Application Express :: Tab Hide And Show According To User?

Dec 26, 2012

i want to hide/Show tab according to application user.i want to display tab abc if application user exist in group 006 .

My Column Name in user table name :user_master

user_id varchar2(15),
grp_id varchar2(10)

what sql statement i apply to hide and show Tab.

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Application Express :: Tabular Form - Let End User Hide / Show Columns?

Aug 6, 2012

I have been requested to create a tabular form, but end user should have ability to hide/show columns, also they should rename the column headers. So I have created a table with column name called "attribute1", attribute2", etc. Based on that table, create a tabular form, which has column header as "attrbute1", "attrbute2", etc.

Now end user wants to rename attrbute1 as he wants. And he/she also wants to have a link called "hide/show" next to the column header, so end user can control which column they want to hide/show. It is so easy to do that control from developer side, however, shift that function to end user from front end seems very difficult to me

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Application Express :: To Change The Default Behavior Of Hide / Show Region To Show

Jun 26, 2012

I am trying to change the default behavior of Hide/Show Region to show, after some attempts i got it partially working but now clicking the icon to toggle hide/show doesn't work also changed the icons and added type="" but its not working.

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Application Express :: Hide / Show Column In Download To CSV?

Nov 27, 2012

I have an IR where I have to show a column in report, but hide it while downloading to CSV.

I get this by having a condition on this column - NVL(:REQUEST,'EMPTY') NOT IN('CSV','XLS','PDF','XML','RTF')  I also have a column where I have to hide it in the report, but show it while downloading to CSV.

I am able to hide it, but this column doesn't show up while downloading.I am using this condition on this column NVL(:REQUEST,'EMPTY') IN('CSV','XLS','PDF','XML','RTF') APEX - 4.0.2

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Application Express :: Possible To Detect Status Of Hide / Show Region

Nov 11, 2012

Is it possible to detect the status of Hide / Show Region.

I have three hide/show regions RX,RY,RZ. When an event EX happens, then region RX should expand and the rest of the region should collapse. When an event EY happens, then region RY should expand and the rest of the region should collapse.
We can use this JS on DA to change the status of a region:


.....But, first we need to detect the status to know where to apply that DA. ? I am working on apex 4.2. theme 25.

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Application Express :: Dynamically Hide Show Page Items

Dec 14, 2012

Im tring to dynamically hide/show page item. I searched and found something but it not working for me. Im using apex 4.1 and below described are work I did.

In my page (form) I have 5 fileds iitems.

- Customer No
- Edit
- First Name
- Last Name
- Address

I want to hide First Name, Last Name, Address based on the value in Edit. Let say if user selects "Edit First Name" then First Name must get visible while Last Name & Address hidden.

So I placed this line onChange="$f_Hide_On_Value_Item(this,'LASTNAME,'LN')" in page item EDIT> Label > HTML Table Cell Attributes

But it not working for me? Where am I go wrong?

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Application Express :: Hide And Show Region In A Page With Some Validations

Aug 4, 2012

I am using Apex 4.1 and theme 24. I have a hide and show region in a page with some validations. On any validation error the region refreshes and closes. I don't want the region to close on refresh except Submit.

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Application Express :: Set Hidden Or Expanded Mode Of (Hide And Show Region) In 4.2

Sep 12, 2013

I just created a "Hide and Show Region" from a template in APEX4.2, and would like to control the behaviour of this region, i.e. 

1. At the page load, this region should be in "Hidden" mode
2. Once the user Opens the region, it should stay as "Expanded" mode ( even the page gets submitted), until the user chooses the "Hidden" mode again. 

So I tried the following

1. Chose the Hide and Show Region(expanded) template for the APEX region
2. uses Dynamic action to force the "Hidden" mode by setting Style as style="display: none;"  at the page load event. 

But it still shows the region in  "Expanded" mode after the page gets loaded.

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Application Express :: Hide / Display Tabs?

Jun 13, 2012

In my application, I have SSO authentication. However, I also want to restrict access to certain pages (tabs). What would be the best approach for this? Secondly, How can we hide/display tabs in the application?

I am on 4.1/11g

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Application Express :: How To Hide Column Link URL On Status Bar

May 8, 2013

Apex 4.1

I have IR wit one column link target to URL, and it uses javascript:my_function(#COLUMN_VALUE#)as URL, that is, calls some function and passes the value of that column to the function; everything works fine; but when I place a cursor over the link, bottom line of IE9 browser (is it called a 'status bar'?) clearly shows:

'javascript:my_function(<actual value>)' Is there any way to prevent it from showing function name and parameter value? I tried onmouseover="window.status='';"but it does not work

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Application Express :: Hide Column In Interactive Report In 3.2?

Feb 15, 2013

In Apex version 4.2 in interactive reports, you can stop users from hiding columns by unchecking a check box under column definition.Is there a way to stop users from hiding a specific column in version 3.2.

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Application Express :: Last Image Of Popup List Of Value Does Not Hide

Dec 27, 2012

i am using Apex 3.2,

i am display popup list of value item with out refresh when i select some value from Radio button. But Pop up item lable and element is Hide but in last image of popup list of value does not Hide .

How can i hide this image of popup list of values

i am using
function Show_On_Radio_Value_2(pThis, pThat, pValue, pLabel){
   var rv = html_RadioValue(pThis);
   var elm = document.getElementById(pThat);


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Reports & Discoverer :: How To Hide Username And Password In Web Show Document

Jul 1, 2013

I want to hide the URL or Username and password in web.show_document. While accessing report through form any end user can see the url. I need to hide the credentials.

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Application Express :: Image To Show Up In Application

Jul 22, 2013

i am trying to make an image to show up in an application am developing but is only appearing like a box but when i click on the edit pencil icon the image will appear.

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Application Express :: Query Builder Show Nothing?

Sep 16, 2013

i am trying to use the query builder in my 11g xe database but vainly ,there are no results shown ? 

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Application Express :: Show Count From Another Table In A Report

May 29, 2013

I am using Apex 3.2...I have the following sql in a report

a.jobid jobid,
a.jobid related_jobs,
to_char(a.startdate, ' hh24:mi:ss') startdate,
to_char(a.enddate, ' hh24:mi:ss') enddate

from jobs aI would like to show a count from another table where the jobid = jobid from the above sql.The problem is I don't know how to refer to the jobid in my extra sql.Here is my extra sql for the new count column.

(select count(1)
from jobs a, loghead b, dba_scheduler_job_run_details c
where a.logid = b.logid
and b.session_id(+) = c.session_id
and a.jobid = :P3_JOBID) no_of_related_jobs.

This will not work because :P3_JOBID is a page item.I have also tried #JOBID#, but got en error, as it was not recognised.

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Application Express :: Show Progress Bar While Only On Page Load?

Nov 13, 2012

I want to show progress bar every time when page loads.

Progress bar is coming on the page. but it is not going off after page is loaded.Below is the code which i added for the Progress bar.

//written on Header Text of Page
<script type="text/javascript">
function html_Submit_Progress(pThis){
window.setTimeout('$s("AjaxLoading",$x("AjaxLoading").innerHTML)', 100);


I want only to show only page loads.

Apex Version : Apex 4.1
DB Version : 10g

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Application Express :: How To Show Column Headers Before Grand Total

May 23, 2013

In a classic report, I'm using the Sum functionality and breaks by First Column to get subtotals and report total. I Repeat Headers on Break which works great for the subtotals but I would like for the report to display the column headers above the report total for easier reading. If the last grouping has a lot of data, the user needs to scroll up to read the column headers when looking at the Grand Total.

Is there a way to Repeat Headers prior to report total?

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Application Express :: Show Input After Selecting Date In Datepicker?

Jun 11, 2012

I'm using apex 4.1.1 And i want to use a Date Picker item on my page. This works, but.. When a user selects a date you can see the date highlighted. But in the "textarea"corresponding tot the datepicker is not showing the date. This shows the date after clicking the close button.

I would like to show the date directly after selecting a new date.

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Application Express :: How To Show Alert Message In Home Page

Jun 11, 2012

I have leave application form based on the LEAVE table, it has the following columns,

leave_id(primary key)

Statuswhen they entered the details and submitted the form the data will be stored in LEAVE table. later on the applied leave will be approved or rejected and the STATUS column will be updated. Is this possible to show the last leave applied status as a alert message when they are logging in ?

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Application Express :: Flash Chart Show Incorrect Data

Jun 3, 2013

The following query is used to generate a flash chart:

select null link
'Available' as "Available",
to_number(max_licenses - consumed_licenses)
from software_detail
where capture_date = trim(GET_CAPTURE_DATE)
and software_product = :p1
and software version = :p2

But the 2d doughnut flash chart shows:

Available = 39
Consumed = 1

How is this possible?

Oracle RAC on Windows 2008 R2
APEX with Apex Listener 2.0 on Apache Tomcat 6.

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Application Express :: CHART SERIES - Show That If Value One Of Sources Had Fallen?

May 30, 2013

issue with my apex line chart. The scenario is as follows: have a table called revenue. revenues per year are saved in it. and revenues are generated from three sources which are also saved in the same table. I have made a line chart on it. works well.

Now I have to show that if the value of one of the sources had fallen, how must have it affected the total. I made a number field that takes an estimated change value, and build my sql query with it. it works but the problem is that it changes the non-affected source too. it must change the value of the affected source only and hence the total value.

bold or I will put it this way, how can I write a select statement for a chart series so that one of the rows value does not change and the other two change.

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Application Express :: Show Region After Running Dynamic Action Plsql?

May 1, 2013

i have a hidden region at the page top i want to show only after clicking my button which is running DA plsql code. This region is like a prompt message container/div at the top of the page so after few seconds like 10 secs i want to hide it again. I tried to use JQUERY but never hide it back, also i tried another TRUE CONDITION within my dynamic action but it doesnt reset it back the region is always shown...

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Application Express :: How To Validate In Common PL/SQL Package And Show Custom Messages

Feb 11, 2013

Currently if i let required field empty, then APEX puts systematic error message "XXX must have some value." near the field and into the page header. I want to create custom business rule, that would show message for example "This action cannot be performed, because this and that...".

That kind of custom validation should be in my plSql package and somehow it should throw/send the phrase "This action cannot be performed, because this and that..." to the page header where was message "XXX must have some value.".

How can i create such custom error message to appear out using PlSql package function that i define myself? I plan to create a common validation package, which has lots of plsql functions to validate lot of APEX pages/forms, all those functions should throw/send somehow error messages to page header. I looked that this unofficial solution does not suit for me:


Because it disables APEX systematic automatic validations as i understand, and is unofficial.

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Application Express :: How To Show Data From A Table Having Large Number Of Columns

Oct 8, 2013

I have a report with single row having large number of columns . I have to use a scroll bar to see all the columns. Is it possible to design report in below format(half columns on one side of page, half on other side ofpage : 

Column1DataColumn11DataColumn2DataColumn12DataColumn3DataColumn13DataColumn4DataColumn14DataColumn5DataColumn15DataColumn6DataColumn16DataColumn7DataColumn17DataColumn8DataColumn18DataColumn9DataColumn19DataColumn10DataColumn20Data I am using Apex 4.2.3 version on oracle 11g xe.

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Application Express :: How To Show Alert When Data Not Exist In Table And Clear Field

Jun 8, 2012

Recently i created a form which contains emp_name,deptno,supervisor_name.For emp_name if i type the emp name (eg:allen) it will show me a list of employees named allen as a select list.For that i used a jquery script on page header

<link rel="stylesheet" href="URL.....
<script type="text/javascript" src="URL....
<script type="text/javascript">

and i have created a dynamic action for emp name to fetch the deptno,supervisor_name if select the employee name it is working fine is if i type a emp_name which doesn't exist in the employee table it will show me a alert message employee does not exist and it will clears all the fields.

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Forms :: Hide User Name And Password?

May 4, 2010

when i want to call report from form how i can hide user name and password from the link in 10g ??

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Application Express :: Dynamic Action To Show Skill-builders Pop Up Only Works When Page Refresh?

May 28, 2013

I have a report with a link column:

'<a href="f?....................................class=show_popup"........

I have a dynamic action defined like this:

Event: click.
type: jquery selector
selector: a.show_popup
no condition.

action: skillbuildersmodalpage 2.0.0
URL: attribute of triggering element.

This works fine, but after the popup is shown and closed, the link is not working until the page is entirely refreshed again.

after the popup is closed, i only refresh the report with $a_report , ( in another dynamic action on the "auto close skillbuolders" event) i don't want to submit all the page....the partial refresh is working fine too, but not the link, it only works again by refreshing or submiting all page

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Forms :: How To Hide / Suppress User Defined Alert Messages

Dec 19, 2011

Is it possible to hide/suppress an user defined alert message in Oracle Forms application?

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Application Express :: How To Capture User Name Information

Mar 5, 2013

I have created a table A say columns a,b,c,d,E. I have created a application to insert and update and delete rows in to this table.I want to capture when some user inserts , update, delete the rows.

How do I set this variable..

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