need to consider USER_LOBS as well for this. OR foll. will work

select segment_name as tablename, sum(bytes/ (1024 * 1024 * 1024 )) as tablesize_in_GB
From dba_segments
where segment_name = 'XML_TABLE_1'
group by segment_name ;

- Also if I am copying it to another table of same structure as:

Insert /*+ append */ into XML_TABLE_2 Select * from XML_TABLE_1.

Then how much space in ROllbackSegment do I need. Is it equal to the size of the table XML_TABLE_1?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Store A Large String In Oracle

Nov 20, 2009

how do i store large string in oracle.

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Upload Image Onto Table Using BLOB

Mar 1, 2006

I am attempting to Insert an image "C:/hi.jpg" into oracle10g with BLOB using SQLPlus.

I have created a table IMAGES...


Is that a correct way to start? How would you upload the image onto the table?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Store Content Of CSV File Into Array In Oracle

Mar 25, 2010

How to store the content of a csv file into an array in oracle and then get the distinct values from the array in oracle. The requirement is only to extract the first column value into an array.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Inserting Image Into Table By Insert Statement

Sep 30, 2010

I have a table with a column type long raw. Now i want to insert an image from directory by an insert statement. Is it possible?

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Forms :: PDE-PLI011 A Tools Common Schema Table Missing From Object Store

May 26, 2011

while trying to open an exisitng Form, an Error message appears as:

PDE-PLI011 A tools common schema table is missing from the object store.

and failed to open. what's the problem ? what i have to do ? it was working fine before.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Store External File (XLS / Doc / PDF) Format In Oracle Database

Feb 1, 2011

I want to stored the excel or ms word document in oracle database. Is it possible to view that file from database. If i export full database it is included in that dmp.

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Forms :: Store Report Output In Client Machine Through Oracle 11g

Aug 24, 2011

i am generating report from oracle forms using web.show_document .pdf output is coming in seperate url.entire piece of code is working fine.now i want to store this pdf out put in client machine whether path will be specified by user.

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Globalization :: How To Store India Regional Language In Oracle Database

Mar 5, 2013

How can we store data in Indian regional languages in Oracle database. We are using Oracle 10g.

Also i need to know can we convert existing data in oracle to local language ?

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Application Express :: How To Refer Image From Table In Organization Chart

Mar 30, 2013

I am using org chart plugin to show the employee hierarchy, the plug-in is downloaded from


Current i uploaded the employee photo's in images under shared components -> files and referring in my query like below its working fine, but My question is how to refer employee photo's from table.

SELECT   TO_CHAR (emp.empno) AS primary_key,
TO_CHAR (emp.mgr) AS parent_key,
|| '<div>
<img width="100px" src="wwv_flow_file_mgr.get_file?p_security_group_id='

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Forms :: Displaying Image In Oracle 6i?

Apr 24, 2009

i am working with image. I have successfully stored image in oracle table. Now i want to display the stored image in oracle form 6i. There i unable to display the image although i have created the data block using the same table name as the data source.

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Forms :: Image Scan In Oracle 6i?

Sep 19, 2010

scan image from Oracle Form Builder 6i and store the image location in the oracle 9i database. Here important issue is we just store the image location in the database not the image. We'll store the images in a storage device and store the location path in the database. And retrive the image from storage device using the path.

For example: User Scan the image using Form builder 6i then save the image like 1001-DPS-1.jpg in the default location like D:Image.. And in oracle 9i database data save like : 1001 DPS 1 D:Image1001-DPS-1.jpg User_Name Sysdate

Data save automatically in the database when image scanned and saved in physical drive. This is our main purpose.

Is it possible to solve this task using Oracle 9i and Developer 6i?

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Forms :: How To Change Image Resolution In Oracle 10g

Jul 9, 2013

I am working on oracle forms 10g (Windows7 OS). Can we get the image resolution of an image item in oracle forms? Can we resize the image in terms of resolution? I have a requirement where user can upload only 1280x720 size images. Either i have to validate the image resolution and give them a message saying 'Only 1280x720 size images are allowed' or simply i have to convert the image to be upload to 1280x720 size and save in the database.

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Forms :: How To Copy Image From One Folder To Another Using Oracle 6i

Oct 12, 2013

I want to copy image/pdf/doc file from one folder to another folder. For that I use following code but its not working.

v_path VARCHAR2 := 'C:ESMIMAGE';
HOST ('COPY '||v_path||'admin.jpg '||v_path||'BE2013', NO_SCREEN);

I want to copy admin image from 'C:ESMIMAGE' to 'C:ESMIMAGEBE2013'.

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Forms :: How To Make Browse Image In Oracle 10g

Apr 17, 2011

how to make browse image in oracle form 10g?

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Forms :: Scan Image From Oracle 10g By Using Scanner?

Dec 11, 2012

i need scan image from oracle forms 10g by using scanner.

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