Forms :: Store Report Output In Client Machine Through Oracle 11g

Aug 24, 2011

i am generating report from oracle forms using web.show_document .pdf output is coming in seperate url.entire piece of code is working i want to store this pdf out put in client machine whether path will be specified by user.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Output Saved On Client Machine Instead Of Server?

Dec 6, 2010

is it possible to put DESTYPE=LOCALFILE in run_report_object_list?

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Forms :: Get Client IP Address And Machine Name In Oracle 10g Without Webutil

Sep 26, 2013

How can we get client ip address and machine name in oralce forms 10g without webutil.

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Forms :: Oracle Report PDF Output With Persian Font?

Nov 24, 2011

When I run my report , I generate it in pdf format, and some fields in my report have persian characters so

1- I use Tahoma font, and

2- I have change my window registery to america_america.ar8mswin1256 also

3-I have modified UIFONT.ALI (but when I add tahoma font in this file , then I check the font in property menu of pdf file , its type is not change to type3---- I'm not sure about the modfication in this file----)

4- I have added windows/font path in report_path in registry

5- I made sure that there is tahoma.ttF in this path

but after opening PDF file ,those fields which are in Persian language (persian characters) are dipalyed in strange font.

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Forms :: Oracle Report Excel Output Repeated Header In Each Line?

Nov 24, 2011

After running my report I generate into the file by delimited type and then I save as it by XLS extension.The problem is each row of this excel file has header repeatedly!

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Installation :: Oracle 10g Client Install Skips - Windows 7 Machine

Nov 15, 2013

I have Oracle 11g database home in my 64 bit Windows 7 machine. However, now i would like to install Oracle 10.2.0 client as well. I tried giving a separate location.

But for some reason, whenever i start the Setup and run the Administrator Type, the installation just skips without giving any errors. It just creates the inventory folder in the specified path.  It goes to the Product-Specific Prerequisite Checks and exits without giving any warnings or errors. 

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Forms :: Generate File From Database Into Server And Copy It To Client Machine

Feb 2, 2012

I have a forms that generate a file from database into database server and copy it to client machine by the follow process:

IF webutil_file_transfer.Is_AS_readable(V_server_way || V_file_name) THEN

l_success := webutil_file_transfer.AS_to_Client
(clientFile => :V_screen_way


But is showing the erro ora-105100 in one client machine

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Client Tools :: Oracle / Crystal Reports On Windows 7 64Bit Machine?

Feb 1, 2011

I recently got a new PC at work which is Windows 7 64 bit.

We run lots of crystal reports(1000's) that pull data from an oracle back end.

I have installed the Oracle Client 32 bit on this machine and have no problem connecting to the database and pulling back data.

However, when I use crystal to access the TNS Name it gives me the following error.


My path variable on the PC has "C:oracleproduct10.2.0client_1BIN;".

I also tried to create and ODBC using the 32bit ODBC on the machine and that connects fine, but when you try to access the DSN from Crystal, I still get the 12154 error.

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Client Tools :: How To Configure SQL DEVELOPER Via Virtual Machine Oracle Database

Mar 21, 2012

i have oel installed on my parallel Virtual machine.

i have a problem with configuring sql developer to the oracle database which is located in my virtual machine.

my os is windows7 32 bit.

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Best Way To Change Language Of Windows Oracle Client Machine Edit Registry

Jun 29, 2012

We have installed oracle client on Windows machine and despite selecting language as English

when look in registry shows NLS_LANG as


What is the best way to change language of Windows oracle client machine edit registry.

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PL/SQL :: Store Substring Output To A Table

Oct 23, 2012

declare Input VARCHAR(10) :='011000141'
declare rt StringOutput%rowtype;
SELECT SUBSTR(Input , SumOfLength - ColLength + 1, ColLength) FinalOutput INTO rt FROM mytable ;

I need to store the result to a temp table rt.

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Forms :: Print Report Output To Local Printer On Button Click

Apr 19, 2007

In Sales Order Form there is a print receipt button. In current situation On Clicking the 'Print Receipt Button' it submits a XML Publisher report(PDF output) to the concurrent manager. Currently to print that report i need to go view--> requests--> view output and then print. According to my new Requirement i need to print that report directly to local printer on one simple Print receipt button click in form.

I am trying to call the printers on server using custom.pll. The report is running successfully but it is not printing output to the local printer. I need to print the report to the local printers based on responsibility. Local printers are available on apps server.

Is it possible to print the document using custom.pll? Is there any other alternative to print the report on simple button click in form.

I searched many forums but i found customizations on form level. I am trying to customize the form using custom.pll. I found many examples like URL..... but i don't think i can use these practices in custom.pll. ADD_PARAMETER & RUN_PRODUCT dont work in custom.pll. I need to complete this requirement immediately.

Environment: Apps, Forms 6i

Here is the code that i am using in my custom.pll.

if (v_form_name = 'OEXOETEL' --and v_block_name = 'LINES_SUMMARY'
and name_in('parameter.ACTIONS') = 'PAYMENT_RECEIPT' )THEN
l_organization_id := Name_In('PARAMETER.OE_ORGANIZATION_ID');
l_order_header_id := Name_In('ORDER.header_id');
select to_number(oe_sys_parameters.value ('SET_OF_BOOKS_ID')) into l_sob_id from dual;

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Forms :: Install Oracle 5i On XP Machine

Oct 30, 2012

I am getting below error when I try to install Oracle Form5i on XP machine.

"OS_ERROR while translating path from $"

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PL/SQL :: How To Get Client Machine Name And Client User Name

Dec 25, 2012

the trigger shown below is working fine.But i want to get client machine name and client osuser name in the output of the same trigger shown below,how can i achieve this in the same trigger?

trigger :
CREATE TABLE logonaudit
user_id VARCHAR2(30),
sess_id NUMBER(10),
logon_time DATE,
host VARCHAR2(20));


the output showing sessionid,date,db user name,host as local server machine name.but i want client machine name and client osuser names as u all know clients login to database from their machines.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Query To Generate Report For Shopping Store

Mar 25, 2013

I've below test case

) ;

Structure is like above. There is a Head Quarter (HQ1) under which we have different division like (DIV1 and DIV2). Under division we have different location where our shopping stores are operating and transactions are done (LOC1, LOC2 for DIV1) and (LOC3 for DIV2) respectively.

User can generate reports at two levels i.e. Head Quarter level and Division Level.

When user wants report at Head Quarter Level :
Page 1 (Should Display as below)
HQ1 DIV1 LOC1 450
HQ1 DIV1 LOC2 400
HQ1 DIV2 LOC3 600

Page 2 (Should Display as below)
HQ1 DIV1 LOC1 450
HQ1 DIV1 LOC2 400

Page 3 (Should Display as below)
HQ1 DIV2 LOC3 600

When user wants report at Division Level : eg DIV1
Page 1 (Should Display as below)
HQ1 DIV1 LOC1 450
HQ1 DIV1 LOC2 400

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Not Able To Connect From Client Machine

Dec 23, 2010

I have installed oracle 10g on Red Hat Linux and I am able to connect as well.The listener and DB is up and running and I am able to coonect as well from the server.

But I have installed the oracle client (TOAD) on some windows machine and from there I am not able to connect . I am directly connecting by giving IP and other details and using TNS as well but I am not able to connect from client machine. I am getting ORA 12170 - TNS timeout error.

[root@rhel1 admin]# sqlplus system/system@db102
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Thu Dec 23 11:16:04 2010
Copyright © 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Connected to:
Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP and Data Mining options

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ODP.NET :: How To Get IP Address And Machine Name Of Client

Oct 15, 2012

On cliente/server, I used to get the user IP address using SYS_CONTEXT and IP_ADDRESS, and the terminal name with SYS_CONTEXT and HOST.But in web environment, these functions returned Server IP and name.I have to build a trigger to obtain the information of user IP address and terminal name to save on audit table.

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Forms :: Oracle Forms Output Embedded In HTML File?

Jun 15, 2012

i'm using db and forms 10g. i want the output of the form to be embedded within a simple html page. lets say i want the html page to be divided into three frames. the uppermost horizontal frame will hold a banner (say). the left vertical frame will hold some advertisement (say).

(1) now the rest of the page will be covered by the third frame in which the fmx's will run.

(2) i want the login.fmx (startup form) to show up first instead of the servlet. infact the servlet should not show up at all.

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Client RMAN Backups From AIX Machine

Mar 7, 2010

I have some client RMAN backups from an AIX machine, a set of .bkp files including the control file, that I have been asked to restore on a Windows 2003 server. My first question is if such a restore is possible?Also, the backups are from Oracle, and I need to restore them to 11g, will this cause any complications?

how to carry out such a restore procedure from scratch.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Read All Files In Directory On Client's Machine

May 30, 2012

I want to read all the files present in a directory of client's machine.

However I have achieved this by creating java class in database but the problem is it accesses the directory of machine on which database is installed not the client's machine.

I have oracle client and I tried to access local directory of client's machine to read all the files in that directory but it didn't work.

However, I achieved this by creating one java class for ex. test.class and I run it locally through command prompt but I want to achieve it using Pl-sql.

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Networking And Gateways :: Client And Database Server On Same Machine?

Mar 26, 2013

I have client and database on same machine, when I will connect to the instance , it will use IPC, suppose If I will use connection string then which process will handle this request?

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Server Utilities :: EXPORT And IMPORT From Client Machine?

Oct 8, 2012

Is it also possible to use the EXPORT and IMPORT utilities from a client machine? I want to give these utilities to one of my developers without allowing him to sit in front of my Oracle server.

i am using oracle and windows7 OS

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Client Tools :: SQLPLUS - How To Execute Store Proc When Passing Only 2 Out Of 3 Parameters

Feb 22, 2011

I am trying to execute a STORE PROCEDURE from SQL*PLUS with no success:

SQL> execute PACKAGE.PROC(201011,'144792');
BEGIN PACKAGE.PROC(201011,'144792'); END;

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to
ORA-06550: line 1, column 7:
PL/SQL: Statement ignored

In fact, when i do: desc PACKAGENAME . I see that the procedure is waiting for 3 parameters and one of them is a REF CURSOR type:


Argument Name Type In/Out Default?
------------------------------ ----------------------- ------ --------

After searching a bit, i try the following:

SQL> execute PACKAGE.NAME(201011,'144792','CRESULTS
SP2-0552: Bind variable "C1" not declared.

This is a preview of the PACKAGE header:




TYPE ObjTyp_Prmt IS OBJECT (p_schemaname VARCHAR, p_filename VARCHAR);

cResults IN OUT CurTyp_Supp);

This what the PACKAGE BODY looks like:

cResults IN OUT CurTyp_Supp)


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Client Tools :: Audit Records From Specific Machine / Terminal Only?

Apr 11, 2011

Is there any tool available for audit records from a specific Machine/terminal Only?

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SQL & PL/SQL :: To Build A Hierarchy And Output It Into A Sub-report

Feb 26, 2010

I want to build a hierarchy and output it into a sub-report. Since the data in few hierarchy fields exceeds 4000 characters and therefore m getting the ORA-01489 error and the entire report was failing.

So i have used user aggregate function to print the out put. I have also used row_number() to print sequence in query output.

the query that i am using is

SELECT pr_id,
REPLACE (REPLACE (twadmin.STRAGG2(distinct RPAD (to_number(curr), 2, ' ') || ')' || NVL (DECODE (medical, NULL, clinical, medical), 'UNKNOWN') || '###' ||
RPAD (' Causality as per rport ', 50, ' ') || ': ' || reporter || '###' ||
RPAD (' Causality as per report2 ', 50, ' ') || ': ' || hospital || '###' ||
RPAD (' Dechallenge', 50, ' ') || ': '|| dechallenge || '###' ||
RPAD (' Rechallenge', 50, ' ') || ': '|| rechallenge), ',', CHR(10)), '###', CHR (10)) causality

the output of the query is

ID Causality
-- ------
3755101 )Blisters (Blister)
Causality as per report1: Probable
Causality as per report2: Possible
Dechallenge : Not Applicable
Rechallenge : Not Applicable
2 )Mental status changes (Mental status changes)

but the expected out put is

ID Causality
-- ------
3755101 )Blisters (Blister)
Causality as per report1: Probable
Causality as per report2: Possible
Dechallenge : Not Applicable
Rechallenge : Not Applicable

but it should be as

12) for the values in the causality field

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Report Gives Correct Output In Previewer But Not When Deployed

Feb 19, 2009

A report we developed gives correct output when run in the report designer's previewer (paper layout). But when we deploy the report in the web server, give the same inputs and run it it gives the wrong output. I.e. it shows extra rows that should not be there.

Why do you think this is? We are unable to locate the problem source.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Report Output Directly Into PDF

Mar 19, 2012

i need to open the report directly into .pdf (adobe) format is there any option to do that.

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Client Tools :: Display Output In Sql

May 15, 2010

having trouble displaying stuff on screen. It compiles the program successfully but just doesnt show any output Try using this (SET SERVEROUTPUT ON SIZE 4000) does nothing though. here my code

/*This program coverts a date from one fomat eg 1/31/10
into another format eg January 31,2010 */
/*declaring variables
assign a date that is in one format*/
EXAMPLE_DATE DATE := TO_DATE(' 1/31/06',' MM/DD/YY' );
/*finding the position of where the forward slash are*/
position_finder NUMBER := INSTR(EXAMPLE_DATE,'/');


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Reports & Discoverer :: Get Graph Output At Report Level?

Dec 24, 2010

get Graph output at report level.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Rename Report Output File

May 10, 2012

I'm calling myreport.rdf from a form using the rwservlet and destype=mail and desformat=pdf. The report file is attached to the email as myreport.pdf. However, I want to have the output file named myfilename.pdf. Is there any way to accomplish this short of using destype=file and then renaming it and sending that file?

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