Reports & Discoverer :: Substring Of Values

Jan 2, 2012

I have a reference number of application number which is sent to 3 different address as outward number . for example application number is intimated to the office , the employee and the treasury. this number is generated as follows


in my outward report when i run it all three numbers are getting listed.

i want only P/11/10/133 to be listed and ignore the rest of the two. i tried to use SUBSTR(INOUT_NO,9), but it reads only from the left gives me only the number ie 133, 133A and 133B. i tried rtrim and ltrim but it only clears the extra space. how do i ignore the other two dispatch numbers.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Ignoring Null Values?

Jun 21, 2010

I have a report in report 6 which has static field where values are shown for previous year and for current year. the output of the report will be like this

sl no department prev year cur year
01 revenue 2000 5000
02 costing 500 1000
03 excise 8000 900
and so on....

I have a created a fomula field for each and every department and get the value from a particular table. What i require is if suppose the department revenue does not have any value then that row should not be visible. for eg if revenue has a null value then the report should be like this

sl no department prev year cur year
01 costing 500 1000
02 excise 8000 900

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Reports & Discoverer :: Sum Of Values Of Formula Column?

Dec 20, 2011

display values in descending order( as got from fomula column). i put that field in above group and got properly. now i want to sum these values at the end of report. its going to some distinct values, while i want all values to be sum.

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Compare (lookup) Values Between Worksheets

May 10, 2012

How can I create a calculated field in one sheet to lookup a corresponding value in another sheet?

e.g. I have a person ID in one worksheet, and I want to look up the email address from a matching Person ID in another worksheet

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Reports & Discoverer :: Get Unique Values With Formula Column

Jul 5, 2013

I am facing a problem in leave_form report! want to show employee's previous leaves detail (leavedate,leavetype), i don't want to show leavetype 'PPP' repeating frame type is Across/Down, there are 22 records of leavetype 'PPP' and one record of leavetype 'CL'

problem is report is showing 22 records of leavetype 'CL' of same leavedate!

i want that report should show the actual leavedate and leavetype records.using 9i database 6i developer server2003

For leavetype

FUNCTION Cf_1formula
v_leavetype CHAR(40);
SELECT LT.description
INTO v_leavetype
FROM hrm_attendance L,
hrm_leavetype LT,
hrm_employees E

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Get Profile Values To Display In RDF Report

Jul 3, 2012

how I can profile values to be displayed in RDF report.Here is what I have in my before report trigger

:CP_CompanyName := FND_PROFILE.VALUE('xx');

When I print the value of the user name it gets printed fine.But when I print the place holder column value for the profile I get null.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Select Query With Minimum Values

May 30, 2013

The prob is i want to display minimum intime and max outtime in idate against employee,report keep displaying multi inout records of an employees!

SELECT div.division,
E.employeecode, empname,
To_char (Min(i.intime), 'HH:MI:SS AM'),
To_char (Max(I.outtime), 'HH:MI:SS AM'),
Round(i.btime / 60),

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Reports & Discoverer :: Between Clause To Compare Two String Values

Jun 15, 2013

I have a problem with Between clause used in where statement to compare two string variable.

Query is like this,

select item_code, item_deacrption
from itm_master, invoce_det
where im_code = item_code
AND invd_item_number BETWEEN (:startNum) AND (:endNum)

Here invd_item_number is a DB field and is of type varchar2(41), and (:startNum),(:endNum) are of same type.

now invd_item_number has one value '001003002001'
if we give :startNum = '001003001002' and :endNum = '001003004006'

:startNum and :endNum is composed of separate field values (ie, 1st 3 character shows color code, next 3 for catagory, next 3 for size etc). These codes are entered separately and are combined at run time.

it is still fetching the invd_item_number with value '001003002001'. (the last set of character(type code) in the :startNum is greater than invd_item_number's type code value. But it is smaller than the previous code (size code), that's why it is fetching).

But how can i get around this as i don't need that value to be fetched.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Matrix Report And NULL Values

Feb 25, 2011

I want to Fix Null values as 0 in Matrix Report. But i am not able to Do it...

let it be there is one item NUM1

what Sequencing and triggers(format trigger or else) should i follow on it with what code?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Inserting Values When Running A Report?

Jul 19, 2010

I have a report, where there are opening balance and closing balance, so i have to store the closing balance values in a separate table during runtime and should show this closing value as opening balance for next month.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Select List Of Values From Parameter Form?

Jun 9, 2012

I am trying to select multiple values from a parameter form based on a select statement.

I created the parameter and write the select statement under list-of-value property However what I want is to let users choose multiple values from the select statement not only one value.

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Return Values In A Text Or Boiler Plate

Feb 15, 2012

Well i like to display the Values in Boiler Plate/Text. For Example, i have Report with Address Columns. for Tin No: i have Hard coded as TIN: 34XXXXXX01 and i like to change this hard coded item as TIN: 34XXXXXX02 so during Runtime if the input is changed the above item to be changed.

Inputs given in Report Parameter;

if the input is given as 81


if the input is given other than 81

it should print as TIN: 34XXXXXX02

How to give it in the Boiler plate.?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Lexical Parameters Are Used To Substitute Multiple Values At Run Time

Jan 15, 2012

I studied a document about lexical parameter in that it says "Lexical parameters are used to substitute multiple values at run time and are identified by a preceding '&'. Lexical s can consist of as little a one line where clause to an entire select statement"

Select * from emp, deptno &where.

and i know about substitution variables using & is this are same (lexical and substitution) or different.

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Run Discoverer Reports In A Forms Menu

Jul 5, 2010

how to Run a Discoverer Reports in a Forms Menu.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Launching Discoverer Viewer From Forms Menu

Dec 6, 2011

Is it possible to link to Discoverer Viewer from Forms without requiring the user to log in again. If so, can I then link to a specific Workbook within Discoverer?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Oracle Apps Data Does Not Show In Discoverer

Mar 19, 2012

When running my query in sql developer, I have to execute the command apps.fnd_global.apps_initialize(user_id, resp_id, resp_appl_id) in order to show the result of my query. Without this, the query returns nothing. The problem is I am using this query as a custom query for my Discoverer report and my report does not show any record.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Discoverer Admin - How To Copy Folder From One Instance To Another

Nov 9, 2011

I need to copy my discoverer report from dev to prod. How should I do this? Are the items created using calculation in the report can also be copied? These items are not present in the folder in discoverer admin.

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Reports & Discoverer :: During Open Report The Discoverer Application Frozen?

Jun 23, 2010

When I try to manage the report the Discoverer application frozen.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Provide Download Link To Blob In Database On Oracle Reports?

Aug 8, 2013

My user would like to have a way to attach files to database records. For simplicity, we'll say that each employee in the database could have 0-many file attachments associated with them. I know how to make this part work using Oracle Forms.

So that's the easy part for me. The tough part is that they want to be able to run an Oracle Report on our application server (displays as a PDF, also downloadable as a PDF) and have links on this report to the attachments that they uploaded using the forms process above.

For the idea of storing the files on a folder somewhere, I simply created a text object on the report that had it's hyperlink property pointing to the file location. Done.. opens fine.

However, I want to be able to have the option of storing these files in the database instead, just in case we can't go with the shared folder idea. I'm not sure how to make this work. I can store a blob in the database.. but how do I link to that blob on the report for them to be able to download it? Is this even possible?

how to create a download link on the Oracle Report that let's them download a file out of the database.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Text Bold - Format Particular Word In Oracle Reports At Runtime?

Nov 2, 2010

I have a doubt; can we format a particular word in oracle reports at runtime..?


A text filed contains data Quote:We request #BANK# to finance the same Bill as per agreed interest rate and other terms and conditions agreed on the above addendum and immediately remit the proceeds to our account A/c no. #ACCOUNTNO#, held with your Bank.

We need to make #BANK#, #ACCOUNTNO# are bold at runtime, Is there any method to format characters at runtime..?

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Call Oracle Reports Inside A Stored Procedure

Oct 14, 2010

Currently some jobs created in WBT scripting need to converted into oracle,plsql.There is one job in WBT scripting, which will invoke the oracle reports inside and generate the PDF files in the destination path as follows:

a = runhide("c:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe", "http://pscm9722:7778/reports/rwservlet?USERID=%LOGONINFO%+server=rep_pscm9722+destype=file+desname=D:ORACLE10G\%CCALLRptName%+desformat=PDF+PARAMFORM=no+report=PCCALL.RDF")
a = runhide("c:Program FilesInternet Exploreriexplore.exe", "http://pscm9722:7778/reports/rwservlet?


Now, i want to convert this into oracle,plsql? Is it possible or not?

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Create Aging Report In Discoverer

May 28, 2010

[Message #1] how to get a unapplied receipts for ageing report? and RMA(credit and debit note)columns ?

Which tables should be refered for Ageing reports.

[Message #2] How to create an ageing report in discoverer?

Which tables should be refered for a Ageing reports.

Ageing report colums customer name, customer id,location,segment, credit note and debit note in different column,unapplied amount and applied amount in a different colum.Already i got a due remaning date and total amount I want a linked table names.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Oracle Reports Text Formatting As Runtime?

Aug 26, 2013

I need the below output in oracle reports 6i.

this is a testing string retrieved from database.

now what i need is that to make bold the specific words in a string came from database.

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Execute Oracle Reports On A Developer Machine

Mar 25, 2013

I migrated a Oracle 6i Report to Oracle Report 9i so I'm trying to execute a this report in the Run Web Layout, but this doesn't bring me any information, how can i run this reports in the Web layout?

When i run this report en the Paper Layout it's bring me data. When a run the report just bring me a blank web page.

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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Create Oracle Reports With Java Barcodes

May 24, 2010

how to create Oracle Reports with Java Barcodes.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Bind To Reports Server Rep_wwubh01ap45 Failed

Jun 9, 2006

While accessing the reports i am getting the following error

Rep - 51002 : Bind to Reports Server rep_wwubh01ap45 failed.

I have checked the file $ORACLE_HOME/reports/conf The parameter SERVER=rep_wwubh01ap45 was present in that file.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Hiding Reports Server Window - Specify Cmdkey

Jul 19, 2011

We have a reports proces which we want to produce a report where the browser windows doest not display, or if it does, quickly closes after the report is completed.We are using Forms Version, Oracle Database 10g Release, OS is Windows XP Pro SP3

We have tried the below, but the primary application window closes, not the report server window.
- http - removed due to form message:You cannot use links until you have posted more than 5 messages.

WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT(://'|| :global.Report_Server_Name ||
'/reports/rwservlet?cmdkey=ky10i&report='||v_rep_object||'.rdf' ||


We have modified the forms trigger to produce the report as shown below, but get the error:
FRM-41213: Unable to connect to the Report Server

Current theory is the connection to the database is lacking the user id and password since the cmdkey is not specified. How can we specify the cmdkey when using the run_report_object?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
v_rep_tx VARCHAR2(100);
v_RepStatus VARCHAR2(2000) := '';


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Reports & Discoverer :: Column Headers Repeating In Oracle Reports 10g

Mar 19, 2013

I'm using Report Builder

I am creating a report which generates the data to a PDF/CSV based on users Input.When I create the report using Report Builder and execute the report,Delimited data appears in a PDF layout.

But if I add the below code in After Parameter Form trigger,the column headers keeps repeating with the data.

function AfterPForm return boolean is
return (TRUE);

But the PDF output seems fine where the header is shown only once.I could see many posts regarding this in Oracle reports 6i wherein delimited_hdr=no is used in Command Line but I would like to know the work around in Oracle reports 10g.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Calling Reports From Stored Procedures?

Feb 23, 2011

Is there a way to call an oracle report (version 9i) from a stored procedure?

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Reports & Discoverer :: Automate Oracle Reports Execution

Feb 10, 2012

Any way to automate a job to execute several Oracle Reports to run at the end of every month and either email them to a list of people or possibly save them to a location on a network drive.

At first, I started out with 2 avenues of thought:

1) The following link raised the option of an Oracle Scheduler, but from my research, the scheduler only runs database jobs, shell scripts, batch files, etc.:


2) I was thinking about possibly creating a database job of some sort to call the reports, but from the following link, I've determined that one cannot create+call a stored/database procedure to run Oracle Report files. So there goes my second hope.


So, it appears that the scheduler won't meet my requirements and now I think I'm almost out of options.

My last resort is creating a database job that queries required information and spooling the data + various formatting "stuff" into a txt file. Then, that txt file would be my report. This seems a little savage and I would like to think that there's a ay to automatically run an .REP against a database and save an electronic copy of the report somewhere.

Is it possible to automate the execution of Oracle Reports and then saving the report in a particular format (xls/pdf/rtf/etc.)?

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