Forms :: Deleting Records From Block

Aug 2, 2011

I want to delete records from block in the form.could you explain where(in which trigger) should i write set_block_property.

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PL/SQL :: Deleting Duplicate Records

Dec 20, 2012

I have a table and it's having duplicate records.

for one particular employee, he is having multiple records with the same data in the table

EMPNO    ENAME     JOB     SAL     DOB
1               A           X        100     1956
2               B           Y        200     1974
1               A           X        100     1956
3               C           Z        300     1920


like this am having multiple times the duplicates.

I have written the below query to delete the duplicate records. But it is deleting only one record (if we have 5 duplicates it is deleting only 1 ). But I am looking to delete if we have 5 duplicates need to delete 4 duplicates and keep 1 record in the table.

query which am using to delete the duplicates is

                FROM Table2 b
                WHERE a.ID = b.ID); 

it is deleting only one row but I want to delete 4 records out of 5 and keep one record.

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Forms :: Number Of Records Retrieved In Block

Nov 30, 2010

is there any way other than this way to retrieve the number of record displayed in the block ?

last record ;
l := :system.cursor_record

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Forms :: Copy Selected Records To Another Block?

Mar 6, 2012

I have 2 blocks, namely addsubject3rd and chosensubjects. I'm copying the selected records(this comes with checkboxes) from the 1st block to the second block. But what happened is that it copied all the records that are on the addsubject3rd. How can I copy only selected records(checkboxes) from addsubject3rd block to chosensubjects blocks?

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Deleting Huge Records From Table?

Apr 29, 2013

Consider tables A,B,C,D,E,F. all are having 100000++ records Tables B,C,D are dependent on table A (with foreign key constraint). When I am deleting records from all tables, table B,C,D are taking max 30-40 seconds while table A is taking 30-40 mins. All tables are having indexes.

Method I have used:

1. Created Temp table

2. then deleted all records from B,C,D,E,F for all records in temp table for limit of 500.

delete from B where exists (select 1 from temp where b.col1=temp.col1);

3. why it is taking too much time for deleting records in table A.

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Forms :: Dynamically Setting No Of Records Displayed In Block

Jun 25, 2010

i have a cursor which selects the codes based on the school records now i have a multi record block b1 the requirement is that if no of records selected in cusor is 10 then in block b1 10 records should be displayed and if it is 15 then 15 records should be displayed. Is there any way that i can set the no of records displayed in a block dynamically.The block b1 is non database block i am only using a create_record to populate the block.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Deleting Duplicate Combination Of Records From Table?

Sep 29, 2011

How can I delete the duplicate combination of records from the below table.

INSERT INTO test VALUES (10,20);
INSERT INTO test VALUES (20,10);
INSERT INTO test VALUES (25,46);


The condition is if GID = PID and PID = GID then only one combination of these records should be retained. For example Out of 10-20 and 20-10 only one record should be retained.

Expected result after deletion

---------- ----------
10 20
25 46
89 64
15 16
19 26

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Deleting Multiple Records Based On Conditions

Jun 28, 2010

I have a requirement where i need to retain latest 3 records based on creation date for each customer_id and delete the older records. The customer_ id or contract_number data in the test table are not unique.

Sample Table Script:


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SQL & PL/SQL :: Delete Statement Is Deleting 1200000 Records

Sep 7, 2010

I executed the following delete statement.

DELETE FROM sre_t WHERE TO_CHAR(end_dt,'yyyy')<'2000'
or TO_CHAR(start_dt)<'yyyy')<'2000';

It's executing for 15 to 20 minutes after that i got the error "session timed out"..The table is having four crore records.The delete statement is deleting 12,00000 records.

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Forms :: How To Insert Records Checked In Multi Record Block

Jun 29, 2011

I am working on forms 6i.

I have datablock 'EMP', it's multi record block. I have a button 'CREATE', I have 'commit_form' in 'When button pressed' trigger, to commit records. It's working fine.

Now, i have a check box in the same block, i want to insert records which are checked only.

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Forms :: How To Clear Line Records When F11 Is Pressed In Header Block

Sep 4, 2011

I am working in form 6i, EBS 11i. I have below requirement to achieve.

I have header data block A, line control block B. My requirement is, i know that in master detail block, if i press F11 in header block, it will clear the line block, like this, in my case if i press F11 in header data block A, i want to clear the line block B. Is there any way we can achieve this.

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Forms :: Query Records Of Detail Block Displayed In Single Row

May 30, 2010

I have a Master block and a Detail Block. They are related using two columns, Document_ID and Page_no. I want to display all the records in master table with corresponding detail records beside them in single line. i.e., as shown below:

MasterItem1 DetailItem1 DetailItem2 DetailItem3

I created the relation between them and executed query. When I execute query in the form, I can find that all the Master Items are displayed in vertical records, but i can only see one record of detail fields. They are displayed as shown below:

mitem1-value1 ditem1value1 ditem1value2 ditem1value3

When the navigate down in master items, then the corresponding detail values are being shown on the same first record.

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Forms :: How To Retrieve Records From Table Without Using Data Block Wizard

Jun 17, 2012

i want to retrieve records of empno from SCOTT.EMP talbe in form but without data block wizard using .. and what logic will be in coding


just caling here EMPNO and :v_empno is fields on form...

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Forms :: Non Database Block Item Value Passing To Query Up Records

Oct 28, 2011

Version information:
Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

When an user enters a value in a field of a Screen, I want to query up the next screen records based on that user input value in the previous screen.The previous screen is based on a control block i.e.

items- Q_EMP.emp_id, Q_EMP.FY, Q_EMP.hire_flag.

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Forms :: How To Enable One First Record Item Under One Block With Multiple Records

Dec 8, 2010

I'm using Oracle forms 10g. In the form i have this multiple records under one block. After performing the query, all records are cannot be updated. And i have this buttons at the right side that will enable the certain item that can only be updated. My problem is i cannot enable the item in the first record,instead of first record all records in that item was enable.

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Forms :: Filter Records In A Data Block Based On Yes Or No Criteria

Aug 13, 2010

I need to filter records in a datablock based on Yes or No criteria.So i created a listitem(INCLUDE_ZERO_QTY_ITEMS) for that and i am using following code in WHEN-LIST-CHANGED trigger.


I am able to filter the records but the list item is not displaying initial value and the value that i am selecting from poplist.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Deleting Duplicate Records Based On Repetition Of Certain Fields

Sep 15, 2011

I have the following situation and need support:

create table try_x
(a number PRIMARY KEY,
f_text VARCHAR2(10));

insert ALL
into try_x values (0,1,1,'abc')
into try_x values (1,1,1,'abc')
into try_x values (2,1,1,'xyz')
into try_x values (3,1,2,'abc')
into try_x values (4,1,2,'abc')
into try_x values (5,1,2,'abc')
into try_x values (6,1,3,'abc')
into try_x values (7,1,3,'abc1')
into try_x values (8,1,3,'abc2')
into try_x values (9,1,3,'abc2')
select * from DUAL;

Although a is the PK, records with similar b,c,f_text are considered redundant and I need to delete all occurrences in the table where b, c, d are redundant and leave the unique ones. So I need the result to look like:

a b c f_text
0 1 1 abc
2 1 1 xyz
3 1 2 abc
6 1 3 abc
7 1 3 abc1
8 1 3 abc2

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Forms :: Insert Unchecked Records After First Insertion In Multi-record Block?

Aug 31, 2011

I am working in form 6i, EBS11i. I have a multi record data block, i am inserting checked records only using below logic.

ON-INSERT Trigger:

if checkbox_checked('block.checkbox') THEN
end if;

Requirement: Let us say, i have 4 records, i checked 2 records.. inserted them. Now if i want to insert other 2 unchecked records, it's not accepting, is it possible to insert records which are not checked after insertion.

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Forms :: Alert While Deleting The Record

Mar 20, 2013

I want to create one alert while deleting the record from the custom form. So i have written the below code in the when-remove-record trigger.

alert_button NUMBER;
alert_button := SHOW_ALERT ('DELETE_ALERT');


When i click on the delete(X) symbol in the form, it is showing alert but when i click on "No" also its removing the record..what i need to write.

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Forms :: Multi Data Block And Checkbox Field Based On Control Block

Nov 19, 2010

i have multi data block filed. and checkbox field which based on control block...My task is when i check checkbox only one field should enabled and my mouse goes to that field


item11 item21 item31 chkbox1
item12 item22 item32 chkbox2

Scenario like this :

My item field based on data block and checkbox based on control block,while i checked chkbox1 , only item31 on that current record should be enabled and i changed value only on that field

when i checked chkbox1 , my cursor goes to item31...not item32

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Forms :: Distribute Master Block Total Amount In Detail Block Line Wise

May 5, 2012

i have a master detail form, In Master block we have one field cheque amount and in Detail block we have field receiveable amount invoice wise. if company paid us a cheque amount we will enter this amount in Master block field Cheque amount and in detail block there will be invoice wise receivable amounts. i want to distribute the cheque amount in detail block invoice wise for example

Cheque amount in master block = 291

Invoice wise receiveable amount is as follows

Invoice No , receivable amount , Received amount

10, 196 , 0
20 , 95 , 0
30 , 54 , 0

Result should be as follows:

Invoice No , receivable amount , Received amount

10, 196, 196
20 , 95 , 95
30 , 54, 0

Received amount field should be distributed according to the receivable amount when recevied amount = cheque amount then remaining will be 0.

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Forms :: How To Read Values In A Multi Record Control Block Using Pre-insert Trigger (block Level)

Jul 24, 2010

I have a multi record control block (basically a text item displaying 6 records) where user enters values and I want to process the values using pre-insert trigger.

I want to read value in each record and then do some tasks using a pre-insert trigger before I commit the values. To navigate between the records I was using first_record, next_record, clear_record built-ins but it gives errors like "40737-illegalrestricted procedure next_record in pre-insert trigger".

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Forms :: Frm-41075 Error Deleting Group?

Jan 11, 2013

i used item list in my form ,i want to fill this item list ...but i encountered this error 'frm-41075 error deleting group' !!!here is the code :

errcode number;
group_id RecordGroup;


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Forms :: Deleting Uploaded File From Server?

Oct 11, 2010

We uploaded files to application server,using webutil_file_transfer.client_to_as_with_progress Now, we want to delete the file through forms, when user click a button.

we tried this,using HOST command.

CURSOR c_path
SELECT attachpath
WHERE apid = :parameter.apid;


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SQL & PL/SQL :: Loop Through Records Using Block?

Nov 8, 2011

How do I loop through a Input parameter (varchar_table) and pass the input value to a select query.

Procedure Test
param1 IN dbms_sql.varchar2_table


1. How do I define temp_tbl and is it a best practice to use temporary table - if not what is the best method to do the same.

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SQL & PL/SQL :: Oracle 9i - Block Logic To Fetch Records From Table And Compare

Dec 26, 2011

the following proble.The emp table is having 14 records.




The emp table is having 10 records.

SELECT * FROM emp_10 ORDER BY empno;



I have written the following PL/SQL block logic tofetch the records from the emp table and compare the records with emp_10 table to perform insert if the records are newelse to perform update the existed records in the emp_10 table.

CURSOR tranche_balance_cur
SELECT empno,


Execution scenario 1:

I have commented insert and update statements in that case I got the following out put.

Inserted Records4
Updated Records10

As per the logic it's giving the correct output because the cursor is fetching 14 records in that already 10 records are existed in emp_10 tableand 4 are new that it's showing the count for inserted records as 10 and updated records as 4.

Execution scenario 2:
I have uncommented insert and update statements in that case I got the following out put.

Inserted Records13
Updated Records1

As per the logic it's not giving the correct output.

I tried with using TRIM function in the comparision logic to avoid spaces.

TRIM(emp_10.empno) = TRIM(tranche_balance_rec.empno)
AND TRIM(emp_10.ename) = TRIM(tranche_balance_rec.ename)
AND TRIM(emp_10.sal) = TRIM(tranche_balance_rec.sal)
AND TRIM(emp_10.deptno) = TRIM(tranche_balance_rec.deptno)

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Forms :: Clear Block Message In Oracle Forms?

Nov 30, 2012

I am creating a form with 3 blocks.

Control block,
Header Block,
Detail Block.

First i have entered a record in the control block.

Then i navigate to header block,entered the first record for Header Block.

Then i navigate to Detail block,entered the first record for detail Block.

then i again navigate to Header Block..

Now the Problem comes....As i am Trying to enter second record for header block,the pop up comes as "Do you want to save the changes".

Condition 1:i dont want that message to appear for every header record i enter.

Condition 2:For every header record i enter,Corresponding detail record would have been entered.i want that detail records to be retained if i am clicking that header record as i have already created relationship for both header block and detail block.

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Forms :: How To Get Next Value In Master Block

May 3, 2010

I created one table with out primary key like well_1 .in that table have have more than 30 columns.

SQL> select uwi,analysis_obs_no,fluid_type,top,base,date_sampled from well_1
2 where uwi ='1000 and base =2871.5;

---------------- ---- ------ ----- - -----------------------------
1000 1 G 2870.5 2871.5
1000 3 G 2516 2871.5
1000 4 G 2870.5 2871.5
1000 2 G 2870.5 2871.5
1000 6 G 2516 2871.5
1000 5 G 2516 2871.5
1000 7 G 2516 2871.5
1000 1 L 2516 2871.5
1000 2 L 2516 2871.5
7 rows selected.

i did code like this in from in search panel. in taht form i will enter uwi and base values and iwill click search button.then it will display all record values in master block .after taht i will click next button then it will display next values(all values).

i am getting all values (1 G to 7 G values).but iam not getting last 2 records when i click next button (1 L to 2 L values ).

next button

select analysis_obs_no,fluid_type
into :ctrl1.OBS_NO,:ctrl1.fluid_type
from well_gas_anal
where analysis_obs_no =(select min(analysis_obs_no)
from well_gas_anal

i tried in SQL*PLUS like this :

select rowid,analysis_obs_no,fluid_type,rownum
2 from well_gas_anal
3 where rowid=(select min(rowid)
4 from well_gas_anal
5 where analysis_obs_no > &a
6 and uwi ='1000' and base =2871.5 )
7 and uwi ='1000' and base =2871.5
8* and fluid_type is not null
SQL> /

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Forms :: Call A Block From Another?

Jan 16, 2013

I have a main interface that contains 3 buttons (emp, dept, mgr) I want when I click on the button 'emp' interface opens in the main interface(the buttons must remain in the main interface)

see the picture : [URL]

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Forms :: Delete_record In Block

Oct 26, 2011

I have form same picture under, and i would delete record already checked on tabular when click button DELETE .

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