Forms :: Dynamically Change Number Of Records Displayed?

Mar 31, 2011

I am currently on a project which has a requirement of changing the number of records dynamically. Oracle Forms version 10g.

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Forms :: Dynamically Setting No Of Records Displayed In Block

Jun 25, 2010

i have a cursor which selects the codes based on the school records now i have a multi record block b1 the requirement is that if no of records selected in cusor is 10 then in block b1 10 records should be displayed and if it is 15 then 15 records should be displayed. Is there any way that i can set the no of records displayed in a block dynamically.The block b1 is non database block i am only using a create_record to populate the block.

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Forms :: Number Of Records Displayed In List Item Is More Than 1

Dec 28, 2010

Actually m working on oracle 10g forms. I have a list item in which no. of records displayed is 10. I am populating this list item through a record group. I want when user select a value from first record then he should not be able to select the same value in further record of that list item.

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Forms :: Resetting The Sequence And Dynamically Displayed Block

Nov 29, 2010

Is there any way could alter the sequence depending on specific condition to start with 1 in the form builder?

i wanna to reset the sequence to 1 whenever the month there any way?

Could i make detail block invisible and whenever button pressed i will display the block? I want to put the where clause for that block in the button and if the button did not pressed i want to display nothing in the detail block?

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Forms :: Filter The Records Displayed

May 11, 2010

I have a block in the form which is based of a table as data source and so when i query on the form using a execute_query inbuilt statement is fired and all the records in the table behind is retrived and displayed. Also if i need to update any record i can do in on the screen and use commit_form so that all the changes go into the underlying table. Now my problem is when i retrieving my records i want to filter those records based on some conditions to be displayed in the form and not all records to be retrieved. Is it possible to do it if I am using the execute_query inbuilt and my block is based of a table?

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Forms :: Sequence Number To Be Displayed In Form

Mar 27, 2012

In my form I have a submit button, when i click on it a sequence number to be generated and displayed in a text box.

I have created a sequence and tried inserting into table, it works fine however it's not getting displayed in form.

Note: Tried giving sequence.sequence_name.nextval in initial value of the text box, didn't work showed FRM-11324 error.

--When button pressed--


v_seq number(20);


select seq_name.nextval
into v_seq
from dual;


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Forms :: Possible To Pass Records Displayed To Report As Parameter

Jul 20, 2011

In my application (forms6i) initially data will be displayed in a non-database block after a lot of calculations and validations which is time consuming.

Now, if the user want to print it as a report, we store the displayed data in a dummy table and run the report using that dummy table and then delete records from it.

Is it possible to pass the records displayed to the report as a parameter so that I can avoid Unnecessary add/delete records?

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Forms :: Query Records Of Detail Block Displayed In Single Row

May 30, 2010

I have a Master block and a Detail Block. They are related using two columns, Document_ID and Page_no. I want to display all the records in master table with corresponding detail records beside them in single line. i.e., as shown below:

MasterItem1 DetailItem1 DetailItem2 DetailItem3

I created the relation between them and executed query. When I execute query in the form, I can find that all the Master Items are displayed in vertical records, but i can only see one record of detail fields. They are displayed as shown below:

mitem1-value1 ditem1value1 ditem1value2 ditem1value3

When the navigate down in master items, then the corresponding detail values are being shown on the same first record.

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Forms :: User Clicks On Declaration_no From Header Table / Other Records Will Be Displayed

Jun 26, 2013

I need to populate records from a child table when the user clicks on a record in the header table..The difficulty is that the user needs to be able to edit a field from the child table and there could be 1 to many records. When the user makes a change , I don't want the 'do you want to save changes' error to appear..

the user will only be able to update field 'amt'.When the user clicks on 'declaration_no' from the header table,other records will be displayed. URL.....

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Forms :: Change Property Of Item Dynamically In PL/SQL Coding

Mar 20, 2011

Can i change the property of item dynamically in pl sql coding. Actually i want that whenever the user press some button then that field(textbox) become non-database item of the database block. put some value in it and press another button to restore its property like before.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Showing The Number Sequence Of Displayed Data

Oct 21, 2010

I have query in that query i should display the number of row. I have tried to select the row num but when i use it the data will be duplicated. I have found something that related to use temporary table, or subquery but all of them will not work because the query depends on many tables and if i use temporary table filling the table and then reading from it will take too long time.

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Forms :: Change Records Visual Attribute Depending On Certain Conditions

Jul 12, 2011

I have a database block that refreshes using a timer. In short, I list all open work pieces for a certain garage, displaying route, run, on_time, of_time, location grouped by garage, on_time, off_time

I need to highlight every garage with a different color. I am highlighting the on_time every time the garage changes.

The problem is, every time I move down the records, instead of keeping the previous garage color, and highlight the new garage on_time with a new color, the whole on_time column will be set to the current garage color.

I need to break down the block by color so the user can distinguish between the different garages, and the start and end time. Here is my code, I am putting it in when_new_record_instance of the work_block:

IF :work_bLock.current_garage = 9006 THEN
Set_Item_Property('work_block.on_time', BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'r191g223b191');
ELSIF :work_bLock.current_garage = 9002 THEN
Set_Item_Property('work_block.on_time', BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'r255g228b196');
Set_Item_Property('work_block.on_time', BACKGROUND_COLOR, 'r255g250b250');

I need the block to be 3 or more different colors depending on the garage.

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PL/SQL :: Change Table Name Dynamically Based On Parameter

May 10, 2013

I am new to PL/SQL, worked mostly on SQL server, I have to change the table name dynamically based on the parameter.and used a ref_cursor to display the results in a report. when I execute it throws me an error.

create or replace procedure test1 (
p_eod_date IN VARCHAR2,
p_link IN NUMBER,

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Reports & Discoverer :: Dynamically Page Size Change?

Jun 16, 2011

Is it possible to change size of page dynamically , if yes the how ?? How do you dynamically change the page size of D2k Reports

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Forms :: Number Of Records Retrieved In Block

Nov 30, 2010

is there any way other than this way to retrieve the number of record displayed in the block ?

last record ;
l := :system.cursor_record

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Forms :: Displaying Number Of Records With Condition

Jul 8, 2012

In form i call a record from database table through execute_query. i have lov on ITEM_NO

i want to display on that form, no. of records of ITEM_NO which i select from the list. like if i have 10 records with item_no which i select from list is must show 1/10.

if i press the down arrow it should show next record of the same item_no.

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Application Express :: How To Change Column Header Value Dynamically In IR Report

Oct 29, 2012

I have created report with the collections. Report query has been changing dynamically but i got problem with report header names and headers names has not been changing dynamically it is always showing like c001,c002....etc so, i have created global item(G_ITEM) in shared components--->Applications items after that I have created process(before headers) and assigning some value to G_ITEM and used &G_ITEM to column headres in IR Report but here &G_ITEM is not showing any value.

How can i achieve dynamic headers names by using *&G_ITEM(global items)*

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Forms :: Showing Number Of Records Affected (saved)

Jul 31, 2010

We are building a custom form extension with our EBS R12 where against certain parameters we are inserting and updating records in a table through a PL/SQL procedure.This PL/SQL doesn't use a commit exclusively, instead the user must click the Save button after verifying the data (new records are inserted, existing ones are updated and after the insert and update routines, execute_query is fired to fetch the latest data)

Everything works fine, however, when the user clicks on the Save button form status bar says "FRM-40401: No changes to save"

We would like to alter this message with our own custom message stating how many records were inserted and hows many were updated (We have counters counting this information)

Under which particular trigger we should write the code to enhance this requirement?

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Forms :: How To Show Total Number Of Records In Text Item

May 3, 2013

I have a multi record field of five rows. And 3 values.

the values are


And i have one text item name is COUNT.

how to show the total number of records in Text item .

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Forms :: Limit Number Of Detail Records For Every Parent Record To 8?

Nov 10, 2010

1. My detail form has part number as one of the fields and I want to make sure the user can enter a part number only once. How can I make sure user cannot enter it more than once?

2. I want to limit number of detail records for every parent record to 8. How can I accomplish this?

3. I have approval flags at both master and detail. If the user tries to approve the master with some/all detail records unapproved, system should display error message and make the user approve the detail before approving the master.

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Reports & Discoverer :: Graph - Repeating Frame (Change Dynamically Y And X Axis Title)

May 23, 2012

I'm presently creating a Graph on a repeating frame.

I made a query with a group that pointing to the repeating frame.

The problem : I want to change dynamically the Y and X axis Title.

The graph accept user parameter inside the XML file. But how to make it dynamically based on SQL query?

I try with formula, but can't make it work with a group. I have to put the formula at Report Level, but to make it dynamically for each group i have to make it work at the group Level.

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PL/SQL :: Add Zeros Dynamically After A Number?

Sep 15, 2013

I want to add number of zeros after a number dynamically. eg: If number is 2 and number of zeroes to be added is 5 then final output should be 200000;

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Forms :: Auto Populating Records In Other Fields Based On Inventory Number Field

Jul 13, 2011

I am having a problem with auto populating different fields based on inventory no. field.. This is a bug giving to me to work on and i not able to figure out how to populate the other fields.

How to set any triggers for the items to auto populate and i am suppose to finish this work today.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: How To Pass Different Number Of Columns Dynamically To A Query

Apr 26, 2010

I want to pass Number of columns dynamically to a query. I got success in SQL.

SQL> select &column_list from emp;
Enter value for column_list: empno,ename,sal

---------- ---------- ----------
7369 SMITH 800
7499 ALLEN 1600
7521 WARD 1250
7566 JONES 2975
7654 MARTIN 1250
7698 BLAKE 2850
7782 CLARK 2450
7788 SCOTT 3000
7839 KING 5000
7844 TURNER 1500
7876 ADAMS 1100
7900 JAMES 950
7902 FORD 3000
7934 MILLER 1300

14 rows selected.

But the same i need to achieve in pl/sql. I try with the Ref cursor, but not succeeded.

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PL/SQL :: Dynamically Get Maximum Value Permitted In A Number Column?

May 18, 2013

How can we dynamically get maximum value permitted in a number column? Is there any in-built function in oracle for this?

e.g. Accrued_Interest NUMBER(10,4)

In this case maximum value that can be inserted in this column is "999999.9999".

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Generate Range Based On Start And End Number Dynamically?

Jul 14, 2011

I have following requirement. Let say i have to generate a range based on "start number" and "end number" dynamically.Some kind of hash buckets.

e.g Start Number : 1 and End Number : 1001.

Also i want to divide that range based on some dynamic value like for above example 10 ranges of 100 each. and both 1 and 1001 should be included only once and the next row start number cannot be same as previous row end number.


Range 1 1 -101
Range 2 102-200
Range 3 201-300
Range 10 901-1001

Is there any way of doing it automatically. I tried with Model clause. it works fine for even cases but for odd i have issues also when i take small start and end number i get an error.

SELECT case when ranges=1 then ranges else ranges+1 end Start_Id, ranges+round((1001-1)/10) End_Id


I want this to be generic for any values here 1 is Start Number 1001 is end number and 10 is the bucket. I need these parameters dynamic and want's the same kind of results for any values.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Procedure To Delete Records / Count Number Of Records Has Been Deleted

Feb 21, 2011

I have written the following PL/SQL procedure to delete the records and count the number of records has been deleted.

del_records NUMBER:=0;
FROM candidate c
WHERE empid in
(select c.empid
from employee e,
candidate c
where e.empid = c.empid
and e.emp_stat = 'TERMINATED'

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Dynamically Concatenating Column Values Based Upon Number Of Grouped Columns

Feb 17, 2011

My requirement is to concatenate two column values and place them in a new column.I have done it using self join but it limits the purpose,meaning when I have more than 2 values for grouped columns then it won't work.How to make this dynamic,so that for any number of columns grouped,I can concatenate.

SELECT a.co_nm, a.mnfst_nr, a.mnfst_qty,
a.mnfst_nr || ':' || a.mnfst_qty || ';' || b.mnfst_nr || ':'
|| b.mnfst_qty
FROM vw_acao_critical a JOIN vw_acao_critical b
ON a.co_nm = b.co_nm AND a.mnfst_nr = b.mnfst_nr

What will be the case when I need to concatenate for more number of values.

like when co_nm has three bahs and manfst_nr and manfst_qty has 3 values for each for bah.and if three are having same_mnfst nr then I should use something to achieve this.

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Server Utilities :: SQL Loader - How To Dynamically Create Multiple Records Out Of One CSV Input Line

Jul 28, 2010

I need to load data from a CSV file where one of the CSV values determines how many records should be inserted.

Example of the input data:

If the KEYWORD is found, then the next value determines how many value pairs will follow, and therefore how many rows should be created in the affected DB table.

As a result I hope to achieve this:

SELECT Column1, Column2 FROM testTable


I learned how to import data using Oracle SQL loader for cases where one input line more or less matches a (new) row in a DB table.

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Application Express :: How To Create Radio Groups Dynamically Based On Records In A Table

Nov 29, 2012

below requirement..

We have certain records like SQL, PL/SQL, Reports, Forms, OAF etc in a table. We wanted to capture rating for each of these criteria. So we want a form to be displayed dynamically..

SQL 1 2 3 4 (1,2,3,4 represent radio buttons)
PL/SQL 1 2 3 4
Reports 1 2 3 4
Forms 1 2 3 4
OAF 1 2 3 4

If we add another row, XMLP in that table additional radio button should be displayed automatically..

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